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When online casino gaming began in 1994, there were just a couple of deposit options: bank transfers, money orders, credit and debit cards.  Many Jackpot Capital gamers didn’t even have a credit card at that time.  Now everyone has at least one credit card.

Money orders are passe.

Ewallets are here to stay.

And cryptocurrency casino payments are the new star on the blockchain.

What is a Blockchain?

For most people, the definition of blockchain is a lot of gobbledygook.  We can break this down into manageable parts.  A blockchain begins as a way to collect and store data in such a way that the data cannot be questioned or refuted.

In terms of Jackpot Capital, we have a large bank of computers that track everything that goes on at the casino.  This includes all game outcomes, the ups and downs in gamers’ accounts, the wagering requirements that accompany a deposit bonus, and comp points.  But, since computer glitches do occur, the data we claim are true can be questioned.  We always resolve these matters in a way that both the gamer and Jackpot Capital are at one with the conclusion.

Blockchain is Technology that Eliminates Doubt

We know that blockchains work.  We don’t have to know the scientific explanation of how they work.  There are a lot of technological things we take for granted without knowing exactly how they work.  Satellite communication is a good modern example.  But how do they make glass?  Or steel?  Or how does cotton get turned into cloth?

You see, we take a very large number of things for granted!

So, blockchain is a technology that facilitates storing data in a way that the data cannot be questioned.

Blockchain Cannot be Altered

In a way, that makes blockchain the data collection method that most resembles PDF which cannot be edited.

Blockchain is Super Fast

Now, a lot of transactions are fast these days.  If the cryptocurrency blockchain technology were slower than a credit card, it would not have caught on with the consuming public.  The fact that cryptocurrency transactions are fast and that the data are irrevocable and that a transaction in cryptocurrency is the most private way to transact a purchase, taken together make a cryptocurrency payment method for casinos and many other purchases, the best way to move money.

To Their Credit, Credit Cards are Still Popular

There are still a lot of gamers who are not looking for the most private way to make deposits and withdrawals as long as the movement of money is completely safe.  Cryptocurrency casino payment methods are for that handful of gamers who are comfortable with cryptocurrencies and also want the most transactional privacy.

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What is a Cryptocurrency?

In the last paragraph we spoke about the safety of online casino money transactions.  Cryptocurrencies fit into this matter seamlessly since their name comes from the encryption software that makes online purchases safe.

Encryption software scrambles data which then cannot be unscrambled except by another software that is specially designed to unscramble the data.  So, we have blockchain as a data collection software; we have encryption as a data scrambling software; and we have another software that unscrambles what the encryption software has scrambled.

Doesn’t This Make Online Casino Banking Complex?

Actually, no!

Since all of the technologies work perfectly, there is very little to no complexity in online casino transactions.  The same holds true for all online transfers of money from paying for tickets to shows or flights, to ordering all kinds of products online, to general banking online.

When you go into your personal bank account online, encryption software is scrambling the data on the screen for everyone but you!

Cryptocurrencies are money that exists in the real world since people accept them as payment for goods and the privacy of which is protected by encryption software.

What Do Online Casinos Offer?

First, we should talk about cryptocurrencies and land-based casinos.  These casinos are the competition for Jackpot Capital and all online casinos.  Land-based casinos also accept cryptocurrencies for gaming.  The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Online casinos offer many advantages over land-based casinos even as transfers in cryptocurrencies are not an advantage of online casinos.  Here are the rue advantages of online casinos:

  1. Convenience.  This means no travelling and the availability of an online casino around the clock.
  2. Comfort.  It is a lot more comfortable to play on one’s comfortable sof or in one’s comfy bed.
  3. Mobile casino gaming platforms.  Convenience and comfort are these days related directly to the fast advent of excellent mobile gaming platforms.
  4. Deposit bonuses. With the wagering requirement that comes with every deposit bonus, very, very few players at a land-based casino could complete the wagering requirement in the few hours to few days they will be at the casino.
  5. Many other promotions. The best promotion a land-based casino can offer is free tickets to the show but you have to be a pretty high roller to get one of those.  Otherwise, it’s free alcohol and free buffet meals while online casinos give gamers the chance to play with thousands of dollars of the casino’s own money.
  6. No waiting. At an online casino, thousands can play the same game at the same time.  This is a pipedream for any land-based casino!
  7. Wide Variety of Games. Online casinos are digital so Jackpot Capital and the best of the rest can offer games that land-based casinos do not have space for.  This includes several variations of video poker and blackjack.
  8. Better Payouts. Many land-based casinos calibrate the random number generator in slots to return about 90% of monies wagered to players while here at Jackpot Capital, our slots pay out between 96-97%Many land-based casinos reduce the return to player rates in blackjack and video poker by reducing payouts.  In blackjack, many land-based casinos pay only 6-5 for a blackjack as opposed to the 3-2 payout here at Jackpot Capital and at all reputable online casinos.  Many land-based casinos pay out only 8-5 or 7-5 for a full house or flush in video poker.  Here at Jackpot Capital., we pay out 9-6 as we should!
  9. Easier to Set Time and Money Budgets.  At land-based casinos, many players play on and on to “get their money’s worth” considering the cost and inconvenience of travel. This never happens at an online casino.


    Jackpot Capital Offers Great Online Casino Gaming

    All of the above-mentioned advantages of online casino gaming obtain at Jackpot Capital.  We have a very large assembly of happy and satisfied gamers who see online casino gaming as a fun and entertaining way to spend some of their free time.


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