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How to Use Money Saved by Not Going to a Land Based Casino

There are obvious and subtle benefits of joining and playing at Jackpot Capital online casino.  One of the obvious benefits is the Jackpot Capital welcome bonus.  Actually, our welcome bonus is a series of bonuses and free spins worth $1000 in casino credits plus 100 free spins on Achilles.

We certainly hope that you win a bundle of cash with those free spins!

Some More Subtle Benefits

One of the most subtle benefits of gaming at Jackpot Capital casino is that playing our games, especially the hundreds of slots can spark interest in the subject of the slot itself!  Slots are not just fun games although some are indeed just fun games.  However, a slot based in an ancient culture is a lot more than a fun game.  It might send you to do some research into the culture you just entered!

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How Many Cultures Does Jackpot Capital Cover in Our Slots?

On the home page, to the left of the screen, is a menu.  Click on games and then you can click again on slots.  Now you get a screen that seems to go on and on with all of the slots we have on offer!

So, let’s see how many different cultures you can enter just by playing a few slots here at Jackpot Capital while comfortably lounging on you soft soft sofa.

Spanish and Mexican Culture

  1. Diamond Fiesta
  2. Mariachi Five
  3. Popinata
  4. Aztec’s Treasure

Far Eastern Cultures

This is a very large list!  Here are a few of the prominent slots in this category!

  1. Fire Dragon
  2. Wu Zetian
  3. Tian Di Yuan Su
  4. San Guo Zheng Ba

The list of slots with a Christmas theme is so long we will let you discover them on your own!  In addition, we carry many slots with Roman or ancient Greek themes.

Some Fascinating Themes are about Animals

One of the less famous but not less popular theme categories is dinosaurs.  T-Rex and T-Rex II are the most prominent dinosaur themed slots.  It was these slots that prompted the idea for this article!

The Ever-Fascinating Dinosaurs

As large as elephants are, they were small when compared to the biggest dinosaurs!  Some dinosaurs were vicious carnivores.  They were always on the lookout for food because they needed so much meat to sustain their massive size.

Anyone who saw the movie Jurassic Park can attest to the ferocity of the carnivorous dinosaurs.  On the other hand, some behemoth dinosaurs wouldn’t hurt a fly.  They ate leaves and other plant food and probably didn’t bother any of the smaller animals including possible human beings, which must have looked like ants to them, unless they stepped on one by accident!

Museums of Natural History

Almost every large city has a museum of natural history.  They likely have an exhibit about the dinosaurs that once roamed the plains.  A visit to such a museum would be an amazing complement to a long session playing dinosaur themed slots!

Visit Where Dinosaur Bones were Discovered

We hope that the country stays open this summer so that many of you can take a road trip.  What is summer without a road trip?  Keeping with the idea behind this article, we will take a road trip to the United States Plains and to the Southwest and we will combine the idea of exploring dinosaurs with the idea of exploring ancient cultures, in this case Native American culture.

Nebraska is the Center of Dinosaur Research

Nebraska today is a totally land locked state in the center of the United States but thousands of years ago it was an inland sea where the large animals of ancient and pre-history roamed.  The best place to experience the areas where dinosaur and other fossils were discovered in the 90 out of 93 counties where such bones and fossils were found is the Ashfall Fossil Beds in northeastern Nebraska near the town of Royal.

Ashfall has several excellent exhibits and you can find yourself there for many hours.  Keep in mind that motels are a bit hard to find in that part of the state so plan for your overnight accommodations in advance.

Native Americans

In conjunction with exploring the dinosaurs, we chose to include Native Americans since there are so many areas of interest in the center and western parts of the United States about Native American history and culture.

There were hundreds of tribes among the Native Americans.  There are still many places in the United States where an interested tourist can see the way Native Americans lived in the last 500 years to the last 2000 or so years.

If you started your road trip close to Chicago, you should certainly start by going to Effigy Mounds National Monument in northeastern Iowa.  Effigy Mounds is a series of short hills.  We are not sure what the Indians used them for.  It is believed that some were burial grounds while others may have just been used to direct Native American traveler long before there were printed maps or smartphones.

Effigy Mounds is also great with kids but it is best appreciated by adults who want to know more about the many cultures of the ancient American Indians.

After Ashfall

After you visit Ashfall Fossil Beds in northeastern Nebraska we suggest heading toward Colorado and then south into New Mexico.  Colorado boasts two wonderful areas of preserved Native American culture: Canyons of the Ancients National Monument and Mesa Verde National Park.  Both of these are in the southwestern corner of Colorado which is perfect for jumping into New Mexico after a good night’s sleep.

On your way west, you can plan and do hundreds of things other than cozying up to dinosaurs or exploring ancient Native American culture.  The one that we would like to recommend is to climb the Mount Evans road to the top.  If you are lucky, there will be a thunderstorm in Denver and you will be able to watch the storm from above!

Even if there is no storm in Denver, the top of Mount Evans even in August is very cold!  But the drive and the view are worth it hundreds of times over!

American Indians in New Mexico

Of all the states in the far west of the United States, perhaps New Mexico has the best preserved monuments and other sites that catalogue the culture the Native American built in the thousands of years they controlled North America through their many tribes before Europeans came to upend it all.

Just as the dinosaurs had their ferocious carnivores and their giant but cuddly vegetarians, the Native Americans had peaceful tribes and warrior tribes.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

The first location in New Mexico is presently under some threat by oil and gas exploration.  We hope that the park will remain as a testament to the culture that thrived in this canyon for hundreds of years and as long as you can visit it we highly recommend that you do so.

Chaco Canyon was the center of the pueblo society which meant village dwellers in a pre-industrial era.  The Puebloans were great builders.  Whether they were war-like in their ancestral past or not we cannot say but by the time they had settled into their pueblos they had become domesticated.  They produced many structures that reward the visitor immensely.

Aztec Ruins National Monument

This site is in the same area as Chaco Canyon.  It is an archaeologist dream come true with many buildings from the Puebloan culture of the American southwest.  Even if you aren’t an archaeologist, you will say that the road trip was worth it just for the visit to this magnificent site.

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

Heading south, we find this series of inter-connected cliff dwellings.  In a sense, the Indians who lived here were cave dwellers but these were in many cases “caves” that they forged out of the mountains themselves!

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument

This site is in the far southeastern section of the giant state of New Mexico.  It also represents the Puebloan culture.

Now you find yourself in the far south of the far west!  This year, our thoughts turn to baseball, the game of summer that has almost lost its 2020 season to the virus!  There are many minor league teams and stadiums that you can visit on your long return trip!

These stadiums represent a different part of the American landscape and culture.  They are located in moderate to small towns and the games have a family atmosphere to them.

Benefits of Gaming at Jackpot Capital Casino

One of the many benefits we talk about is that you can save a lot of money not going to a land based casino.  In this article, we have spoken about a great way to use some of those savings to get a better understanding of the themes of some of the slots you and everyone else play so often and with such gusto!

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