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Jackpot Capital's Glamma is still in Hollywood and surroundings enjoying early spring weather in Southern California, seeing the sights, and generally having a good time.  The Oscars have come and gone but many memories linger.  There are many past memories from the Oscars that have stood the test of time and are remembered by many including Glamma.

Some of the memories are from events that live in infamy.

Here, with Glamma’s running commentary, we will cover five of the most infamous moments in Oscar history.  Some have close or indirect connection to this years’ Oscar show.  And as the show must go on, here is Glamma’s Oscar low lights show.

Which Picture is Best?

It seems that every year there are a few awkward moments to say the least.  Who can forget when, in 2017, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the wrong envelope with the winner for best picture in it?  They announced La La Land as the best picture winner only to have Moonlight given the award even as the people from La La Land were making their acceptance speeches!

That year Glamma was watching from home and she very much wanted La La Land to win for best picture so she was doing a grand dance combining the Bunny Hop, the Twist, the Charleston, the Cossack dance, and many others in one all-time great celebratory dance and then..... Moonlight took the award and Glamma slumped in silent shock on the sofa.

Glamma quickly recovered because…well. She’s Glamma!

Which Host is Best? (or worst)

People have either totally blocked out or still vividly remember when Ricky Gervais offended most of the people at the awards ceremony in his opening monologue.  This year, Robert Downey Jr. did not look very pleased when Jimmy Kimmel referenced to Downey's...mmm private parts in his opening monologue.  Kimmel said that it might be a rolled-up acceptance speech or…

Where’s the Beef?

That was an award-winning question asked in a commercial for a hamburger chain about the hamburgers of a rival chain.  In 2010, Lady Gaga left no doubt where the beef was when she wore a dress made up entirely of raw beef!  The designer of the beef dress was Argentinian so we can assume that the beef was all high-grade Argentinian beef.

Or, not!

At the time, Glamma said “I have a beef with Lady Gaga’s dress!”

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From the Streaker to the Guy with an Envelope in Front

In 1974 streaking was all the rage.  Glamma was only about 20 years old then and while she identified as a streaker she had never steaked before.  As she was watching the Oscars, a man who identified as Robert Appel, a gallery owner, streaked across the stage.  (Robert Downey Jr.’s privates were not involved!)  Glamma shrugged her shoulders and made an unintelligible sound.

Fast forward to 2024 and John Cena who identifies both as a professional wrestler and as an actor, walked sideways across the stage with no clothes upon his hunky form and with the winner’s envelope covering, well…jewels.  Robert Downey Jr. was ecstatic that someone else’s privates had taken center stage, quite literally!

Glamma was at once thoroughly bemused by John Cenas’ ridiculous stunt thinking it to be dumber than Dumb and Dumber and delighted to see the wrestler’s visible assets!

She was quoted as saying, “Blah wow!”

The Selfie Heard Round the World

A few years ago, Ellen DeGeneres planned to take a selfie with Meryl Streep as a publicity stunt.  Bradley Cooper took Ellen’s phone and took a selfie of his own that has travelled from Earth to the moon countless times.

One might say that the selfie is streaking across space and time which brings us to Oppenheimer, the winner of this year’s best picture award!

Hollywood Feud

Robert Downey Jr. and John Cena are not planning to channel their Oscar night experiences into a soap opera about the Most Talked about Privates but in 2009 Taylor Swift won an Oscar for best music video by a female artist.  She beat out several top names such as Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce.

While Taylor Swift was giving her acceptance speech, Kanye West jumped to the stage, took the microphone from Taylor’s hands, and started to talk about Beyonce’s great video.

Glamma says that it was one of the most offensive moments she has ever seen at the Oscars.  Here is how she remembers the event: “Kanye West is a goofball.  Back then we didn’t know just how goofy his ball is.  Taylor was 19 years old and deserved the award and the recognition.”

Glamma Has the Last Word on Jimmy Kimmel

As we said earlier, this year Jimmy Kimmel has been recognized by many as possibly the worst host of an Oscar night show in the history of televised Oscars.  As Glamma puts it, “Just as Taylor Swift deserved the recognition when she won in 2009, Jimmy Kimmel deserves his own brand of recognition for his performance this year.”

Glamma Never Lets Mishaps Get Her Down

In the end, Glamma can laugh about all of the mishaps past and present that have happened at the Oscars.

Glamma will continue her year of travels in London next month.  Jackpot Capital invites everyone to follow Glamma's Adventures and to take part in the great promotions the casino is running in Glamma's honor.

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