Reminiscent of those Little Mermaid memories, there’s a new underwater title surfacing the deep sea, and just as we remember, the characters are bubbly, fun, perhaps even a bit odd - while they also hold a special surprise. Let’s dive deep underwater, where those sea creatures are hiding, and discover all of the bonus opportunities which lie on the ocean floor, just waiting to be revealed! Does that sound like a trip worth taking? Sure! An adventure of such magnitudes exists when you play one of our most popular slots, Ocean Oddities, which was suitably chosen as our July’s Game of the Month! While you’re exploring, stock up on even more underwater treasures by doubling your CompPoints for the entire month of July when you play under the sea - You’ll see!

Ocean Oddities

Ocean Oddities Light Shines Bright!

While this slot certainly helps you see the fun side of life, it can also be rewarding, providing the perfect “winning pair” to your ultimate gaming experience. The characters which represent the various symbols are surely a sight to see, as the bright, fun and cartoon-like images truly bring you on a walk down memory lane. There’s just something about these more ‘childlike’ slots which keep us coming back, and a fair guess would be, that we simply connect these images to our very own memories, memories of a simpler time.

Such thoughts may not resonate with you at all, but there are certainly other appealing factors to be found in Ocean Oddities! The game is sleek, with a simple yet modernized slot design, and given the theme, you’d expect lots of those bright colors found in the deep waters, keeping your attention on full focus while you’re hunting for treasure! Have a laugh, make some winning bets, and ride the ocean waves to see what this unknown world has in store for you…

Another popular hit by game provider Realtime Gaming, Ocean Oddities is available for play on Instant, Download and Mobile, so you can literally dive in to this bonus-filled adventure no matter where you are! The joyful sounds of this playful slot keep you more than entertained while you’re on a mission to find the next bonus win, and if you’re lucky, one of those special features will come your way - All while doubling your CompPoints with us, for, you guessed it, more bonus options!

Mind you, while this slot is lingering in the deep waters all year long, you can only double your Comps during July! We figured with the hot weather, this was a more than appropriate Game of the Month choice, giving our players (You!) deserve a much needed chance to cool off!


Paylines: 25
Reels: 5
Scatter Symbol: Pearl symbol
Wild Symbol: Dogfish named ‘Rex’ symbol
Platform: Download, Instant, Mobile

Dive In & Prepare to Win!

So, now that you’ve had the chance to get excited over a slot that really goes deep in winning potential, aren’t you curious what underwater bonus features and prizes lie on the ocean floor? If you’ve gotten this far, we’re sure you’re more than ready to jump in, get wet, and start bonus hunting! There’s no shortage of underwater treasure in Ocean Oddities, as you’ll soon find out, and with your double Comps potential, you may never want to come back to land! And hey, we wouldn’t blame you!

Let’s take a moment to touch on those colorful characters of this thrilling slot; the Dogfish named ‘Rex’, Codfish king, Crab with ‘No Trespassing’ sign, Snail riding a seahorse, creepy Sea urchin, the ominous Pearl and the Fish acting as a pilot (along with the Ace through 9 cards). We weren’t joking when we said this slot game had some definite humorous qualities! While you’d never see such creatures in the real ocean, it sure is fun to imagine such critters exist, wouldn’t you say?

If you’re one to prefer free spins, then you’ll want to keep your watchful eye out for the sacred Pearl symbol (Scatter), as when you spin 3+ Pearl symbols anywhere on the reels, this rewards your efforts with 10 free games! Adding to the excitement, during the free games feature, every Dogfish Wild which lands on the reels will multiply your payout by 16x!

As we always love to save the best for last, you’ll be delighted to hear that, amidst your underwater adventure with Ocean Oddities, you’ll stand a chance to trigger one of the 2 local progressive jackpots - minor and major! How? Well, when 5 Codfish king symbols appear on an active payline, you’ll be tail in to win the jackpot! Of course, these are triggered at random, so you just have to keep playing to see if you’re lucky enough to make the catch!

Ocean Oddities keeps it simple; it’s an easy-to-play slot, with a fun and playful theme, which just perfectly suits any time for gameplay! Naturally, when you also have the chance at double CompPoints when you play our Game of the Month during July, there’s not many good reasons not to play, wouldn’t you say? Dive in, and explore the deep waters with Ocean Oddities!

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