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Online Casino Jackpots Make the World Go Round

Jackpots make the world go round!  When we talk about the top jackpot casino, we have two types of jackpots in mind.  Of course, Jackpot Capital online casino has a large selection of progressive jackpots.  In addition to these big wins, every slot we offer has its own highest win.  These large wins, while less than the largest progressive jackpots, are still very big and more than welcome to the regular gamers at Jackpot Capital casino.

Why Do Gamers Play for Big Progressive Jackpots?

The obvious answer is to get lucky and win a seven figure jackpot!  For almost everyone, a jackpot of that size would go a very long way to making life more comfortable!  In addition to the big potential payout, the best progressive jackpots are on games that are a lot of fun to play in and of themselves.

Progressive Poker Games

At Jackpot Capital casino, we have three poker games with progressive jackpots that gamers can win by making a side bet and getting a full house or better.  That means that you can play these poker variations without going for the progressive jackpot.

Our three progressive jackpot poker games are Caribbean Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Let it Ride.  The games are similar yet each has its own unique elements that make it a favorite among gamers who love poker but don’t love trying to figure out if an opponent is bluffing or really does have the nuts!

Let it Ride is especially fun for intrepid gamers since you see only three of the five cards you are dealt.  If you want to see the other two cards, you add to your ante bet.  This is a very exciting form of poker and also gives gamers a chance to practice “seeing” hidden cards!

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Progressive Slots

One of the best aspects of playing slots and especially, by far and away, better at online casinos such as Jackpot Capital over playing slots at any land based casino, is that the themes in modern video slots are so varied.  The three progressive slots we have at Jackpot Capital take gamers back to the time of the Incas, the Golden Age of Egypt when Cleopatra was Queen and to the time when dinosaurs roamed where the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, and the Great Wall of China now stand!

Playing online slots is superior to playing slots at a land based casino simply because you never have to give up your seat to sample a different slot!  Try telling the player “patiently” waiting for a free slot terminal that you just want to play a different slot for a few minutes and that this terminal is “saved”!

That’ll be the day!

Progressive Slots and Bankroll Management

There is one aspect of playing progressive slots that players should be fully aware of.  In order to win the big progressive jackpot and forever after sit in the business class or first class section on flights, you need to know to bet the maximum on the eventual winning payline.

This makes playing for the big progressive jackpots a bit beyond some gamers’ means.  These gamers are better off playing for the more common jackpots in non-progressive slots.  The term that gamers and analysts sometimes use to describe progressive slots is volatility.  The more volatile a slot is, the larger the top payouts are and the smaller and less frequent the “regular” payouts are.

Many gamers find it more fun to play for frequent, small payouts instead of shooting for the one giant payout that will make macadamia nuts always affordable!

Why are Slots the Most Popular Games at Jackpot Capital?

The first reason is that many years ago we partnered with Real Time Gaming which provides us with all of our games.  RTG, as they are fondly called by their millions of loyal fans, is one of the top game providers in the crowded online gaming field.

There are two aspects of online gaming here that are also of interest to gamers.  When Jackpot Capital casino came online, there were just a few intrepid online casinos, testing the waters as it were of this newfangled online thing, learning about everything that is different about gaming at an online casino as opposed to gaming at a land based casino, and doing our best to innovate whenever we could.

We then had to evaluate the work product pf the few game providers that were in the online gaming market at the time.  Now, about two and a half decades have gone by.  Jackpot Capital is still thriving as a flagship online casino and Real Time Gaming is also thriving as one of the original games providers.

Completion for both Jackpot Capital and Real Time Gaming is very strong.  Where once there were a few online casinos, today there are thousands.  Where once there were very few game providers today there are a couple of hundred.  We consider it a testament to the very expert products that RTG turns out every month that our gamers continually tell us how much they love “our” games!

Themes in Slots Can Get Your Imagination Going

Slots are also popular because they all have interesting and varied themes.  We mentioned that the three progressive slots are themed in ancient Egypt, the Inca Empire, and the Golden Era of dinosaurs!  Of course, the variability of our slots themes goes far beyond these three themes!

From the comfort of your “seat” in cyberspace, you can soar high above the planet earth or deep down beneath the ocean waves.  You can have a romantic interlude or choose high adventure.  You can play Santa Claus or imagine yourself at Santa’s workshop helping the elves get everything ready for the portly maestro of Christmas Eve to bring gifts to everyone who was nice the past year.

The themes in the slots we carry from RTG are so varied that gamers enjoy going from slot to slot easily.

A Word about Cyberspace and Seats

We sometimes talk tongue in cheek.  When we talk about your “seat” in cyberspace we are being just a little bit silly.  To paraphrase Tom Hanks from the movie about women’s baseball: “There’s no seats in cyberspace!”

Of course not!

And now with the advent of super clear mobile gaming, your seat in cyberspace is as likely to be your soft sofa or your bed!  Slots have truly come a long way since the day that a slot machine was a real machine and very heavy at that.

Even now at land based casinos they have to take one slot terminal out to make room for any new ones.  At Jackpot Capital all we have to do is tell the slots to “scootch” and voila, there’s room for yet another great new slots game!

Play Online at Jackpot Capital

In this time of spending even more time indoors than we normally do—a time that we hope will end very soon—we invite everyone to come to Jackpot Capital for great gaming. 

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