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Jackpot Capital bonuses enhance gaming here at our casino.  Gamers like to play with the casino’s own money and Jackpot Capital is more than happy to accommodate gamers in this regard.

Jackpot Capital Says Hi

We welcome new signees in style.  The base Welcome Package is ten 100% bonuses for up to $100 each.  This may seem small in comparison with the online casinos that offer thousands in Welcome Bonuses.

Our response comes in three stages.  First, we know that most new online casino gamers take much less than the maximum bonus for each stage of the casino’s Welcome Package.  So, if the Welcome Package offers up to several thousand dollars, most gamers will take just a few hundred dollars.

Gamers do this because they are budgeting money for gaming and they want to get a rounded experience at an online casino they are checking out.

Jackpot Capital Offers Bonuses After the Welcome Package

We feel that there is no need to offer thousands of dollars in Welcome Package bonuses to new gamers since we offer deposit bonuses generally as promotions.  We will get into the details of our promotions soon.

Free Spins Make the World Go Round

We also offer 100 free spins in Achilles in our Welcome Package.  Few online casinos offer free spins in their Welcome Package so we feel that we offer a very solid Welcome Package of deposit bonuses and free spins.

New Game Bonus

Our great game provider, SpinLogic, brings out at least one new slot every month and we honor the new slot with our New Game Bonus.  This bonus has a bonus rate of 175% and includes 25 free spins.

Wednesday Bonus

We call Wednesday Hump Day since it is the middle of the week.  When we get through Wednesday, we can say that we are over the hump.

Weekend Bonus

We also call this the Sunday bonus.  Sunday is generally a slow day at online casinos so we offer one of the online casino market’s best promotions exclusively for Sunday.  It includes a deposit bonus rate of 250% and 100 free spins on Cash Bandits II.  This offer is good for one time for all new gamers.

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Comp Points and CashBack

As do most online casinos, we offer a comp points promotion.  Gamers can opt out of the comp points promotion and accept Cashback instead.

What Should a Gamer Do with a Bonus?

Whether a gamer takes a bonus or not, gaming at Jackpot Capital ought to be mostly the same for most gamers.  Here are a few main areas that all gamers should consider important.

  1. Set a reasonable time budget for gaming.  Jackpot Capital is open for gaming all the time so there is no reason to play for an excessive amount of time in any gaming session.  We all have other important things to do as well as gaming.
  2. Set a reasonable monetary gaming budget.  We never want to hear about a gamer who lost money he or she needed for other important purposes.  We urge all gamers to honestly assess their ability to budget X dollars for gaming and to stay within that budget.
  3. Play all of our games over time.  At a land-based casino, players may play a few games at most over many hours over a long weekend.  We suggest trying out all of our games.  We have many games that players who are coming from a land-based casino may have never played!
  4. See casino gaming as a form of entertainment.  Here we will go out on a limb and say that by the end of a long weekend at a land-based casino the gaming is no longer fun and entertaining.  If a gamer plays all of our games, we feel strongly that said gamer will always be entertained.
  5. Always deposit within the limits of the bonus offer.  For example, if a bonus offer is 100% up to $1000, there is no reason to deposit more than $1000.  Simply wait for the next bonus offer to make another deposit.
  6. Play in free play mode to check out new games.  There are about 300 games at Jackpot Capital and many will be entirely new to most gamers the first time they play them.  So, instead of making bets on the games’ outcomes, we offer unlimited free play for gamers to get to know a new game.
  7. Play blackjack and video poker.  These games combine luck and skill.  The return to player rate in both games is about 99.5% if the gamer uses the best strategy on every hand.

Bonus Plans in Business

The bonus system in online casino gaming is pretty straightforward.  In business, however, setting up a bonus plan can get fairly complicated!  This is a fascinating subject in itself.

A bonus plan for employees can be a complicated formula that takes many factors into account such as productivity, timeliness with deadlines, how well an employee works in a team, and so on.  It involves incentives for the company and the employee.

Business Bonus Plans Began in the 1880’s

We have a bit of modern-day hubris here thinking that the newest ideas are actually new ideas.  Bonuses for business employees are at least 150 years old!

The earliest bonus plans tried to mathematically combine cooperation with efficiency.  It was true then and it is still true that these parameters are so subjective that they are almost impossible to place a numerical value on them.

Do Business Bonus Plans Work?

There are two consensuses in this regard.  In the general public’s view, any bonus a business gives will be less than what the worker deserved.  This excludes the multi-million-dollar bonuses given to top executives even in a year where the company lost money.

Bonuses of this sort make the news and get average workers very angry.  However, the public also cannot see the need for a corporation to hold onto money rather than to divvy it up as bonuses.

Companies need to have cash on hand to pay for strictly business matters such as expansion and acquisitions.

The Business Point of View

Business managers tend to feel that the incentives set forth in a bonus plan make employees much more efficient.  Thus, the business view is that bonuses and incentives in the right combination do work.

An additional parameter in this highly subjective matter is the overall environment the company puts forward for the benefit of employees.  A company might have a big incentive program going and still have poor results from employees.  This can be seen every year in professional sports.  It can also be seen in business.

Jackpot Capital Offers Great Gaming

Great gaming at Jackpot Capital includes great games, safe and easy banking and all of the parameters we mentioned above: bonuses, incentives, and a great gaming environment.


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