If you were bound to get lucky at any time of the year, your highest chances for such a moment would likely fall in the month of March, when not only the grass and the blooming trees become green, but hopefully, your pockets get filled with it, too! Well, it just so happens, you’re in luck, as here at Jackpot Capital, we not only have the luckiest of games available, but you also have your choice at 3x double casino bonus options, which can only bring one result: you’re sure to get lucky! While we can also certainly appreciate the rare chance to embrace the luck of the Irish, test your own good fortune with us, and whether you may have Irish roots or not, you’ll be doing the Irish jig in not time (green beer, or no green beer!).

Lucky Patty

The holiday known as St. Patty’s Day holds a long history in America, and with a long history comes many traditions, many of which revolve around - you guessed it - the concept of ‘Luck’, carrying on, with a few drinks in hand, singing, parades, dancing, and of course, if you want to reap the benefits of the fortune this holiday brings, great gameplay! Whether you love to game, or not, St. Patty’s Day is certainly the day to test your ability to strike it big, and with Jackpot Capital taking care of you, providing you the best game options and a sizable bonus to go with it, really, how can you lose?!

Surely, the suspense is building, and we imagine you must be thinking, “so, what’s in it for me?”. Good question! We just so happen to have our own lucky charms awaiting you, and whether you’re a regular player, or a VIP with us, we’ve got something special for you, and it will surely make your wildest dreams come true; and why is that? Because cash bonuses can bring rewards you never imagined…

Ready for your Lucky Charms?!

Now it’s time to get to the business of green, as St. Patty’s Day is here and it doesn’t last for long, which means if you’re gonna get lucky, you gotta move fast! That lucky Leprechaun from Jackpot Capital has one big pot of gold to share, and with the fortune-filled slots to go with it, you’ll see, this will be your most thrilling and fun Irish holiday yet!

So, what lucky charms does the Leprechaun have in his big, green bag? It’s quite full, with 3x double bonus options, stuffed to the brim with lots of good fortune and luck to go around! How do you grab one of these cash and free spin-filled bonuses? Just make a deposit, as you would anyway, and let the cash roll in, but you only have between March 17th - March 20th! Take your pick from the following bonuses, and if you’re a VIP, take advantage of not only our regular offer, but the VIP bonus offer, too!

Our Regular Lucky Charms...



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50% (up to $200) bonus + 10 free spins on Lucky 6!



75% (up to $200) bonus + 20 free spins on Lucky 6!



100% (up to $200) bonus + 50 free spins on Lucky 6!


Our VIP Lucky Charms…



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100% (up to $400) VIP bonus + 75 free spins, redeemable 6x!


Lucky 6, our Game of the Month for the gloriously green month of March, may be your key to gettin’ lucky this St. Patty’s Day, with all of those delectable free spins, but don’t limit yourself! We have lots more lucky games where that came from, just see for yourself! It just so happens, we have 6 of our luckiest games that will serve your purpose (‘6’ really is the magic number!).

1. Double Ya Luck

One of our luckiest of slots, Double Ya Luck, is surely one to serve its purpose this St. Patty’s Day! Most notably, this slot have 3 special symbols, which look like Casino chips, with one saying “Double”, one stating “Your”, and the last - can you guess? - “Luck”! Manage to get lucky enough to land these 3 symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3, and you’re in the game, as you’ll activate the Gamble Feature! What comes next?! You can put your best gaming skills to the test by reaping the benefits of up to 40 free games, awarding a 4x multiplier!

Those amount can surely add up! Not only that, but find 3 Red Dice symbols from left to right, and you’ll unlock the Boardgame Feature, where each die shall reveal a lucky number (the number 6, perhaps!), revealing a prize you can surely put to good use in the game! Lastly, land the progressive jackpot with 3 Lucky Seven symbols, giving you the ultimate win!

2. Lucky Tiger

As they often say, it’s all in the name, and our Lucky Tiger slot proves it! Embracing the culture of the Far East, this hit slot brings the luck of Asia to you, right at home, and we are never one to argue with such a long-standing tradition! With Golden Tigers (Wild symbol), Golden Gongs (Scatter symbol), and lots of lucky features, it’s hard to deny the possibilities this whimsical slot provides! With 3+ Golden Gong symbols, activate the Pick feature, where you can select between 3 Gongs for 1 of 3 special features: Lucky Tiger, Gong or the Fortune feature! Amongst these features is a plethora of free spins, multipliers, and more, with a progressive jackpot also just waiting to be won!

3. God of Wealth (our January New game!)

Well, the name says it all! Our new game from the month of January, God of Wealth, brings you all the luck in the world, with yet another Asian influence, which really goes to show where the luck comes from (is it really the Irish?!); perhaps both! Collect 3 or more Golden Ingots (Scatter symbol) and trigger a special feature which can award up to 10 free games per Golden Ingot! Spot the God of Wealth, himself, while in the Free game feature and scoop up even more free games! With a progressive jackpot to go with it, this game is certainly a winner!

Saint Patrick

4. Treasure Tree

Another one of our recent new games, Treasure Tree, has exactly what you would expect - Treasure, in the form of plentiful bonuses! Not only is this game bright and extremely green, but there’s a whole lot of cash to be found within the bonus rounds, and not to mention, this game will certainly give you the feeling that Spring has sprung! Unlike a typical slot, this is a Match & win game, where you shall choose between 20 Money bags, all dangling in the Treasure Tree. Just jump on over and pop open those money bags for a plethora of multipliers (up to 500x) or up to 25 free games, giving you a whole lot to feel lucky about!

5. Lucky 8

As the name suggests, there may also be luck to be found in the lucky number 8! With the theme being based on the days of Imperial China (more luck from the Far East!), Lucky 8’s are known to be the lucky number in China (just in case the Irish luck number 6 wasn’t working for you!). With the Scatter symbol representing the Lucky 8, score 5 of these symbols and receive an impressive 88x your bet! When it comes to the Wild symbol, The Emperor, it shall multiply any winning combination by 8x, giving you a wild ride, and quite possibly, a new lucky number!

6. Lucky 6

Last, but certainly not least, how about our Game of the Month*, Lucky 6?! It’s certainly our featured game for a reason, that being that it is just filled with the luck of the Irish, what we’re all after! The game has a very obvious theme of embracing the one and only, St. Patty’s Day, so you can only imagine what lucky wins could potentially come your way, one spin at a time! With all of the good luck charms you’d expect, like the Rainbow (Wild symbol), you can substitute all symbols (except Scatter) when they are grouped on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, giving some definite Irish luck wins! Most importantly, Lucky 6 has 6 Scatter symbols, each spelling out the word ‘L-U-C-K-Y-6’ when combined (imagine that!), and when you spin at least 4 Scatters, you can look forward to a whole lot of free spins, multipliers, and maybe even that Pot of Gold Wild! The possibilities to get lucky are almost endless…

What’s next on your lucky journey this St. Patty’s Day, other than to get on over to Jackpot Capital, scoop up one of our 3x double bonuses (and your special VIP bonus!), and use some of that bonus cash to play all of our lucky games we have to offer! After all, you never know, you may just get lucky and strike it big this St. Patty’s Day!

If you’ve yet to do so, make sure you bookmark our Jackpot Capital blog for even more luck in your gameplay!

*Our Game of the Month allows you to double your CompPoints, however when you use our special St. Patty’s bonus, the two bonuses can not be combined

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