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Bitcoin - You’ve heard the name being uttered in all corners of the web and in your everyday by now. The now famous cryptocurrency has made it’s way into the mainstream as a reliable form of payment. It’s quickly being adopted as a method of payment by retailers everywhere as it’s notoriety continues to grow. What exactly is Bitcoin and how is it used at Jackpot Capital? These are questions we’ll tackle in this blog, to ensure you, the player, has all the information readily available so you can take advantage of this secure and modern payment option. Join us to read up on how gaming with Bitcoin could just be the solution you’re looking for!

Bitcoin Mania Has Arrived

Bitcoin is the most famous of the cryptocurrencies. What are cryptocurrencies you ask, well that’s an easy enough question to answer. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets, currency, designed for exchange using cryptography as a means to secure any and all transactions. Long story short, it’s an extremely secure method of payment. The currency was developed in 2009 as an alternative to centralized currency. Bitcoin is peer to peer, meaning transactions are directed to a person or company providing a service or product from the user, without going through a centralized banking system. You control who and for what they are paid, while doing this in a ridiculously secure manner; it really is a revelation.

How is Bitcoin going to make things easier for all? Very simply put, it is the future of payment systems. Let’s take a look at why.

The major reason to use Bitcoin is privacy, it’s next to unbeatable. You can use Bitcoin as a payment method and all your personal plus financial details remain your own. No third party involvement is a big positive when you’re trying to keep your personal info just that, personal. No more worries about your account being hacked to reveal credit card or banking info. Simply store your Bitcoin in your electronic wallet or offline to use whenever you need. No muss, no fuss. The simplicity is genius, the execution is a sight to behold. This issue with privacy has plagued every standard payment system. How many times has there been a news story about a credit card company being hacked for their client’s info? How about major retailers or online merchants being hacked for their info? It really is a digital age, which is why there’s a need for a digital currency; Bitcoin is it.

The speed at which transactions are executed make this alternative currency a real favorite. Although sometimes there are unforeseen delays, the majority of the transactions are handled instantly. Now, payments with other methods may give you the same ease with an immediate payment solution, but withdrawing said amounts will take anywhere from 2-3 days. With Bitcoin, withdrawals are immediate when transferring funds from one address to another. This makes it easier for you to control the transaction and have an immediate solution for what you want to do. This is yet another reason Jackpot Capital was so eager to use Bitcoin as a payment option!

Another clear advantage of using Bitcoin is the way it is taxed, or better said, how it isn’t. No major country recognizes Bitcoin as a real-world currency, therefore it isn’t taxed (at this time). Since there are no banks or exchanges to deal with, there are also minimal fees to deal with. The methodology behind the use of this cryptocurrency really should be admired.

Having been a child born off the internet, Bitcoin is the perfect currency for it. Cash is no longer king, it hasn’t been the case for quite some time. There are credit cards, but as we all know, they can sometimes be made vulnerable through hacks or simply being stolen. The code to unlock the account can also be stolen or guessed at by nefarious individuals, so where does that leave you? Well, the banks, as we have learned over the past few years, can also be compromised. That leaves us with Bitcoin. Completely secure, anonymous and ever ready for all transactions. Bitcoin is the currency for this digital age, it’s really that simple.

Now that you’ve read the pros as to why you should consider Bitcoin as a payment method going forward, you’re probably wondering how to use it at Jackpot Capital. Well, we have you covered. Keep reading to see how you can start gaming with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin at Jackpot Capital

Use Bitcoin at Jackpot Capital

Ready to start gaming with Bitcoin? Well, it’s an easy enough process here at Jackpot Capital. As always, we enjoy making your experience as hassle-free as possible and this instance is no different. There are a few basics to get through before you can use Bitcoin at JC, but it’ll take you no time to get started.

First, if you don’t already have one, or access to Bitcoin, you’ll have to create a Blockchain account (or other crypto ewallet) where all your future Bitcoin purchases will be transferred. If you don’t already have some Bitcoin, this is how it all begins, how you take the steps to use this secure digital currency. After you secure some Bitcoin, you transfer it to an e-wallet, where you can begin the process of making secure, digital payments. Simply deposit into your JC account, there is a $10 minimum payment needed to use Bitcoin, and you’re off and running! It’s THAT easy.

There are times when you look back through life that you see changes you take for granted at the moment, but later seem like “oh, wow” moments. For some it was the change from VHS to DVD, or from tapes to CDs. For others, it was the introduction of cell phones or going from 56k modem to high-speed internet. At the time, they don’t seem like pinnacle moments, but those changes made your life a whole lot easier. The introduction of Bitcoin as a payment method is one of those moments you’ll look back on and say “wow, I was there for that”. That’s why here, at Jackpot Capital, we continue to strive to make your gaming experience the very best it can be. Stop on by, deposit using Bitcoin, and get to spinning for big wins today! If you have any questions while you’re depositing with us, simply contact our Customer service and they’ll help you out!


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