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Play with the gods in Fortunes of Olympus

Based on ancient Greek mythology, where the gods all lived on Mount Olympus, this slot has given the characters of old a whole new look, more like superheroes with a bit of sci-fi on the side. With glowing eyes, and bathed in a neon glow, these characters have been given a fantastic modern makeover in an exciting game that has some incredible winning features.

But first, let’s look at the cast of characters: first, we have Zeus, who is the all-powerful head honcho on Olympus and god of thunder and lightning; next, his daughter Athena who was born through his forehead, fully adult (don’t laugh, it’s true) and the goddess of war among other things. Then we have Medusa, once a beautiful priestess in Athena’s temple, who was caught having sex with Poseidon, the god of the sea, in her place of work. The horror, the scandal! Outraged, Athena turned her into a gorgon with snakes for hair, and anyone who looked at her would be turned to stone. Finally, the brave warrior and demi-god Perseus (his dad was Zeus, mom a mere mortal) who was sent to kill Medusa – mission accomplished.

The ancient Greeks certainly had vivid imaginations, and this theme is perfect for an exciting slot. The four characters are expanding symbols, filling one to four places on a reel, so loads of wins can be generated by this feature alone. Wilds are pretty generous in this game too, a big plus. Land three or more Free Games icons and win 12 free games. But wait ­– there’s more! You get a choice of three ways to win with the Pick Bonus feature ­– take your pick from Shifting Reels, Extra Wilds or Win Multipliers. All of these features offer epic chances of great wins!

And if the gods aren’t exactly on your side, make your own luck with the Buy

Feature and buy 12 Free Games (with Pick Bonus choices) to get things moving. Join the gods on Olympus and may the gods of fortune smile upon you.

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