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What is the Big Deal about Unlimited Free Play?

In this happy article, we are going to turn the tables a bit on our many discussions of the benefits of playing jackpot slots at Jackpot Capital online casino.  We often mention that Jackpot Capital casino offers unlimited free play in all of our games but we haven’t yet written an entire article on the advantages of unlimited free play.

So, here we go!

Unlimited Free Play Allows You to Play Every Game

This means that you can play over 300 great, diverse, exciting, and entertaining games at Jackpot Capital!  Now, let’s say that you are coming from the world of land based casinos and are just discovering the benefits of online casino gaming.

In all the time that you played at a variety of land based casinos, have you played more than 300 different games in total?  Of course not!  There are two main reasons why you play a limited number of games when you play at a land based casino.  The first is that you only have a limited time to play at any land based casino—in most cases, a long weekend or so.  At land based casinos, you play your favorite games for hours on end.

The second reason gamers play a very limited number of games at land based casinos is because they have to give up their seat to play a different game every time they choose to switch games.  How many gamers at a land based casino have you seen happily give up a seat while saying, “I so much want to try out another game?” 

So, trying out new games is rare at land based casinos and very common indeed at Jackpot Capital!

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Unlimited Free Play Allows You to Learn Every Game

If we didn’t offer unlimited free play, many gamers would choose to stay with the relatively few games they know well and would not try out any new games.  Unlimited free play allows you to discover and learn every game we carry at absolutely no cost to your bankroll!

We talk very often about how we would like our gamers to see gaming at Jackpot Capital as a form of entertainment.  In the real world, most entertainments cost money.  There are a few entertainments that are free for the most part.  Bird watching comes to mind although you do have to make that initial investment in good field glasses and you might have to travel to see thousands of birds in a marshy area.

Online gaming costs nothing to start and unlimited free play means that it can cost nothing going forward.  Of course, most of our gamers like to play our games with a small wager on the line.  The point is that gamers also like to know any game they play well and unlimited free play gives every gamer the chance to learn all of our games well at exactly no cost!

Unlimited Free Play Allows You to Step out of Your Familiar Routine

We have found out that many gamers, especially those who love slots and other games of chance, are somewhat leery of trying the games of skill.  At Jackpot Capital, the games of skill are table poker such as Caribbean Poker, video poker, and blackjack.

If you are a long-time slots fan, unlimited free play gives you the chance to pay games of skill at no cost.  Many gamers have discovered to their lasting pleasure that they actually enjoy playing games of skill, too!  

In every category of the games of skill, we offer several variations.  Each variation has some element or nuance or rule change that affects the strategy for winning at that specific game.   

The best way to learn these differences is by playing the games in free play mode!  In this way, you can expand your gaming horizons.  Gamers who generally like the games of chance can discover the joys of playing games of skill and players who generally prefer the games of skill can discover the joys of playing games of chance!

Unlimited Free Play Helps Players Manage their Bankrolls Well

There are many reasons why any gamer might want to play for a longer time than his or her bankroll might allow.  Free play is the perfect remedy for that situation.  In fact, unlimited free play allows players to play any game at the casino without ever placing a single bet!

Most of our slots players like the extremely diverse story lines that our vast collection of slots offers.  Gamers can travel ahead in time or back to civilization that are long gone!  Gamers can soar high above the atmosphere into outer space or deep beneath the ocean waves!  Players can play adventurous, humorous, romantic, sweet, voluptuous, and even cantankerous slots! 

Free play allows slots players to experience the vast and wide array of experiences our slots afford and at no cost at all!

Unlimited Free Play Allows You to Change Your Gaming Habits

When players travel to a land based casino, they generally spend many hours over the course of a few days gambling on the casino floor.  When you play at Jackpot Capital online casino, you can spend as many or as few hours gaming in any session.  The casino is always available to you so you never need to feel pressured to play on when you probably should be paying attention to your many other responsibilities.

The change that unlimited free play allows is that you can play for real money for a period of time and then switch to free play mode to continue playing at no cost.

Unlimited Free Play Frees up Unlimited Vacation Options

Instead of travelling to a land based casino, you can take advantage of many thousands of land based vacation opportunities.  Every country has parks such as the hundreds of state and national parks in the United States.  Every country has a capital city and possibly several other interesting cities.

Many countries have miles and miles of warm, sandy beaches.  Some countries have mountains with great views at every turn.

Many countries have both!

When you come to the realization that you don’t need to go to a land based casino to enjoy casino gaming, and even that there are many fantastic advantages to online casino gaming of which unlimited free play is just one, you will discover the wonderful world of real vacations!

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