Playing Games Has as Much Value for Adults as it Has for Children

What Do Gamers Get when they Use the Jackpot Capital Login?

The Jackpot Casino login gives gamers here at Jackpot Capital online casino access to about 300 games plus many promotions, blog articles, such as this one and many others, an excellent mobile gaming platform, and a lot more.  We say that there is a formula for gaming at Jackpot Capital Casino: Over 300 games + a promotion almost every day + informative articles + responsible gaming = A World of Fun!

The Benefits of Responsible Gaming

You might have noticed that the formula we set out above included gaming elements such as the games themselves and promotions to increase gamers’ bankrolls plus responsible gaming.  What then is responsible gaming exactly and how does it affect the formula?

In a nutshell, responsible gaming is playing for real money in such a way that the gamer can see any losses that might occur as the cost of having fun.  In other words, the money involved should be seen as an entertainment cost.

Now, we all want to go to many concerts, eat in the best restaurants frequently, fly first class, stay in the best hotels, buy expensive clothes, cars, houses, and so on.  Most people cannot afford the lifestyle we would all prefer!  However, we are happy with the lifestyle we can afford!  This is the epitome of responsible adulthood: to be satisfied with our lot in life even as we try to improve it!

Responsible gaming simply means gaming in such a way as to leave us in a state of calm repose even if we lose a little money today!  As an aside, we can also say that for some people responsible gaming involves not playing for real money at all!  In this regard, Jackpot Capital is ahead of the curve as we offer unlimited free play for gamers who are not prepared to wager a single penny more!

Gamers who want to check out a game before playing it for real money can do so in the unlimited free play mode.  This is another manifestation of responsible gaming!

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The Benefits of Gaming

Now we reach the direction of this article: we said in the formula that everything added together equals a lot of fun!  We have the games, we have the promotions, and we have the blog articles!  Gamers bring the responsibility to play soundly and it all adds up into a lot of fun!

From here on in this article we would like to talk about the value and benefits inherent in pursuing and having fun.

There are Many Types of Games

We are naturally very realistic about the many games we don’t offer!  We offer the classic casino games such as slots, blackjack, video poker, Caribbean Poker, roulette, craps, and so on.

There are so many games in the world that we simply can’t offer all of them!   We can’t even venture a list since our list might not contain the games on your list and, even if we do have overlapping games, a list of say fifty games would leave our many times that amount!

So, what we can talk about is the value of playing games in general and having fun in general.

Fun Reduces Stress

We have said that a few minutes playing our casino games has the beneficial effect of reducing stress.  We now know that stress can produce negative results in other ways other than the obvious.  Stress can exacerbate many chronic diseases and conditions, it can cause pain, it can cause us to sleep poorly and poor sleep will then have the reciprocal effect of causing more stress.

In other words, stress is a revolving door of negative effects and playing games and having fun are perfect “home” remedies for stress!

Good Sleep Leads to Many Good Results

Sleep cannot be overvalued!  Everyone sleeps every night!  We might say that our lover, our children, even our friends look cute when they are asleep but the fact is that at those times….they are asleep!

Good sleep can be nullified by sleep apnea or insomnia.  Games have the effect of relaxing the body and mind is such a way as to make good, sound, calm sleep possible.

Here we have to talk about games and competition.  There are many people who hate to lose at games even with family or friends and even in games that are mostly luck rather than skill.  Two simple examples can be seen in the classic games of Monopoly and Risk.

Certainly there is some skill in buying, trading, and developing properties in Monopoly.  Certainly, there is skill in placing one’s armies and fighting battles judiciously in Risk.  But, ultimately, both games rely on throws of the dice!  So, these games are fundamentally games of luck.

Nevertheless, some people just hate losing at these games!  Our thesis requires that gamers let themselves lose as much as they strive to win!  Gaming is beneficial when you both try to win and let yourself lose if that is your lot for the day.

Games are the Elixir of Youth

M. Scott Peck said in his great work, “The Road Less Travelled” that adults can benefit greatly by watching children. As he described it, the activities of children from waking up to falling asleep are almost entirely made up by play.  Even when a small kid seems to be “interested” in some object that to adults is not a toy, he or she is looking at it in the same way they might look at a toy.

The lot of children is to play.  They learn by playing.  Play develops a child’s creativity.  When adults play, they can either develop more creativity or they can retain the creativity they brought to the game!  In this sense, winning and losing are a lot less important than simply playing.

Games help adults feel young!

Games Improve Social Skills

Casino gaming online is a great way to interact with your best friend or lover.  The great strides technology has made in computer graphics and animation mean that couples can curl up together on the sofa or in bed and play games together.  As Marshall McLuhan said, “the medium is the message” and the medium in this example is the curling up together.

Jackpot Capital Can be Your Fun Capital

We have just scratched the surface of the many manifest benefits of playing games.  Our online casino games are part of the vast world of games.  As such, we are happy to be able to provide a great online casino venue for gaming that can create much good will and good vibes.



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