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Most gamers think that only slots can have a progressive jackpot.  Here we will talk about progressive jackpot games in full.  Naturally, slots are the most common progressive jackpot game.

In slots, the progressive jackpot is run by the game provider which at Jackpot Capital Casino is SpinLogic. The reason progressive jackpots are run by the game provider is that they have a much broader reach in the world than any single casino can have.

Hundreds of online casinos use SpinLogic as a game provider.  This covers many millions of gamers worldwide.

So, in order to have a jackpot that can grow progressively, the game provider takes a penny or two from every bet and puts it toward the jackpot.  A progressive jackpot in slots will grow very fast since thousands, possibly even millions of gamers, are playing at all times of the day and night.

Jackpot Capital Has Progressive Slots and Progressive Poker

Let’s take a look at three progressive slots and then we will travel “to the Caribbean” for some exciting progressive poker.

Cleopatra’s Gold

Here Cleopatra is the wild symbol.  She may or may not have been wild in real life but she is certainly wild in this great slot.  The pyramid symbol is the scatter.

Cleopatra’s Gold has 20 paylines and three jackpots.  There is a fixed jackpot of $10,000.  But if the symbols line up for you, you can win up to 50,000!  And, of course, there is a progressive jackpot that can reach stratospheric heights.

In addition to the pyramid and Cleopatra, this slot features exquisitely drawn royal symbols plus a scarab, the Eye of Horus, a cat, and an ankh.  Now, you may ask what these symbols mean so we will jump right in with explanations!

What is a Scarab?

We found a helpful explanation of the significance of the scarab in the Encyclopedia Brittanica.  A scarab is a jeweled representation of a dung beetle.  In ancient Egypt, the religion they practiced valued the dung beetle.  The beetle laid its eggs in rolled dung so the Egyptians correlated that with the appearance of the sun in the morning.  They considered the sun to have been “rolled” over the horizon

The scarab was also a symbol of health and marriage.  Keep in mind that the symbol of the beetle was a valuable piece of jewelry and in Cleopatra’s Gold, the scarab is a very odd kind of jewel.  It is drawn with great complexity and is a lot more attractive in that way than a simple gem.

What is the Eye of Horus?

The Eye of Horus is also called the Wadjet which means “Complete One”.  Here again, we are back in ancient Egypt.  The fable has it that Horus lost an eye in a confrontation with Seth.

The shape of the Eye of Horus in Cleopatra’s Gold is the classic shape of the jewel.  The jewel can be made from many different materials.  The key point is that the omniscient eye protects he or she who wears it!

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What is an Ankh?

The Ankh is a symbol of life both before death and after death.  The most common theory of the shape of the Ankh, which looks like a ribbon to modern Western eyes, is that the oval symbol of woman in ancient Egypt and the male cross symbol combined in natural union to form life.

The Ankh is the way the ancient Egyptians imagined this natural union.

How Was the Cat Seen in Ancient Egypt?

Cats were seen as harborers of good health and fortune.  People who owned cats saw them as magical creatures that could protect them if they were properly treated.

In ancient Egypt, a pet cat was treated like a type of royalty with expensive clothes and jewels.  In addition, the diet of a cat was fit for a true royal!

Spirit of the Inca

Here we stay on the theme of ancient civilizations.  Spirit of the Inca has five graded and progressive jackpots!  There are 25 paylines and the slot is considered to be highly volatile which means that most wins are pretty big in relative terms.

One of the best features of Spirit of the Inca is that the slot has 12 fully drawn symbols based on the culture of the Incas.  In other words, SpinLogic eschewed the royal symbols for real Inca symbols.

  1. The Inca Warrior, also known as the Spirit of the Inca, is the wild feature which overrides all other symbols including the scatter.  The wild symbol expands as soon as it appears on the screen.
  2. The Priestess is the scatter.  She can take you to a bonus round where you choose symbols that show you what bonus you are entitled to.
  3. Pyramid.
  4. Porcelain figurine.
  5. Bejeweled helmet.
  6. Parchment with writing on it.
  7. Large bag overflowing with gold coins.
  8. Gold and ruby amulet.
  9. Pottery jug with green pattern.
  10. Flying insect in blue, gold, and red.
  11. Orchid.
  12. Bracelet made of gold with green gems festooning it.


This slot has two megasaurs, a red one and a green one.  When a megasaur helps achieve a win, it roars and its mouth opens to show its ferocious teeth.  The graphics and animation in Megasaur are simply amazing!

The other animal symbols are a horned creature, an ancient deer, a pre-historic crocodile or alligator creature, and a serpent-like creature with a long tongue.  If you like symbols with frightful teeth, Megasaur might be the slot for you!  There is also an exploding volcano!

Let’s Play Caribbean Poker

There are three variations of Caribbean Poker: stud, draw, and holdem.  There are features that apply to each of the variations and they make strategy in Caribbean Poker very hard to determine.

  1. The player plays against the dealer who represents the house.
  2. The player puts down an ante bet and gets cards.  The number of cards might differ from the three variations.
  3. The player has to decide whether to continue or fold.
  4. If the player decides to continue, he or she adds a second bet that is twice the ante bet.
  5. When the hand is finished, the higher hand wins except if…
  6. The dealer doesn’t “qualify”.

How Does the Dealer Qualify?

The dealer has to have a minimum hand to qualify.  The qualifying hand is different in each variation.  Here are the possible outcomes in Caribbean Poker:

  1. The player folds and loses his or her ante bet.
  2. The player continues and the dealer does not qualify.  The player wins the ante bet and the continuation bet is a push.
  3. The player continues and the dealer qualifies.  The higher hand wins.
  4. One important point to remember is that if the dealer does not qualify the player wins the ante bet even if the dealer’s hand was better!
  5. The progressive jackpot is shared by all three variations.  Players access the jackpot via a side bet.  A Royal Flush wins the entire jackpot and excellent but lesser hands win a portion of the jackpot.

Strategy in Caribbean Poker

This is hard to determine.  The qualification requirement makes every hand stronger!  Some players never fold!  Some fold if their hand is weaker than a dealer’s qualifying hand.  We suspect that soon we will have statistical evidence of the best strategy in each variation.

Progressive Jackpots are Only One Kind of Jackpot at Jackpot Capital!

We have a wide range of great games, many promotions, safe and secure banking, and we are available on a 24/7 basis.  No gamer ever has to wait to play at Jackpot Capital and we encourage playing many games at each session to get the most rounded and the most fun gaming experience every time!


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