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The Pirates are coming! Jackpot Island has been a safe haven for players to come and enjoy their time over the years, but we are entering a moment of turmoil and need your help in protecting the Island from a siege. We know you love playing at Jackpot as much as we love living on the island, so in reward for your defense efforts we are handing out lucrative bonuses all month with our Headline Promotion, $150,000 in Prizes! Yes, you read that right - We’re giving away a total of $150,000 in bonus treasure to the motivated players who join in on the battle! This is your moment to prove your worth and value on the battlefield. Don’t miss out on the chance to protect the island you love and collect the treasure you’ve spent your life in search of!

This Is Your Moment To Shine!

You know how easy going Island life can be. Beautiful, lush forests, mountains with splendid peaks, clear water to dip your body into for refreshment, wonderful self-sufficient food. But, sometimes life can be trying. Like when the thieving Pirates show up and decide to try and pillage our beautiful Island in efforts to collect the spoils of our life, and all of the hidden treasure we live off of. Oh, you didn’t know about the hidden treasure? Well, of course we have hidden treasure here, how else do you think we survived! If we didn’t have a large stock of treasure laying around, we wouldn’t be able to defend ourselves in battle time.

And that is where you come in, of course. Come help us protect Jackpot Island, and collect treasure as your reward. Sometimes you get lucky on your way to a win, and sometimes it is a hard earned reward for putting up a fighting effort and snatching the prizes hanging in front of you! These Pirates sure can be nasty, as they have been preparing to storm our shores for quite some time now, but we have plenty of faith in you to fight tough and save Jackpot Island! That is why we have set up such a large bonus pool for you to collect from. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and stay in the moment all month long to collect your treasure and snatch up anything you may see hidden away among the sandy battlefield.

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Get Lucky Today!

Collect Your Bonus Treasure Today!

The Pirates are on their way in order to steal all of our Jackpots, so it is up to you to stop them and save what should be yours! Throughout this next month, you’ll have the chance to join us in playing your favorite online casino games, and in return, we’ll reward you for your efforts with plenty of Bonus Treasure! We think that is only fair for the fight you are willing to put up to help save our Island. It will be a long battle over the coming weeks, but we know our players have what it takes to get through it on top! Which is why we’re filling the next 6 weeks with plenty of winning opportunities! Not only will we have weekly bonuses for you to enjoy, but we’ll give you the chance to embrace the beauty of competition, as you challenge yourself in reaching the highest Scoreboard ranking, climbing our Scoreboard for some impressive cash prizes!

Join us from May 15th - June 25th for $150,000 in Bonus Treasure!

  • Every Monday: Check the Scoreboard ranking for $20,000 in weekly prizes ($120,000 in total!)
  • Every Friday: Score $5,000 in weekly Friday Random Bonus Boosts ($30,000 total!)

Not all of you may be familiar with our Headline Promotion, so we’ll fill you in on how you can make the most of this month’s opportunities, pulling in a ton of bonus prizes along the way! To keep track of your efforts, we have set up a Scoreboard for you to have to chance to land your name on each week. If you are able to manage making the cut, you’ll receive a piece of the Treasure - $20,000 in bonuses are given away each week to those who make the Scoreboard! You may be thinking ‘What’s the best way to make sure I get my name in the top spot?’ Well that is easy - Just be sure to play with us throughout the week, and for every deposit you make to play on your favorite games, we’ll reward you with bonuses. The bravest players, who deposit the most each week, will find their name on our Scoreboard (you must be logged in to see!), and in return, you’ll receive a lucrative cash bonus! The competition is always at an all-time high, so make sure you bring your best to the battlefield!

On top of receiving a weekly Scoreboard Bonus every, but you also have the chance to be randomly chosen every Friday for our Friday Random Bonus Boost, which rewards a total of $5,000 in bonuses each week to the randomly chosen players! In addition, you’ll receive a weekly bonus every Thursday, keeping your ‘Bonus Bank’ filled up, all week long. Are you a new VIP with us? Well then you have even more coming your way, as you’ll receive a weekly bonus every Tuesday, with an additional Saturday Special!

We make things easy here at Jackpot Capital, so you don’t need to feel constricted by any actually battlefield confines. Choose your own place of battle with Jackpot Capital’s very easy-to-use mobile website.

Do you have what it takes to fight off the Pirates and save Jackpot Island? Now’s your time to find out - Join us for $150,000 in Treasure Bonus and collect the spoils of victory by simply logging in today!

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