With the Day of Love fast approaching, some of us may be with or without a significant other, but when you roll with Jackpot Capital, we’ve got more than just love on our minds; we’ve got love for great gameplay and love for an extra special x15 Bonus Love Match potential! Let us help you find Bonus Love this Valentine’s Day, and with that, all of our most loving games to play with! See? Valentine’s isn’t just for lovers, it’s for gamers and lovers, alike!

Do you Feel the Bonus Love

With a choice of 3 Bonus Love Matches over 5 days (each redeemable every day, totalling x15 bonuses!), love may be the last thing on your mind! Find cash with our Bonus Love Match between February 12th-16th and then get to playing one of our more loving games, giving you certainly no time for expensive dinner and flowers (It’s worth it!).

Naughty or Nice: Spring Break

Well, if you’re not necessarily looking for true love, then this may be your spot to spend Valentine’s Day - possibly with a new friend! Live the Malibu Life and enjoy the Naughty or Nice: Spring Break, a version of the massive hit slot, Naughty or Nice, and see if you get lucky (with wins, of course!) this Day of Love!

A little confused by the sound of pleasant Christmas carols, when you then see a sunny beach background (where you just want to dive in!)? Don’t be, Santa’s on holiday, and whilst playing this Green Christmas slot, you can expect the Wild Naughty or Nice Girl features to serve you drinks and bonus wins, while the 2 progressive jackpots also may pop up from the deep end!

Find your Match!

Diamond Dozen

This may not seem like a slot where you can find love, but much like the famous Rihanna song, “We found love in a hopeless place!” While not so farfetched, Diamond Dozen certainly takes inspiration from the love of jewellery, something very relevant on a holiday like Valentine’s Day! Picture a night on the water, under a candlelit dinner, whilst your partner places a diamond or statement-making watch on your hand; this is certainly the vibes with Diamond Dozen!

Manage to hit a hit a winning combination? Wait for it - the classy sounds of jazz music make you feel like you’re on top of the world with your riches (and in reality, you may be!). If you’re one for diamonds, scout out 3+ Blue Diamonds and look forward to 12 Free Games, or, find 3+ White Diamonds, activating the Diamond Delight Feature, where you can multiply your prize x10! Sounds like a winning night, right? It is!

Hairway to Heaven

Playing off the classic love fairytale, Repunzel, Hairway to Heaven is a slot that certainly takes us back to traditional times; when it comes to love, at least! The images of the The Prince symbol (Scatter) climbing up the rope of beautiful blonde hair, in an attempt to save The Princess (Wild), in combination with the sound of whimsical flutes certainly make you feel like you’re in the most loving fairytale imaginable (and perhaps you are!).

If you manage to spin 3 Prince symbols, you’ll have a chance to climb the braided rope further, as you will have activated the Pick feature, where you then choose a Prince for additional bonus rounds (and the chance to reach the Damsel in Distress feature, equalling 8 free games!). The charming music and interactive images truly do bring a Walk down Memory Lane, with some cash for the future, too!

It goes to show, love can hit us hard, but Bonus Match Love can hit even harder! Make sure you see what love matches we have in store for you; whether you’re after Free cash, Free spins or Match bonuses, we’ve got it all, x15 potential! Find out more now and take a spin on the Slots of Love with Jackpot Capital!

Good Luck and make sure you bookmark our blog for more in bonuses, new games, and of course, Jackpots!


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