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Does Gamification Apply to Online Casino Gaming?

Everyone loves games!  We go from playing jackpot slots to table games that several people can play together.  The very existence of thousands of online casinos such as one of the leaders, Jackpot Capital online casino, is testament to one very important recent development: even though humans have loved playing games for many millennia, we now have so much free time that we like to fill that free time with many different types of games!

There are publications that specialize in talking about games.  There are awards for the game of the year!  Many games have segued into tournaments.  You can become the world champion in Scrabble which is a game of skill that features a lot of luck to becoming the world champion in Monopoly which is primarily a game of luck with a large dollop of skill!

In this article we will introduce the term gamification and see how it has affected gaming at Jackpot Capital casino along with gaming in general.

Is Gamification Just a Highfalutin Term or is it Something Important?

For thousands of years humans have played games and spoken about games.  Only in the latter part of the 20th century did researchers think about applying aspects of games to try to solve problems in areas far removed from games.

In the seminal work, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, Robert Pirsig speaks about turning the mundane and boring elements of our jobs into games.  If we do so, we will pay closer attention to every detail.  It will make us better workers and will alleviate a lot of the boredom that is a natural part of our working world.

In a similar vein, we speak about chores.  These are activities we do at home that we have to do but that we don’t especially enjoy doing.  Everyone has his or her long list of household chores.  However, any activity we do at home that we enjoy doing, no matter how strenuous or time-consuming it may be, is no longer a chore.

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We even have a term for an activity we do mostly at home that we don’t have to do but that we enjoy so much that we might devote many hours to it.  These we call hobbies!

Gamification Tells Us to Get Lost but in a Good Way!

A game is an activity we do for the sheer fun of doing it.  We like doing the activity so much that we “get lost” in it.  There are several terms that are very similar to getting lost in other contexts.  Athletes talk about being “in a zone”.  Typists cannot explain how their fingers know exactly what to do at all times.  Pianists also are so involved in the piece they are playing that they lose the awareness of their fingers working as fast as they are.

Drivers often say that they don’t remember the route they took to get to work or home at the end of the day.

Gamification in Online Casino Gaming

People have so many choices in the games they play, in the hobbies they adopt, and in the many activities that give them pleasure!  Online casino managers have known this for some time.  Such men and women have long tried to make online gaming more interesting to gamers.

Gamification gives them and thousands of managers in many other areas, a name for an activity they have long seen as necessary.  For example, online casinos have long known that video slots have the potential for being much more entertaining than the old fashioned three reel slots were.

So, online casinos asked their games providers to come up with a new slot every month.  Real Time Gaming, the exclusive games provider for Jackpot Capital, comes out with a new slot every month.

Each slot is carefully thought out from the story line to the characters to the artistic design, graphics, animation, and sound.  Every element of newer slots is designed to help the gamer get lost on the game.  By doing so, the casinos turn what had been thought of as gambling and have turned it into gaming!

The players can immerse themselves so deeply into the games that they can stop thinking about the wagers they place on every spin or hand.  And as long as the players play with money that they can afford to play with and can see that money as part of their overall entertainment budget then the games no longer are gambling avenues but gaming avenues.

Elements of New Generation Online Casino Games

It is no longer enough to have reels that spin!  Every modern video slot has wild and scatter symbols that increase the fun gamers have and increase their chances of winning.  It is also no longer enough to have wild and scatter symbols.  Online gamers can play as many slots as the casino carries without giving up their seat so online casinos have to have a wide range of motifs in their slots as well.

A gamer can travel forward or back in time; to the depths of the deepest blue sea to far away galaxies; to high adventure and tongue in cheek mirth; to romance and danger and everything in between.

The wild symbols also are a major element in the gamification of slots.  They can grow vertically, horizontally, and can stick to a spot on the reel.  The reels can cascade down to be replaced by other symbols that might form another winning combination.

The other games on offer at Jackpot Capital are similar.  For example, we offer several variations of roulette, blackjack, and video poker.  We offer multi-hand video poker as well.  Finally, Jackpot Capital offers child-like diversions such as Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  These games were developed to emphasize the gaming side of online casinos and they have been wildly successful in doing so.

Free Play is….Free

We also offer unlimited free play in all of our games.  Even as gaming has overtaken gambling as the main purpose of online casinos, free play has found a place in online casinos as well.  Free play tells gamers that the casino is foremost interested in gaming; that they can play as long as they wish at no cost; that they need not wager a single cent as they sample games they have not played before; and that fun is paramount at Jackpot Capital Casino.

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