Jackpot Island Bonuses Featured

The Pirates are coming! Jackpot Island has been a safe haven for players to come and enjoy their time over the years, but we are entering a moment of turmoil and need your help in protecting the Island from a siege. We know you love playing at Jackpot as much as we love living on the island, so in reward for your defense efforts we are handing out lucrative bonuses all month with our Headline Promotion, $150,000 in Prizes! Yes, you read that right - We’re giving away a total of $150,000 in bonus treasure to the motivated players who join in on the battle! This is your moment to prove your worth and value on the battlefield. Don’t miss out on the chance to protect the island you love and collect the treasure you’ve spent your life in search of!

This Is Your Moment To Shine!

You know how easy going Island life can be. Beautiful, lush forests, mountains with splendid peaks, clear water to dip your body into for refreshment, wonderful self-sufficient food. But, sometimes life can be trying. Like when the thieving Pirates show up and decide to try and pillage our beautiful Island in efforts to collect the spoils of our life, and all of the hidden treasure we live off of. Oh, you didn’t know about the hidden treasure? Well, of course we have hidden treasure here, how else do you think we survived! If we didn’t have a large stock of treasure laying around, we wouldn’t be able to defend ourselves in battle time.

And that is where you come in, of course. Come help us protect Jackpot Island, and collect treasure as your reward. Sometimes you get lucky on your way to a win, and sometimes it is a hard earned reward for putting up a fighting effort and snatching the prizes hanging in front of you! These Pirates sure can be nasty, as they have been preparing to storm our shores for quite some time now, but we have plenty of faith in you to fight tough and save Jackpot Island! That is why we have set up such a large bonus pool for you to collect from. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and stay in the moment all month long to collect your treasure and snatch up anything you may see hidden away among the sandy battlefield.

Get Lucky Today!

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