What Life Lessons can we Learn from Jackpot Capital  Casino High Rollers?

What is a High Roller?

This is an interesting question since as people and countries become ever more affluent, there are more people who we would consider to be high rollers.  When a high roller uses her or his jackpot casino login, an “announcement” of sorts is made in the computer network that runs Jackpot Capital Casino.  This announces the presence of a proven high roller which Jackpot Capital calls a VIP.

The casino definition of a high roller may be different than the definition of a high roller in general.

Let’s take a look at the life of a high roller at Jackpot Capital Casino.

High Rollers Can Set Much Higher Monetary Budgets for Gaming

In fact, this is a good working definition of a high roller in general: they can spend more money on the things everyone spends money on!  So, a high roller might fly first class or business class simply because the extra few thousands of dollars don’t seem like too much for them to handle.

In everything we all do, a high roller will simply spend more.  This includes restaurants, wine, concerts, clothing, cars, hotels, and even hobbies.  The sticker price is a lot less important to a high roller than it is to the vast majority of people.

What Does Jackpot Capital Do for Hugh Rollers?

We try to pamper high rollers in numerous ways.  We assign a unique account manager for every high roller.  The account manager is more like a party manager since she or he has the task of making high rollers happy with special promotions and gifts.

Although it might seem that high rollers at Jackpot Capital live the life of Reilly there is another side to the phenomenon of the online casino high roller, a side that we can all learn some important lessons from.

What Can High Rollers Teach Us?

As much as we tell all gamers to set time and monetary budgets or limits on their online casino gaming, high rollers also set the same limits.  As far as time budgets go, high rollers might actually play for less time than the average garner!

That’s because a high roller usually got there through many years and long hours of hard work.  High rollers know at their core that time is money and therefore they see the time they spend gaming at Jackpot Capital as a kind of investment.

This investment might be to play games of chance for the fun and relaxation they can bring.  It might involve playing games of skill for the mental challenge.  It might mean playing our top casual games Fish Catch and Banana Jones for their more mirthful nature.  It is safe to say that there is no more cuddly character in all of online casino gaming than Banana Jones.

High rollers know people well and they know that Banana Jones exists to put a smile on their face.  In that sense, Banana is a kind of comedian!  We laugh at his antics and at his fear of the snakes.

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High Rollers Appreciate the Value of Money

Even though a high roller might budget a lot more to a casino gaming session than an average garner, he or she still has a deep appreciation of money.  High rollers don’t just throw money away.  Even high rollers protect thru portfolios and don’t play with money that should be invested In market assets or in their own business!

A high roller can afford to play with more money but they still set limits on how much money they will spend on gaming.  High rollers do the same in every purchase they make.  Even though they might be able to afford shoes for $2000 a pair, high rollers might suffice with super comfortable shoes for $250-$500, a sum beyond the reach of a vast majority of shoe buyers but still not the most that one could spend on a pair of shoes.

So, high rollers limit the time they spend at the casino and also limit the amount they will play with.

High Rollers Appreciate the Value of Knowledge

Just as time is money and money clearly is money so knowledge is money.  A high roller will invest the necessary time to read every word of a long business report.  By the same token, a high roller will take the time to learn the best strategy for all games of skill they want to play for real money.

High rollers don’t begrudge the games the time needed to learn them.   High rollers also learn the rules for every game they play.  They go the extra mile to become as skilled at they possibly can before they play the games!

This is the hallmark of a person who knows what they know and knows what they don’t know!

High Rollers are Successful People

Now, it is true that some high rollers inherit their money and waste it but most are self-made successes.  Some of the characteristics of highly successful=l people can help average people improve in their everyday lives.  Here is a short list of traits of very successful people:

  1. Perseverance.  Successful people push themselves to learn as much as they can.  Even after he was a successful author, Sau l Bellow read several books every week because he had an abundance of curiosity and a desire to learn.
  2. Curiosity.
  3. A burning desire to learn.
  4. Self-discipline. This gets back to setting limits.  It also means that very successful people will choose to get together with friends when it is good for them rather than just because they have the free time.
  5. Optimism.  This one may seem odd.  Why would a successful person need to be optimistic?  The answer lies in the time it takes to achieve the success the person seeks.  Successful people are optimistic about themselves.
  6. Finally, self-confidence.

High Rollers are Also Realistic

The great economist and intellectual Thomas Sowell has said that of the top fifth of successful and wealthy people and of the bottom fifth of people in terms of wealth and success, there is some movement up and down evert year so that over time many wealthy people cease to be wealthy and many poor people enter the middle class or beyond.

The list of people who started out in a garage or kitchen is very long indeed!

Jackpot Capital Serves Everyone Well

We have hundreds of games in many game categories.  We publish this blog in which we often talk about better ways to enjoy online casino gaming.  One way is to set budgets and another is to learn the best strategies to use and the very worst strategies, such as betting systems, to avoid.


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