What would you do if your favorite online casino made your dreams come true?! Isn’t this the moment every player waits for? Sure! Playing with Jackpot Capital sure has a lot of benefits; our improved website and mobile platform keep you entertained when you’re looking for a good time, no matter where you are, our bonuses surely give you something to look forward to when you’re about to venture into your next big win, and our helpful Support staff (they sure are great!) make it their mission to listen and most importantly, help you out when you need it! Now that the warm weather has started, many happy couples are planning their grand moment, the Big Day, and with that, we have a story that will surely make you fall in love with us! We’ve helped make one player’s dream for her daughter come true; time to spread the love (and a special bonus!).

 Dreams Come True!

Deborah Button, one of our beloved and long-time players, had one major dream she only hoped would come true: She wanted to give her daughter a gift every mother could only fantasize of, to buy her daughter the dream wedding dress! What Deborah never (ever!) would have thought, was that she could actually do so, and with a little help from us here at Jackpot Capital, we gave both Deborah and the happy couple something they will share for years to come; can you guess?! It just so happens, we really do make dreams come true, as we took a leap of good will in this warm and blooming season, and gave Deborah’s daughter her dream dress!

Was it something in the air, the smell of roses that just touched us in such a way, where we just had to help out? Is it a test that loyalty to your favorite brand really does pay off? Maybe a little bit of both! Whichever the case, fill your heart with love and read on, and you can bet, this happy young lady certainly did say ‘Yes’ to the dress!

With many years of great gameplay and fun under her belt, Deborah Button has had many great times with us here at Jackpot Capital! Deborah has been one of our most loyal players, always coming back for more exciting fun with us, which would explain why she has become such good friends with our Support staff (we told you they were helpful!). For us, we continuously strive to make people happy, that’s why we do what we do, creating thrilling bonuses (like our Debbie-inspired Aladdin’s Wishes bonus!), innovative concepts, on only the best games!

Dreams Come True

Deborah (we like to call her Debbie at the office - as we mentioned, we’ve become close!) was certainly already feeling the love when she got in touch with us on our Facebook page, where she then started speaking with one of our Support agents, Mary. Debbie and Mary got to chatting about the romantic topic of Valentine’s Day, which led to the news of her daughter’s engagement! Of course, this is every mother’s dream, to hear that her beloved daughter had become engaged, making it surely a moment to share with those you trust. Debbie told our bubbly Mary how excited she was for her daughter, but also somewhat saddened, as she knew paying for an entire wedding just wasn’t possible; for anyone who has been married, you know how expensive that can get!

As Debbie mentioned, she was more so just looking for some support, as herself and Mary have become close over the years. Naturally, Mary understood how Debbie felt, and was there to lend a listening ear - After all, our Support staff are here to help! We can all resonate with the feeling of hopelessness, especially when you want to give your daughter everything, and at the very least, Debbie mentioned, she would just love to buy her daughter the wedding dress she always dreamed of! Sure, perhaps she couldn’t shell out the cash for the whole life-changing event, but to pay for the dress would certainly be a proud mother moment!

After some friendly and supportive chit chat, Debbie made a statement that would certainly change her life, and she had no idea just how much impact it would have! Whilst speaking with Mary, Debbie made a simple comment:

“Well, maybe I might just get lucky and some miracle will come my way. I am saying my prayers. I want to do this for my beautiful angel . . . and somehow I will.”

Just like any friend, whether it be the Customer Support agent you grab your latest bonus from, or your BFF from school, a friend always wants to help! Mary thought to herself, “Wow, my boss [Oliver Smith] is a real softie, and he knows Debbie, so maybe… We could help her out?”. And help her out, we surely did! Mary kindly wished Deborah the best, not wanting to get her hopes up right away, and went straight to our Casino Manager, Oliver Smith, telling him about Debbie’s story, and proposing an excellent favor: Could the company pay the $1,500 to Debbie, in order to afford her daughter’s dream wedding dress?!


Oliver has been with us here at Jackpot Capital for a long time, and not only is he a great guy, but he also wants to give back to the people who have had fun playing with us over the many years; like we often say, loyalty does pay off! As Oliver stated, Debbie's been playing with us for a long time. We all know her. So we're really happy to help out." We'd say that's fair enough!

Needless to add, Debbie was absolutely swooning with love when she heard the news, and what touched our heart the most, is that she mentioned it isn’t just about the money, it’s about the genuine care and understanding of our staff, in this case, Sophie, who really went the extra mile to make her happy. For us, that makes everything worth it - Knowing that our Support staff are putting smiles on the faces of our players, whether that be with plentiful casino bonuses, or with a special favor!

If you’ve been playing with us here at Jackpot Capital, you know we like to bring a little piece of Vegas to you, whether it be while you’re at home playing your favorite games, out in the new spring sunshine, playing on your mobile, making a jackpot win, or otherwise! We all know one of the biggest clichés of Vegas, the shotgun wedding at the tiny little chapel, inside your favorite casino - Well, perhaps we need to add our very own version, as we seem to continue sharing the love!

It just so happens, another player of ours won over $32,000 in just one spin whilst stuck in traffic this January, playing on his mobile; can you imagine?! The player, who preferred to remain nameless, contacted us to share his story, as he was certainly stunned by the win, and when speaking with the gentleman, he told us it was just perfect timing; he will use the winnings towards the engagement ring for his girlfriend! Looks like everyone is getting the Lucky Love Bug here with us!

This is certainly one of the most exciting things to happen here at Jackpot Capital, and that is certainly a cause for celebration! While we, of course, can not always do such good deeds for our many beloved players, we definitely wanted to send a little more luck your way - so how about a special casino bonus?! Since we want to make every player’s wish come true, go ahead and try for yourself, with a 50% (up to $400) bonus + 50 free spins on Aladdin’s Wishes, in Debbie and her daughter’s honor, as well as a salute to everyone who has just that one wish!

We can only hope to have more news like this to share in the future, as this was certainly a momentous occasion! We want to thank all of our fabulous players who have good times with us here, and given how much closer we’ve grown with Debbie, this likely won’t be last you hear from her! She has quite the list of tips as a seasoned slot Pro, so we hope to share some of these tips with you in a future blog post! Not only that, but perhaps a member of our team will join Debbie and her daughter on the Big Day… June 2017!

As always, make sure you bookmark our blog here, as there is surely news you just don't want to miss! Make sure you take a spin at making your own dream come true, and test out our special double bonus - You could be next!

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