Sometimes, we all get that craving for adventure, something which takes us out of our “own backyard” and brings an experience like none other, a thrill that would turn our expectations upside down - and hopefully, win us some cash along the way! What’s more? The warm weather is on the edge of settling in, which gives us an even stronger craving for that next Joyride, so would you take it, if there was $85,000 in bonus prizes to gain (and not to mention, an adventure of a lifetime!)? If this sounds like your kind of party, then it’s time to listen up: Jackpot Capital’s Game Paradise is almost here, with 4x islands to explore, and a whole lot of cash to find!
The challenge is on!

Game Paradise

Are You Ready for Secret Island Bonuses?!

Our Game Paradise is all about exploration, discovery, magical surprises and, of course, some Vegas-worthy casino bonuses! Join us from May 16th - June 12th and you can be a part of the fun, looking forward to the chance at climbing our Scoreboard, the many lucky opportunities for surprise bonuses in your Email and Message Center, and if you’re a VIP? The benefits go beyond expectations; who can argue with almost 24/7 bonuses?!

Just see for yourself: the islands to be discovered may be left a secret, but if you dive in to this adventure, all shall be revealed - with cash prizes, to top it off!

Explore Paradise & Live The Dream with $85,000!

Once you join us in the thrill of exploring a Paradise unlike any other, you’ll soon see exactly why you came: You love the adrenaline rush and you love the cash! With each week, a new island is revealed, and with that comes a selection of top notch games that suit the island theme, and, of course, some surprise bonuses along the way!

Just like the many momentous discoveries in our world history, each one came with a fruitful benefit, and our Game Paradise is no different:

  • Every Monday: Check the Game Paradise Scoreboard ranking for $15,000 in weekly prizes ($60,000 in total!)
  • Every Tuesday: Check your email for the VIP Weekly bonus!
  • Every Wednesday: Look out for our Hump Day Bonus (play every Monday & Tuesday to be eligible!)
  • Every Thursday: Check your email for the Weekly bonus!
  • Every Friday: Find $5,000 in weekly Random Bonus Boost ($20,000 total!)
  • Each week: Discover a new island every week with special games for $5,000 in bonuses!

What’s Next? Prepare for the Ride!

An adventure could mean absolutely anything; you’re sure of where you start, but your destiny could lead anywhere! While you’re playing either in your own home or on mobile, you won’t truly be ‘one’ with the real world as you play through our Game Paradise; you’ll be chasing to discover big bonus wins, surely something no one can argue with!

What thrilling games will each of our four islands reveal? That’s a secret (for now!); first, you must start your journey by building points on our Scoreboard, heightening your ranking as a true wanderlust personality - and the chance at more bonuses! It all starts now.

Join us now and play some of our thrilling slots, like Cash Bandits or Goldbeard, just to get yourself in the mood for a wild escapade, and don’t forget, $85,000 in cash!

Make sure you bookmark our blog here at Jackpot Capital for even more exciting adventures (with cash prizes!); Your Virtual Vegas is always open!


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