We certainly can’t deny the fact anymore; the summer season is on its way out, with the fall season on its way in. While we can’t deny the love we have for longer days, warm nights, beach weather and fruity cocktails, there’s no reason not to embrace the cooler season - it, too, has lots to offer! In an effort to raise your spirits and keep you from falling into the ‘end of summer blues’, this week we take a look at all the new fun and excitement that comes with the seasonal change. And, of course, with the cooler weather, this gives you a lot more time to spend having fun with us, playing your favorite games!

Don’t get the ‘end of summer blues’ - Embrace the new season having fun with us, and all of the great fall season traditions!

1. Festival Season Continues!

One thing many of us love about the summer season, is attending all of the different festivals that can really only be enjoyed in the hot temperatures. When the fall season rings in, our immediately thoughts are to bundle up and stay inside - but that’s not the case! There are still many popular and enjoyable festival-worthy celebrations to attend during the season of changes, and while you still may want to bundle up, there’s no shortage of fun.

One of the most common types of festivals in the autumn season revolve around food, so go ahead and satisfy your taste buds by attending of these events, like the infamous Apple Harvest Festival or Cranberry Festival. These may be fond memories of your childhood, but there’s no reason not to enjoy them in your adult years. If you’re still in ‘party mode’, then we must not forget about the (now) globally celebrated Oktoberfest festival - Bring on the beer and bratwurst!

2. Touchdown! Bring on Football!

Watching the football games once the leaves start falling is certainly one of the greatest American past times, and we sure do know that also comes with plenty of moments to celebrate - especially if you’re favorite team is demolishing their opponents! For any sports fans out there, this is of perfect timing to forget the long summer days and look forward to watching the game (surely, with plenty of salty snacks and of course, beer!).

3. The Traditional Thanksgiving Feast

What else goes hand in hand with Football season? Thanksgiving! Food, family, fun, and lots of laughs, making for yet another celebration that will take your mind of the fact that you’re no longer sporting your short shorts and t-shirts. Thanksgiving is a time where you can join together with friends and family, giving thanks for all of the good things in your life - while you double up on turkey, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and most likely, lots of wine to wash it down. Thanksgiving also gives you a chance to eat all of your favorite foods that you can really only enjoy while they’re fresh from the harvest - Foods you’d never have the chance to enjoy with the blaring heat. Embrace the autumn goodness, and make sure you go back for seconds!

5 reasons to love the fall season

4. Halloween

Another great American tradition in the fall season is the spooky day of Halloween - a day we often spend the whole month of October preparing for! Whoever says it’s only fun for the kids surely never visited their local pumpkin patch, picking out the ripest pumpkin, and perhaps going for a walk through the endless corn maze! Not to mention, while we naturally put our focus on making sure the kids having the scariest costume of them all, you, too, will likely need to come up with a disguise of your own for your own Halloween party (with the traditional cranberry and vodka ‘blood’ punch!). Getting outside and decorating the house with spider webs, witches and goblins is also an event that is fun for all ages - even if you don’t want to admit it!

5. Venture to the Local Farmer’s Market

Yet another fall season tradition many of us can appreciate, is visiting the local farmer’s market, seeing which goodies were harvested and ready to eat. Even if you’re not one to love the idea of cooking, many treats are already prepared and ready for you to take home, giving you the real ‘taste of the season’. Since this is often the busiest time for the markets, there are lots of fun events that go along with it; games for the kids, tractor pulls, the ‘biggest pumpkin’ competition, and many more, depending on your location. And, let’s not forget, this is the season to enjoy that warm apple cider, warming you upon that cold fall day!

There’s certainly no shortage of fun to be had when the temperature cools down, and taking advantage of all the exciting traditions will surely keep your mind off that great summer vacation. Seasonal foods, football games, family celebrations and spooky fun; it’s all coming up in the near future, and even if you aren’t convinced, you can always grab a bonus and come have fun with us!


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