Betting Systems Ultimately End up with Gamers Making Bad Bets

Why are Betting Systems Bad but Playing Systems are Good?

Gamers all over the world enjoy playing at jackpot casinos such as Jackpot Capital Online Casino.  Some gamers try to win more by employing a betting system.  We have covered this ground in previous articles—using a betting system is not a good way to play casino games— so we will go back to it quickly and then we will segue into a discussion of good playing systems!

What is a Betting System?

This is a method of changing one’s bet after each hand or spin and, in theory, gaming the game for extra wins.  Betting systems can work in the very short run but they always fail in the long run!

We will demonstrate this by using the Martingale System as an example.

Before we do so, we have to mention the Random Number Generator (RNG) and to show why it is so important in all digital games.

What is the Random Number Generator?

The RNG is software that “runs” constantly within the game and “stops” a specified number of seconds after the gamer has clicked on “spin”, “play”, or “deal”.  When the RNG “stops” a card, a slot on the roulette wheel, a number in craps, or configuration of characters and icons in a slots game is revealed and that screen reveals whether the gamer has won or lost the game.

The RNG does not have any mind of its own so it cannot change any outcome based on what has happened before.  For example, in European Roulette, there are 35 numbers and the zero.  If you bet on any given number on every spin, you would expect that number to come up at least once in every 36 spins.  However, the RNG doesn’t know what has happened before THIS spin so the number could come up once, twice, a few times, or not at all in 36 spins!

The significance of this in digital games is that the “odds” don’t really matter.  Every gamer experiences winning streaks and losing streaks.  The Martingale System does not apply during a winning streak and it ultimately leads to very bad bets during a losing streak.

Are we Ready to Talk about Playing Systems?

Not quite!

We are ready to say that a playing system is really the strategy gamers need to employ as they are playing!  Strategy is important in all casino games!  Strategy is important in many areas that have nothing at all to do with casino gaming! We will get to this idea forthwith!  But first, we will prove that the Martingale System does not work in the long run.

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How Much Does the Martingale System Tell you that you will Win?

Actually, most explanations of the Martingale System don’t talk about how much you will win since that sum is quite small.  If you follow this system all the way, you will double your bet after every loss.  Let’s look at a series of losses as a gambling unit.  After every unit, the gamer can expect to profit by his or her original bet!

For example:

You bet $5 and lose.  The next bet is $10 and you lose.  The next bet is $20 and you win.  The total of all your losing bets is $15 and you win $20 so your profit is $5, your original bet.

If you have no more than a two or three spin or hand losing bet, you will end up with a nice profit.  But what if you have a five in a row losing streak?  Now your bets are $5, $10, $20, and $40.  In order to win your original $5 bet, you now have to wager $80.  If we look at this critically, we see that the Martingale System forces a gamer to make a very poor bet.

Even Secretariat at the Belmont Stakes paid more than $5 on an $80 bet!

No betting system is better than the Martingale System!  Avoid them all!

What is a Good Playing System?

Here we get into strategy and tactics.  The first item on our list is to see casino gaming as a form of entertainment.  Many things that we find entertaining cost money: movies, shows, high end restaurants, sporting events, and trips are just a few entertainments that we all recognize as such.

Gaming should be seen in the same way.  And just as people choose their entertainments based on both what they like and whether they can afford the cost, gamers should see gaming in the same way.

This leads directly to the next item on our list.

Set Time and Monetary Budgets

Both time and money are costs.  Determine the costs you can take upon yourself for casino gaming and stick with the plan.  Unlike the Martingale System, this strategic and tactical plan will enable you to keep gaming in its proper perspective.

What is the Proper Perspective?

Every game we offer—and we offer about 300 games—is just a game!  This is a good thing but it doesn’t replace family, love, success, and all of the many things we desire in life.

Gaming has many life lessons to teach such as keeping one’s cool even in the face of a bad beat, to use a poker term.  Another poker term is tilt.  We should play just long enough to avoid tilt.  Fun is productive while tilt is destructive!

Another aspect of proper perspective is that online casinos such as Jackpot Capital make playing many games possible.  A land-based casino may offer a lot of games but very few people at a land-based casino play more than a small handful of games.

People don’t want to give up their seat to try a different slot.  In blackjack, you might not find a table with the rules and conditions you need.  In video poker, you might not have a terminal with the variation you like.  Playing many different games is a major part of a good playing system!

Using Statistics in the Games of Skill is also a Good Playing System

When we write about the games of skill, we urge all gamers to learn the best strategy.  This applies to Caribbean Poker, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, and any other game of skill a casino offers.  In blackjack and video poker, the house edge against a player using the best strategy as determined by statistical analysis of millions of hands is about 0.5%!

This means that if you wager $100 in a session, you will likely finish the session with $99.50 more or less!  You will win quite often!  And, even in a losing session, you will lose very little and you’ll have plenty of money to earmark for the next gaming session.

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