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How Can I Win Playing Slots?

People all over the world love to play slots.  There are standard but old fashioned three reel slots, modern five reel video slots, hyper-modern six reel slots, progressive slots, slots with many paylines, slots with so many ways to win that they say how many ways to win there are, and themes that range from bubbly cute to dark and dangerous.

It’s all in good fun; the dark and dangerous slots are perfectly harmless and the sweet and gooey slots won’t cause you to need a dentist!

One of the biggest questions people ask is: How to win on slot machines?  In this article, we’ll talk about the happy circumstance that a lot of people win some money playing slots and some lucky people win a lot of money playing slots and that the best “strategy” for winning at slots has little to do with winning money.

Slots players can expect to get back between 96% and 98% of all money bet but that should not be the primary reason to play.

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Great Fun

The first way to “win” at slots is to see them as a source of fun and entertainment.  Many gamers who thought they were playing slots to get lucky and hit the big jackpot say that when they stopped playing for that reason and started playing just to have fun, they started to enjoy slots a lot more!

Think about slots the same way you think about anything that you find entertaining.  Do you expect to get money back when you go to a sports event?  Of course not.  Do you expect to get money back when you go to a restaurant for dinner?  Of course not.  Do you expect to get money back when you go to Prague for a long weekend?  Of course not.

It is one of the most amazing aspects of slots that you can play for fun and entertainment value and still get money back!

Manage Your Money

Everyone has a budget about everything they do.  Most people don’t think deeply about tipping wait staff in a restaurant.  If the custom in their country is 10%, they will round the amount up to make it an even unit of currency.  The same is true if the custom is 15%.  Most people shop for bargains but don’t obsess over a few dollars, Euro, or whichever currency their country uses. 

Even Millionaires Budget their Money

Two instances from the United States demonstrate that everyone budgets their money on everything.  Two decades ago, the United States Congressional budget office decided to change the amount members of the US Congress had to pay to park their cars.  Parking near the Capitol Building became more expensive than parking further away.  As a result, most members of the US Congress, most of whom are millionaires, started to park further away than they had parked before the price change - even though they could clearly afford the increased cost.

John Kerry and His Yacht

Remember the name John Kerry?  He ran for president of the United States in 2004 and lost to George W. Bush.  When Kerry was the Senator from Massachusetts, he bought a yacht for $7,000,000.  That means that he is a millionaire many times over.

He chose to dock the yacht a few miles south of his Massachusetts home in neighboring Rhode Island in order to save $500,000 in a one-time tax and mooring fees.  He didn’t need the 500,000 dollars since his wife is an heiress of billions of dollars.  But he budgets his money!

Play Slots for Amounts You Can Afford

Since fun is the key to playing slots, you should think about the fun side and not the windfall profit side that you will achieve if you get very lucky.  If you want to play for an hour and want to experience as many vicarious thrills as possible in that hour, slots are a great way to do so.

The key is to play.  If you can afford even one cent on every spin, then play for one cent!  If you were to increase the bet to five cents, it might shorten your gaming session and gaming is the reason you play casino games.

A corollary to this advice is that if you want to win a big progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the wining payline.  If this is within your budget, we say that playing for the progressive jackpot is okay but if betting the maximum is too high for your gaming budget, then play other slots.

One more corollary is that we at Jackpot Capital offer unlimited free play.  We always suggest playing in free play mode when you are checking out a new slot or any other game.  We also suggest playing in free play mode if you want to continue playing without risking any of your bankroll.

Play Slots Online

The last paragraph points to two of the best reasons to play slots online.  We will expand on these two and then we’ll add a third.

Land based casinos cannot afford to let players play in free play mode for any amount of time much less an unlimited length of time.  Land based casinos need to make the most money from every square foot of casino floor!  Jackpot Capital and all other online casinos have unlimited casino “floor” space so we are happy to offer unlimited free play.

When you play online, you will be tempted to try out all of our 200 + slots!  That’s because you don’t have t give up your seat to play as many slots as you want to play.  Many gamers find themselves at land based casinos playing the same slot for their entire gaming session simply because they are not confident that they will find another interesting slot to play if they give up their seat at the slot they are playing.

Being able to experience a massively broad range of slots adventures is a very important form of “winning” at slots!

Finally, you can “win” at slots by playing online because you aren’t spending money getting to the land based casino, staying in the hotel, eating in restaurants, and so on.  If a long weekend at a land based casino might cost $500 or more in travel and other expenses, you can say that before you sat down to play at your desk top or on your most comfortable seat with our great mobile platform, you have already “won” $500 or more.

Strategy in Slots

Slots are as close to a pure game of chance as there is in a casino.  The ways to “win” at slots are the ways we have discussed in this article: set a gaming budget and stay within your budget; play slots online for variety and to save travel costs; play in free play mode also to conserve your money and also to extend the fun of playing; and last but certainly not least….win at slots simply by changing your mindset from trying to win money to simply having a whale of a time playing.

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