Slots about Ancient Cultures Whet Inquisitive Minds

Why Does Jackpot Capital Have So Many Slots with Cultural Themes?

Online casino gaming has been around for only about 30 years (28 to be exact) and it has evolved a lot more than animals evolved in any similar period of time.  That proves that technology can speed up the evolution of a business or fun activity.  In the last ten years or so the technology for the Jackpot Capital mobile jackpot casino has exploded!

That means that the technology has advanced faster than anyone could have imagined ten short years ago.

Where is the Tech Revolution Most Pronounced?

We are talking about at the casino.  Naturally, tech has advanced by leaps and bounds throughout the developed and developing world.  How has that translated into improvements, advances, and generally positive developments in the online casino gaming experience our gamers enjoy?

The area where the tech revolution is most pronounced is in slots!  There are a few reasons why that is so:

  1. Slots all have themes and the theme has to be shown through great graphics.
  2. The tech revolution has made it possible to enhance how the wild symbols work.
  3. The revolution in excellent graphics has made it possible to have slots characters that we couldn’t have an online casino “generation” ago.

Slots can be divided into two very broad categories with a lot of subtlety in each category.  We have colorful slots that use fantasy and broad strokes of imagination to entertain and thrill slots players.  The other is to recreate in the context of a slot game an ancient culture.  Thus the question we raised in this article: Why are there so many cultural themes in the slots at Jackpot Capital?

There Have Been Many Cultures throughout History

The emergence of Fortunate Buddha as an instant hit with gamers sparked the idea that Jackpot Capital is in a period that seems to emphasize ancient cultures.

In addition to Fortunate Buddha, the alt few months have introduced a number of other slots based on ancient cultures:

  1. Thai Emerald
  2. Egyptian Gold
  3. Princess Warrior
  4. Legends of Helios
  5. Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe
  6. Achilles Deluxe

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What is it about Ancient Cultures that Creates Interest in Them?

Ancient cultures are exotic.  There is a big contrast between slots based on ancient cultures and slots with a theme rooted in fantasy.  Slots rooted in fantasy generally are very colorful.  Purples, pinks, oranges, yellows and other bright colors abound.  Slots based on ancient cultures often have a darker interface.

The darker interface makes these slots and their themes more mysterious.  So, slots based on ancient cultures are mysterious while slots based on fantasy are just plain old fun!

It is the mysterious nature of these ancient cultures that fascinates gamers!

When was the Heyday of Egyptian Culture?

Ancient Egypt is a common theme in modern day video slots.  The aspects of Egyptian culture that draw our attention are the pyramids and the wealth in gold and jewels that the rulers enjoyed.

Egypt is a prominent culture in the Bible and the leader of the people was the Pharaoh.  But the leading persona of ancient Egyptian culture is Cleopatra!  Cleopatra was known for her exotic beauty at a time long before the beauty of the Hollywood starlet was the gauge of beauty.  Cleopatra was also famous for the wealth in gold and jewels of her royal family.

In the West, where Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are the primary religions and are all monotheisms, the religion of ancient Egypt seems out of place.  The Egyptians worshipped the Pharaoh.  In the Bible, a story is told of the Hebrew slaves and how God took them out of slavery by defeating the God of the Egyptian people, namely, the Pharaoh.

Egypt also developed irrigation for agriculture a thousand years or so before the Greek and Roman empires took center stage.  Egypt is a very large country with a wide river, the Nile, that courses through the country.  Every year, the people waited anxiously for the Nile River to overflow its banks as the snow that had fallen upstream melted and sent massive quantities of fresh water to the land where rain may fall once a year!

Fresh water was at a premium and the Egyptians mastered the art of agricultural irrigation long before Greece and Rome rose to historical prominence.

Egypt is One of Many

Slots may very well be “just” an entertainment, one of many.  As such we should recognize that the ancient culture of Egypt, featured in many slots, is one of many such ancient cultures.

Greece certainly has its fair share of slots as Achilles remains the most famous Greek in our collective memory.

Rome was one of the vaste3st empires and has given us Julius Caesar among many other historical figures.

China and Japan are the most prominent Eastern cultures and now Thailand has joined them in the worlds of slots.

In the Western Hemisphere, the three Native American tribes of the Incas, the Aztecs, and the Mayas have been the inspiration for many slots.

Historical Slots Can Spark Interest

A slot based on an ancient culture may spark the interest or whet the curiosity of the gamers who play that slot.  There is a small ir5ony at play here.  The game providers—in the case of Jackpot Capital, the provider is SpinLogic—try to make every slot fun and entertaining to play.

At the same time, the game providers know that a slot that is dull will not be fun and entertaining to play!  Thus, SpinLogic and the other game providers all do their best to maintain a high level of entertainment value in every slot.

By doing so in the slots based on ancient cultures, the game providers, perhaps unwittingly, have created an interest in those cultures!

In this sense, the slots based on ancient cultures also serve something of a learning experience—or at least a springboard for a learning experience— for gamers!

The Super-colorful Slots are Valuable for a Different Reason

All of the slots that are about fantastical creatures serve the singular purpose of being immensely entertaining.  Their use of color is an indication that the storylines might be fun and might make for happy gaming but telling a story is not the great purpose of these slots.

Their great purpose is to entertain!

And entertain greatly they do!

Make Jackpot Capital Your Home for Inspiration, Fun, and Gaming Entertainment

The many slots we offer at Jackpot Capital can give gamers w wild ride through history every time you sit down or curl up to play!  They can also take us on a wild ride through fantasy and imagination.

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