We have an underwater emergency here at Jackpot Capital! We’ve lost our dear friend, Diamond, The Fish, far out at sea, with only her diamond scales giving us clues as to her whereabouts, and we need you to help us find her! What’s in it for you, if you give us a helping fin? A chance at some massive cash bonuses, as we’re rewarding $100,000 to the players which help us find our fishy friend! Do you have the bonus seeking skills and taste for adventure? If so, this is your perfect chance to reel in some cash and help us find our poor, lost Diamond!

Finding Diamond

Show Us Your Best Fishing Skills!

With the days of summer now rolling in, surely a lot of ‘tropical’ thoughts come to mind; basking in the sun, by the beach, mojito in hand, or literally out at sea, aboard the boat with your mates, fishing for something special - Like our friendly Diamond! We sure don’t want to be hooking her, mind you, but if you can fish out some of those diamond scales, you’ll be on the right track to big cash catches!

Like our cash-filled Headline Promotion every month, we’re rewarding bonus cash to those who participate and have a good time, and Finding Diamond is no different; except, this time, the mission is certainly more urgent, as we want to make sure Diamond gets back safe to her welcoming Underwater Kingdom!

What’s in it for you? That’s a good question! Despite the obvious thrill of adventure and suspense, you can both learn and profit when you discover the underwater world with us, building up both your bank account and your ‘knowledge bank’ when you dive in! What’s more, just imagine how you’ll feel when you find that first diamond scale; a moment of hope graces all of us, in hopes of discovering more, bringing even more cash and a stronger desire in Finding Diamond!

With $100,000 in bonus cash hidden in the ocean deep, you surely have a lot of work to do! Keep reading (and watch the video preview!) to see what’s in store down under:

Dive In and Discover Deep Oceans Wins ($100,000!)

Have we tempted your desire to dive deep down and explore the unknown?! We hope so, as both Diamond and bonus cash await you, and after all, the ocean is a big place, so chances are, if you wait too long, they shall be gone!

Check out our adventure from June 13th - July 17th and see if you can collect enough diamond scales to send you on your own tropical vacation!

  • Every Monday: Check the Finding Diamond Scoreboard ranking for $15,000 in weekly prizes ($75,000 in total!)
  • Every Wednesday: Discover a Hump Day Bonus (play every Monday & Tuesday to be eligible!)
  • Every Friday: Find $5,000 in weekly Friday Random Bonus Boosts ($25,000 total!)
  • Each week: Learn a new fun fact about the underwater world! (Check your email!)

… As you can see, it’s going to be a busy next few weeks! Luckily for you, with the Jackpot Capital mobile website, you can keep the good times going, wherever, whenever, picking up diamond scales and bonus cash like there’s no tomorrow!

What’s the best way to get started? Take it from us, literally! Be sure to check your mail to see if you’ve received our Finding Diamond postcard, with a tempting 150% (up to $500) bonus! Take this chance to dive in (don’t worry, the water’s warm!) and help us find Diamond, and for that, we’ll give you a fun-filled summer, without the tan lines! Login now and see what all the fuss is about!

If you want even more summer adventures with us, make sure you bookmark our Blog page here! There’s never a dull moment with Jackpot Capital, don’t miss out!


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