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Jackpot Capital and all good online casinos offer a wide range of casino promotions.  In fact, most solid businesses also offer promotions of a sort!  Let’s take a look first at online casino promotions and then we will segue to the use of promotions across the business world.

The Welcome Package

This is the first promotion most gamers see at an online casino.  The Welcome Package is generally a series of deposit bonuses that gamers can take over a period of time.

These deposit bonuses have two important elements going for them: bonus rate and bonus maximum.

An Achieving Bonus Rate

A good bonus rate for the new player bonuses and for all deposit bonus promotions going forward should be in the 100% or greater range.  A bonus rate of less than 100% should have a substantial number of free spins in addition to the cash bonus.

Some online casinos offer such large Welcome Bonuses that they entice new players to deposit more than might be wise.  Here at Jackpot Capital, we are confident that gamers will like our casino so we offer 100% new player bonuses in increments of $100 until the gamer has reached $1000 in new player bonuses.

And, as we said above, with “only” $1000 in total new player bonuses, we also offer free spins on Achilles, one of our most popular slots.

In this way, both we and the new player know that Jackpot Capital has found a loyal and happy new gamer!

Classic Online Casino Promotions

We have said that the most prominent online casino promotion is for a deposit bonus.  Online casinos have a number of ways to promote this simple idea.  Some run a new game promotion which is almost always about a new slot.  This depends on their game provider bringing out a new slot every month.

This is a lot easier said than done.  Modern slots have to be great in terms of their graphics, their animation, their color, their background music, and the way they get the wild symbol to increase gamers’ winning chances.

One other important fact about slots is that online casinos can carry every slot their game provider(s) have given them over the years.  Land-based casinos have to take out terminals to make room for new slot terminals.

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Game of the Month

This promotion is also generally about a slot but rather than it being a new slot, it might be about a classic slot, the kind of slot the online casino can carry forever.

Jackpot Capital has many classic slots in our library of slots simply because we know that our gamers like to wax nostalgic from time to time.

Days of the Week Promotions

Here at Jackpot Capital we call our Wednesday promotion the Hump Day promotion since Wednesday is the middle of the work week which means that the weekend is just around the corner.

Get over the hump and all!

We also have a special weekend promotion similar to a promotion that a lot of online casinos run.

Comp Points and Compensation

Different casinos have different terms for this happy promotion.  We award comp points to gamers for every game they play.  When the comp points reach a minimum level, gamers can redeem them for casino credits.  Thus, comp points are similar to a no deposit bonus!

Why Are Promotions Important?

Here we will talk about the existential significance of promotions not just at Jackpot Capital or other online casinos but in business in general.  A promotion might be for a bonus as we have discussed but there can be many other reasons a company or an online casino would run a promotion.

Promotions Perk up Customer Interest

When Jackpot Capital links to our promotions from our home page, we are doing what we can to make established or potential customers aware of ways we try to make their gaming experience better.

Thus, many business writers call this a call to increase customer awareness.  In reality, the awareness comes first and quickly either dissipates or become customer interest.  This applies to many promotions businesses run.

A big sign announcing huge price reductions in an end of season sale will perk up the interest of shoppers who see that sign.  Many clothing and other stores will complement the big sign with a full-page ad in a local newspaper.

Online sites sell advertising space since that is possibly the best way to reach customers in the modern, digital world.

Return to See What’s New

Many people will go window shopping especially around Christmastime to see what stores are using in their window displays to attract customers.  The window displays usually do not advertise seasonal sales but they do attract customers to go into a store.

People will go to a mall and look at the sales ads in the windows or other information in the windows.  This kind of promotion provides customers with information they need to make good purchasing decisions.

We do the same at Jackpot Capital as we introduce new games or promotions.

Promotional Style is Important

Many companies spend large amounts of money developing a logo that people will instantly identify with the company or a specific product.  One way companies advertise products is by paying a television or movie company to prominently display their product.

The classic example is when M and M’s were offered a prominent place in ET and they said no.  Reese’s Pieces said yes and the result was a huge increase in sales for Reese’s Pieces.

Stylistic mistakes can have the opposite effect.  Recently, Bud Lite ran an ad campaign with a trans female named Dylan Mulvaney.  The base of Bud Lite’s consumer base was so offended that they began a boycott that continues to this day!

Follow Glamma on Her Adventures

Jackpot Capital has a mascot of sorts named Glamma.  Some online casinos have animals as their mascots. We've got a hip, groovy Gramma.  Glamma is visiting many countries this year to celebrate seasonal or calendar events.  In March, she is in Hollywood for the Oscars.

Glamma’s Adventures is the kind of promotion with a sense of humor that Jackpot Capital tries to imbue every promotion with.  We try as hard as we can to make every gamer’s experience here as happy, fun, and entertaining as possible.

You can follow Glamma’s Adventures at the blog.  You can take part in the promotional side of Glamma’s Adventures by joining Jackpot Capital.

Glamma is currently offering a wheel that gamers can spin to win prizes such as a no deposit bonus, a deposit bonus with a 222% bonus rate, and free spins on exciting slots.  Now more than ever is the time to…


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