What is the Process of Getting Started at Jackpot Capital?

How to Get Started at Jackpot Capital

There are thousands of jackpot casinos on the internet.  When the first digital casinos came out there were very few, then a few dozen.  The number of jackpot casinos keeps getting higher because many gamers have discovered the many benefits of online casino gaming!

Jackpot Capital Online Casino enjoys the competition from other online casinos since we know that we have an excellent “product” which is safe, secure, and fun online casino gaming offering a huge number of games!

The pandemic sent a lot of land-based casino players our way and many have stayed on even as their favorite land-based casinos have reopened.  We feel that it is safe to say that while the land-based casino market will continue as the pandemic continues to wane, it will never recover to the point it was at before the pandemic.

We know that many of the people who read our articles are first-time gamers looking to join an online casino.  As such, we offer this article as a “tutorial” for new gamers.

Fill out the Registration Form

This is an easy step but it does stop some gamers from joining our casino or any other online casino.  They don’t have to fill out a similar form to play at a land-based casino and are leery of giving an online casino some personal information.

We keep all personal information protected from all prying eyes with the use of state-of-the-art encryption software.  The reason we take personal information at all is because we act as a sort of bank and when we transfer funds we have to ask for the same or similar information.

A person trying to game the system and steal money would likely not be able to answer all the questions and provide all of the information and in that way, we would protect you from identity theft.

Now you are ready for the Welcome Package

Our Welcome Bonus is for $1000 and 100 free spins on Achilles.  If you have never played Achilles, let us say that the game became an instant classic when it was introduced!

We can give you the entire bonus all at once as it is for 100% up to $1000.  You can also take the bonus in increments.  The minimum deposit is $25 which means that a deposit of that size would bring you $25 more to play with.

A lot of new gamers take the Welcome Bonus in increments as they first want to try us out before making a large deposit.

Sign Up Now!

We Offer Many Excellent Promotions

The Welcome Bonus is just the first promotion you will accept!  We offer a bonus almost every day of the week.  When you play at Jackpot Capital, you can play a lot with the casino’s money!

Play All of Our Games

We know that you won’t be able to play every game in the first week or even the first month.  We say that gamers should at least sample every game over time.  This is impossible at any land-based casino as players come and go over one to three days.

At Jackpot Capital (and all online casinos) you can go from game to game just by clicking your mouse or swiping the mobile screen.  New gamers from land-based casinos often take time to realize how different gaming at an online casino is from playing at a land-based casino!

Playing All of our Games Means…

  1. It means that you will play every slot we have on offer.  No one plays more than a couple of slots over several hours at a land-based casino but you can play 200 slots over time at Jackpot Capital.
  2. It means that gamers will play games of chance and games of skill.  The games of skill are mostly blackjack, video poker, and Caribbean Poker.
  3. We offer many variations of blackjack which land-based casinos cannot offer as each variation requires a table which may lay dormant most of the time.
  4. At Jackpot Capital if 99% of the blackjack players choose Jacks or Better, the most common variation in blackjack, it doesn’t have any real effect on the other variations.  They continue to “exist” in cyberspace until someone chooses to play them!
  5. We also offer many variations of video poker.
  6. We offer all three Caribbean Poker games which many gamers consider to be the most fun game in the casino!
  7. Gamers can play all of the popular table games plus our two fantastic casual games Banana Jones and Fish Catch.  Fish Catch is a fishing game that you can play with other gamers from all over the world!
  8. Banana Jones is a casino riff on the old favorite Chutes and Ladders.  This game is a rollicking spoof of the Indiana Jones movies.

Learn the Rules of Every Game

We offer tutorials on every game so that you don’t have to make bets on games you aren’t familiar with.  We also offer unlimited free play for the same reason.

Set Limits on Yourself

Here the type of gaming you will do online at Jackpot Capital will contrast dramatically with the type of gaming people do on land.  At a land-based casino, everything is geared for players to play for hours at a time.

At Jackpot Capital., gaming is geared to short sessions a few times a week.

No one can play in short sessions at a land-based casino!  The purpose of going to one is to play, play, play!  But Jackpot Capital is available every day on a 24/7 basis.  So there is no need to play, play, play!

We also encourage gamers to set monetary limits.  This makes the gaming more fun and entertaining.  We tell gamers to stop playing if they are having a run of bad luck.  All of our games are run by the Random Number Generator which cannot be influenced.

There will be lucky days and there will be unlucky days.  On a lucky day, you might play a little longer but don’t chase get rich quick bets while on an unlucky day, you can stop playing early and come back the next time with a fresh slate and hopefully better luck!

In Online Casino Gaming, Limits are Good

Some say that limits are always good!  We know online gaming and we know that most people play at home on mobile devices.  We also know that, since gamers play at home, they can play for a time and then go on to other fun activities that same evening.

Hobbies come to mind as does visiting friends or family, going out to eat, going to meet pals at a pub, or working on a work project.

These are all good and they fit in perfectly with a short Jackpot Capital gaming session!

Join Us

We offer a lot of good, fun, and entertaining action!  As a new player, we hope that we have helped give you a good idea of what to expect at Jackpot Capital.

Now is the time to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL!

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