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How Can Gamers Improve Gaming Fun by Eliminating Superstitions?

There are many superstitions in everyday life such as avoiding black cats and not walking under ladders.  For some reason, gamblers have a unique set of superstitions from blowing on the dice in craps to waiting for a progressive jackpots slots terminal to become available just as it is “due” to produce the big jackpot win.

Eliminating Superstations Enhances Gaming Fun

Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, we feel that by eliminating superstitions players can take the gambling aspect out of what should be simple gaming.  The fun that is left can be seen as a much purer form of gaming!

So, here are a few of the gambling superstitions that we would hope every gamer would avoid or eliminate.  As you will see, gaming online at Jackpot Capital casino is a much better way to game without superstitions than gambling at any land based casino.

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Do Not Follow Any Gambling or Betting System

The most famous betting system is the Martingale System.  However, there are many other betting systems.  None of them work in the long run.  The biggest problem with these betting systems is that if you hit a long losing streak you run out of money to continue playing.

Furthermore, the Martingale System is only applicable to even money bets such as red or black in roulette. It doesn’t apply to slots, blackjack, video poker, or baccarat so it is not very useful for an online casino gamer who plays a large variety of games.

Finally, the best way to play the even money bets in roulette is the play European roulette which has only 0 and not 00 or French roulette which gives you an extra chance to break even after a losing even money bet.

Gambler’s Fallacy

The above talk about betting systems and the following talk about games of chance and the random number generator are all aspects of the gambler’s fallacy which, simply stated, tries to put a mathematical number on the odds of an event happening such as winning the progressive jackpot.

There may be a mathematical number that will reflect the odds of winning the jackpot but the previous spins have absolutely nothing to do with it.  At land based casinos, we often see players who “wait’ for a player to leave a slots terminal just in time for the onlooker to swoop in and win a big jackpot.

It is a type of urban legend that such things happen on a regular basis.  They happen only on a legendary basis which really means almost never.  When you play at Jackpot Capital, there is no one looking over your shoulder ready to swoop in and win a big jackpot.  Nor are you going to be that onlooker.  In this sense, online casino gaming is a great way to avoid and eliminate a very powerful gamblers’ superstition.

Slots are Entirely Games of Chance

All video slots are run by the random number generator which is software that never stops running until it stops based on the gamer’s command.  If a gamer clicks spin in a slot game, the random number generator will stop a specific number of seconds later. 

Whatever the configuration of characters is at that precise moment determines the wins for that spin.   The RNG does not know what happened on any previous spin!  So, there is no way for a player to determine that a slot is “due” to hit a big win.

At a land based casino, there will be non-stop bells, whistles, and flashing lights.  This gives many players the feeling that a lot of people are winning at the slots and that they have to get in on the action.  The way land based casinos draw in players, especially slots players, is to feed on many players’ superstition that they are missing out on a great opportunity.

In reality, the bells and whistles and flashing lights are just a means to stir up players’ superstitions.  They have nothing at all to do with who wins at slots!

Lucky Numbers and Colors

Some players do score big wins by betting on a birthday or some other number that is significant to them.  Players who do use “lucky“ numbers in roulette should know that their wins are pure luck!   The numbers themselves have no extra luck about them and  have absolutely nothing to do with the wins!

After all, a number that is lucky for one gamer may be the exact opposite to another gamer!

Lucky Locations

Some players at land based casinos think that the casino places the lucky slots terminals in one area of the casino floor and the unlucky ones in another area.  Who can say that the return to player rate is not skewed at a land based casino even in two terminals of the same slots game?   But at an online casino, this is totally impossible since we have only one “terminal” for each game.

A million gamers can be enjoying any single slots game at the same time and there is still just one “terminal” with one universal return to player rate. 

Most Superstitions are Benign

It really is okay to have a rabbit’s foot, to cross your legs in a certain way, to rub the table before getting a card in blackjack, or to indulge in any of the many superstitions that gamblers and people in general “believe” in.  The idea is to not allow a superstition to determine how you play the game.

A perfect example of this is in blackjack.  This can only occur in land based casinos where you will be playing at a table with other people.  If you hit with 12 or more pints and the cards play out that a different player busts or simply loses to the dealer, he or she might blame you for their loss.  This is based on a type of superstition, to wit that a player absolutely has to stand with 12 or 13 points no matter what the dealer’s up card is.

When a superstition takes over a player’s gaming decisions, it lowers their return to player rate for that game.  In the games of skill such as blackjack and video poker, any superstition will probably cause a gamer to have a poor session even if their luck is running better than average for that session.

The Coronavirus Session is No Laughing Matter

The only superstition that is pervasive in this time of corona is “it won’t happen to me”.  We wonder how many people have already gotten ill after saying that!  So, stay safe indoors as much as possible.   This applies especially to people over 60 and upwards.

Even after the younger sprouts are given the okay to return to normal activities, older people should stay indoors more than they did before.  This would seem to be a good cautionary tactic.

We fervently hope that superstition does not win out over good common sense both in the battle against the virus and also in all of your gaming going forward.

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