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Like every good online casino, Jackpot Capital offers a great deal of casino game variety. While land-based casinos may also offer some game variety, they tend to offer less variety in blackjack and video poker than Jackpot Capital offers.

Land Casinos Need More Space

Blackjack tables take up a lot of space.  The return to player rate in blackjack for gamers who use the best strategy on every hand is about 99.5%.  Land-based casinos need to generate high revenue from every square foot of casino floor space.  So, they offer perhaps two blackjack tables or perhaps only one.

Terminals Use Little Space But…

Land-based casinos could offer as many terminals for video poker as they do for slots but the return to player rate in video poker, again with the best strategy on every hand, is also about 99.5%.  Land-based casinos have no incentive to offer a variety of video poker terminals.

Online Gamers Go from Game to Game

The essence of casino game variety is that gamers at Jackpot Capital can and do go from game to game.  They can always return to the game they were playing before they had their attention diverted to another game.

A lot of players who never played video poker at a land-based casino, sometimes because they couldn’t find a video poker terminal, have found that the game variety offered at Jackpot Capital is astounding!  And video poker has become very popular!

What Makes Video Poker So Exciting and Fun?

Gamers who love a challenge go to the blackjack and video poker games!  Video poker is a game of skill and, at the highest level of skill, there are at least forty layers of strategy to work through before a gamer decides which cards to hold and which to discard.

Here is a Quick Run Through of the Rules

  1. A player receives five cards up.
  2. The dealer does not get any cards at all.  Her or his job is simply to deal the cards.
  3. The gamer plays only against the pay table.
  4. At an online casino, the dealer is the software that runs the game.
  5. The software for online video poker can be excellent or poor in terms of graphics, animation, color scheme and contrast, quickness of play, and other parameters.
  6. Most video poker games are based on Jacks or Better.  The gamer needs at least a pair of jacks to win.
  7. After the gamer draws cards, if he or she has a pair of jacks or better, they are a winner!

Getting to the best-paying hand may involve giving up a winning pair!  Such is the existential greatness of video poker!

Jackpot Capital Offers Great Video Poker

Jackpot Capital is at the forefront of visual improvements in video poker.

Excellent graphics, animation, and color in video poker are important for enjoyable game play. The game play, appearance, and animation of video poker at Jackpot Capital have improved remarkably in the last ten years or so as our exclusive game provider, SpinLogic, has adapted advances in graphics and animation into their games.

Great Animation Throughout the Casino

Gamers here at Jackpot Capital can see the advances SpinLogic has incorporated into their games in slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, Fish Catch, and Banana Jones to name just a few.

Where are the Video Poker Terminals?

There are two main differences between online video poker and land-based video poker that make video poker at an online casino more accessible and simply better.

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Video Poker is Easy to Find at an Online Casino

It is easy to find all the games at Jackpot Capital.  At a land-based casino, the slots are by far the most prominent terminals.  This means that a player may wander about the casino floor before he or she finds a video poker terminal.

Online casinos use real tables for craps, roulette, and blackjack.  These tables take up a lot of space on the casino floor.  Between the big table games and the most prominent slots, there is really little space left for video poker.

How Much Does the Casino Pay for a Full House and a Flush?

Jackpot Capital Pays 9-6.

Please Explain

In the last few years, many land-based casinos have changed the pay scale for a full house from 9 to 8 or 7 and for a flush from 6 to 5.  Thus, many land-based casinos offer 8-5 or 7-5 video poker while Jackpot Capital pays 9-6.

With correct strategy on every hand, a video poker player at Jackpot Capital can expect a return to player rate of about 99.5%.  With the lower pay scale for a full house and a flush at many land-based casinos, the return to player rate is lowered to close to 90%.

How Can a Gamer Know What the Correct Strategy on Every Hand Is?

Knowing the correct strategy for every hand is the grand challenge presented by video poker.  On most hands, the correct strategy is clear.  If you get a full house, you don’t trade in cards.

Play for a Royal Flush

A Royal Flush is a rarity.  It occurs on about one in forty thousand hands.  The average poker player may never see a Royal Flush.  So, why does all of the advice on video poker strategy tell gamers to play for the Royal Flush?

  1. Gamers play for a Royal Flush only when they have four to the Royal or, sometimes, if they have three to the Royal.
  2. A Royal Flush in video poker has a nice extra payout.  In order to qualify for that extra payout, a gamer has to bet the maximum.
  3. Sometimes, a gamer will break a winning pair in order to go for a higher-paying hand.

Let’s take a four to a Royal Flush hand as an example.  The gamer is dealt 10, jack, queen, and king of the same suit and also has a pair of kings.

The best strategy is to discard the king from the other suit and go for the Royal Flush.

Why is That the Correct Strategy?

The reason is that there are many cards that can give the gamer a better-paying hand or simply a winning pair to replace the winning pair he or she discarded.  One of those hands is the Royal Flush with its very good extra payout. Here are all of the possible outcomes from this hand.

  1. The player fills the Royal Flush with the proper ace.  One card.
  2. The player makes a straight with a different ace.  Three cards.
  3. The player can get a 9 of the correct suit for a straight flush.  One card.
  4. The player can get a different 9 for a straight.  Three cards.
  5. The player can get one of nine cards to make a flush.  Nine cards.
  6. Finally, the player can get a jack, queen, or king to make a pair.  Eight cards.

So, there are 17 cards that can improve the hand from a simple winning par and 8 cards that can return the hand to its original value.  There are 47 cards still in the deck.  Therefore, the player has a 1 in 2 chance to either improve the hand dramatically or return it to its original strength.

Most Hands Start Very Low

The really strong hands are fairly easy to evaluate.  The lower hands are harder to figure out.  If you have a winning hand and there are very few cards that can help you achieve a better hand, the best strategy is to stay with the pair and try for three of a kind.

We suggest playing in free-play mode for a time to get the feel for the game.

Strategy cards are available at many sites.  The best strategy cards are very long.  It definitely takes some time to learn what the best play is on every hand.

Why Do Players Like Video Poker So Much?

Here are a few reasons why video poker is so popular:

  1. With correct strategy, the return to player rate is about 99.5%.
  2. There is no bluffing in video poker.
  3. Some players like video poker for itself while other poker players see it as a good way to practice quick hand evaluations.
  4. Players who also play poker against real opponents, like video poker as a low-stress form of poker.

Play Video Poker at Jackpot Capital

We offer about 300 great games.  Video poker is prominent.  Still, video poker is just one reason to join Jackpot Capital.  We offer a great and well-rounded gaming experience.


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