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Online Gaming is Now More Important than Ever Because of the Lockdown

Gaming at Jackpot Capital jackpot casino is one great way to stay calm during the coronavirus lockdown.  However, even gaming at Jackpot Capital casino can get out of hand.  So, we present a few good practices and insights to help you weather the “storm” and come out at the other end of this long tunnel in great mental shape ready for the great challenges that lie ahead!

Turn Gaming into a Hobby

Many people stop working on their hobby when they get into their twenties.  We feel that online gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino can actually turn into a hobby.  By seeing gaming as a hobby, you will naturally do a few things that hobbyists do as a matter of course.

Most adults have so many outside responsibilities and activities that they can’t give a lot of time to their hobbies.  This actually is a major aspect of the mental health side of hobbies.  By using a hobby as a refuge from the stresses of everyday life, we naturally spend just enough time with our hobby to replenish our energy level.

By turning gaming into a hobby we will naturally spend just enough time gaming to make it a fun activity, a pastime rather than a full-time activity.  That will leave us to deal with the profound challenges the lockdown has presented.

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Children 24/7

We never realized before that sending the kinds off to school was as good for us as it is for them!  Now that schools are closed, we have to find things to do with the kids that don’t include large outdoor gatherings.  This is very challenging to all adults.

Children don’t plot against their parents!  Children never intend to make their parents crazy trying to keep them occupied and entertained.  The lockdown has put a lot of extra pressure on parents to do exactly that: keeping the kids entertained and occupied.

Online gaming for a few minutes late in the evening can have a salutary effect on adults.  By playing just for fun, without any dreams of winning a big life-altering jackpot, we can use gaming as a respite from the worries and responsibilities that the virus has produced.

Taking Care of Our Elderly Parents

Many people in their 30’s and above are concerned for their parents who are in the most at-risk demographic.  So, we shop for our parents and run other errands for them. 

Gaming is not a solution to all of these honorable activities and concerns.  It is simply a way of taking our minds off of the real-world concerns and allows us to fantasize in a healthy way about ancient Greece, Rome, Vikings, Incas, and so on.

How to Deal with the Inevitable Exhaustion

It is extremely tiring to have to deal on a 24/7 basis with kids and elderly parents or grandparents and to work from home at the same time.  Dealing with exhaustion is one way that online gaming can help. 

We often tell our gamers not to play the games of skill when they are treed.  This advice is doubly important now that so many adults are so tired most of the time.  But it is possible to play the agnames of chance when tired.  It is important to understand two important aspects of playing while you’re really tired.

One, always bet the minimum instead of going for broke and betting a lot of money on every hand or spin.  By choosing to bet the minimum, you will be avoiding the progressive jackpot games.  Under the present circumstance, it might be better simply to play for pennies per spin, play a wide range of slots, and leave the progressive jackpot slots for a later date!

The second point to keep in mind is that as an online casino we can offer unlimited free play.  So, you can play for the complete fun of it at no cost if you choose to do so.

In addition, playing when you’re tired will naturally make you play for less time since you really need to sleep!  The play then becomes a kind of before sleep entertainment similar to reading in bed for five minutes or doing a Sudoku before wandering off to sleep.

The Importance of Hobbies and the Importance of Games

As people have much more free time these days than ever before in human history, we have all looked for ways to fill the time.  Even as the lockdown has seemingly given us more free time, in many ways it has given us less free time as we have discussed here.

We fill up our free time to a large extent with games.  As a result, a lot of research is being den on the importance of games as a way to stay mentally calm and stable.  A hobby is a type of game.

One way that we can look at a hobby as a type of game is to realize that many hobbies will seem silly and foolish to an outsider who doesn’t care about the hobby.  Building model airplanes may be great for those who love the activity but may be boring or ridiculous to someone who is not into it.

This holds true for most if not all hobbies.  Who cares about collections aside from the collectors?  Who cares about doing jigsaw puzzles aside from people who really like doing them? 

Still, there has already been enough research done on the importance of games and hobbies that we can safely say that a healthy combination of gaming and hobbies can get us all through the lockdown.

M. Scott Peck wrote in his great book “The Road Less Travelled” that children play all the time.  He saw that observation as a major insight into the relationships between adults and children as well as between adults and other adults and between people and themselves.

We have finally come to the point where we realize that by turning online casino gaming into a hobby we can relieve much of the tension we feel during the lockdown.  We can find game-like pleasures even in the quarrels we have with our children.  As a good way to look at dealing with children, we recommend the comedy of Michael McIntyre which is readily available on YouTube.

A Gaming Solution

Online casino gaming may be one of many different gaming choices we have during the lockdown.  Online casino gaming certainly has a place in the pantheon of activities we can do in our spare time.  Online gaming may be even better than most hobbies and other activities during the lockdown since we can play online games at Jackpot Capital without the need to go out to buy materials, we can play for as long as we like and then end the session, and we can play the games of chance simply for the fun of it!

Let’s enjoy gaming and let’s overcome the coronavirus pandemic in good health both physically and mentally!

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