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We have such a special treat for you at Jackpot Capital this month! We are being visited by some absolutely adorable furry friends. We have been invaded, in the best possible way, by the most lovable and charming kittens and puppies! All in preparation for our new game, Purrfect Pets! When we heard this game was being developed, we were aware that it had some great potential, but the more time we spend with these sweet creatures, the more we come to realize this is a special one. Well, everything done by our friends over at RealTime Gaming is quite special, but this one takes the cake. And all the treats! And with our new game bonuses, we have a sizeable treat for you to snack on while you wait for the Purrfect Pets to show up at your door.

Joyous Bonuses!

Alright boys and girls, it is now time for your monthly Jackpot Capital history lesson. Our new furry friends have inspired us quite a bit and given that they have been by our sides in a mutually beneficial way, often helping us profit throughout the years, we wanted to figure out how they became such close companions. And, naturally, it all starts with food. It is widely accepted that dogs are the first animals to become domesticated by humans, as early as around 40,000 years ago. As settlements began to grow, people were producing more and more trash, which attracted wolves of all sorts, with the tame yet brave ones being fed directly. These wolves must have thought “JACKPOT!”

Due to this, their physical and emotional characteristics underwent some changes, and before long this process of self-domestication eventually led to them being taken in by early humans. Humans realized rather quickly that these animals could provide tremendous help with many aspects of life, from hunting and standing guard, to being emotionally supportive. The latter aspect led to the progenitors of the adorable Purrfect Pets, as humans realized not only were dogs helpful, but also beautiful. So, while there is some fun involved, just like Purrfect Pets, they were there to help maximize a human’s wealth!

Created by our friends at Real Time Gaming, Purrfect Pets is everything we have come to expect from those geniuses at RTG. With 5 reels and 25 variable paylines, it is the standard gameplay you are used to. But standard doesn’t mean boring, as there are plenty of rewards and bonus features. What is sure to jump out at you first, is the high quality and striking graphics of the gameplay. There is a difference between simple and plain, and our new game Purrfect Pets is a wonderful example, as it has a beauty in its simplicity, the game is arresting with its playfulness and a sweet palate of colors pop out and accompany you during the time spent with your new pets. And the pets are not limited in their range either, with different types of cats, dogs, food, and toys. We told you it’s far from boring! And seeing that we are dedicated to getting you off on the right foot, we have both VIP and Regular new game bonus offers!

Ok, now that you are feeling warm and excited, let’s inform you a bit more on Purrfect Pets, this way you have a better chance at coming away not only in a good mood, but pockets full! Given its easy going, relaxing experience with a smooth, user friendly interface, it is easy to appreciate this game. Especially once you trigger your first bonus and start reeling in the wins, as the energy rises and you are accompanied by the cutest of kittens sending you even more bonuses! It is all effortless, the placing of bets and spinning of reels, and brimming with all of the adorable features of the cats and dogs we love and cherish!

Do you like free spins? Of course you do! Be sure to keep your eyes out for the Wild Cats roaming around, as they award 10 free games, during which the Wilds triple your prizes! This is a retriggerable Wild, increasing you free games play. Speaking of, with the advent of agriculture, wild cats began hanging around wherever grain was stored, as a way to easily catch rodents. This led to them being taken in as pets around 7000 B.C!

What other types of animals may you expect to find hanging on the reels? Well, there are Wild Dogs as well! These dogs represent the Scatter, acting like the Wild Cats, and doubling your winnings! Given their canine nature, they are also the lone exception in the game that win in any direction. What about the Jackpot? Well, this is quite a jackpot - so be careful as it can be dizzying if you are not ready. Strike the minor Jackpot and you will receive a $250 reward, which is only outdone by the major Jackpot of $1000! Impressive, isn’t it? What is even more impressive is that Purrfect Pets, just like all of our RTG games, is playable on Instant Play, Mobile, or by Download!

Grab Your New Game Bonus!

 Purrfect Pets

Cute Wins with New Game Bonuses!

New games are one of the things we are famous for here at Jackpot Capital, and we are famous for our new games because they are always paired with an new game bonuses! As you can see, our new game Purrfect Pets is no different. We know you don’t need much more motivation for our exciting new game, but we’re only warming up. Remember this is only the pre-release special! After Purrfect Pets launched on May 17th there will be plenty more bonuses to keep the fun going. With thrilling bonus features, along with frequent, high payouts, and incredible bonus offers, what more else could you ask for?!

  Bonus: Valid: Coupon Code:
Regular Offer: 50% up to $500 + 50 Free Spins May 17th - June 6th PURRFECTWORLD
VIP Offer: 100% up to $1000 + 100 Free Spins May 17th - June 6th BONUSPURRFECTION

Your free spins bonuses are just for you to go ahead and have a spin on this cute, cuddly, yet thrilling new slot game! As for your deposit bonuses, you can use these on any game you like here at Jackpot Capital! Take a swing with our most recent game, Popiñata , a fun time to get you into fiesta mood! Or get your adventure on with Secret Symbol, another new game of ours full of adrenaline and a complete journey. Warming up for Purrfect Pets will be a breeze, as our wide collection of games will certainly keep you occupied and in good spirits!

Deposit a minimum of only $45, and you could max out on up to $500 in bonus cash with our Regular offer , and up to $1000 with our VIP offer ! Don’t forget to come back and join us for more new game bonuses, as we are always thinking of ways to make you happy!

Play with Purrfect Pets!

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