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Are There Any More Tips You Can Give Me to Make Slots Play Better?

Two of the questions we hear a lot are: What strategy can I use and how to win on slot machines?  The short answer is that slots are a game of chance and there is no real strategy for winning as there is in games of skill.  But, as we thought about it a bit longer, we realized that there are a few pointers we can give to help you win more in slots.  Here are 8 tips we can give you that will help you have a better chance of winning at slots.

Know the Slot

The first thing you need to know is how many reels are there in the slot.  Three reel slots may be fun but they usually have only one payline and most gamers play these slots only for the nostalgic value not to win a sizable payout - although that is possible too.  To tell the truth, most gamers get bored playing three reel slots, which is why we have such a big selection of five reel and, now, six reel slots.

Read Reviews

The internet is such a fantastic in-home library!  You can find almost anything there including reviews of slots.  So, we suggest that you read a couple of reviews of any slot you want to play.  A good review will give you a lot of information from how the wild symbol works, how the free spins bonus round works, what the expected return to player rate is and, in the best reviews, how good the graphics, animation, and sound are.

Understand the Intersection of Bankroll and Paylines

First of all, you have to know how much you can afford to play with.  We have covered this ground before.  If you want to play for an extended period of time, you might consider playing for smaller stakes.  If you want to play for a short period of time, you might consider making somewhat larger bets.

There is a very strong connection between your bankroll and the number of paylines in the slot.  Generally, players like to play all of the paylines.  You need to decide if playing all the paylines in any given slot is in accordance with your bankroll.

A slot with more than 9 paylines may have too many paylines for you.  On the other hand, slots with tons of paylines means you'll more often have a winning spin.

This is both a subjective decision on your part and an objective one.  You need to make an objective decision of how long you can play for and how much bankroll you can afford.  After you have done that, you can subjectively decide if any given slot meets the criteria you have set for yourself.  

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The idea of understanding paylines is especially applicable to progressive slots.

Understand the Type of Progressive Slot You Want to Play

Some progressive slots are run by the game provider.  In these slots, the return to player rate will not reflect progressive jackpot wins but it will reflect the few pennies the provider takes from every spin to help pay for the big jackpot. 

Other progressive jackpots are run by the casino.  In these cases, the jackpot is also factored into the return to player rate.  If your bankroll is sufficient, you can certainly play any of these two types of progressive jackpots but if your bankroll requires more frugal gaming, it likely would be better to play non-progressive slots.

In order to qualify for the progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  Here there is convergence between this pointer and the previous one.  If you are playing a progressive jackpot slot with many paylines, it may be beyond your means to bet the maximum on all of the paylines.

No one wants to miss out on a big progressive jackpot just because they didn’t bet the maximum on the winning payline!  So, it could very well mean that you might skip playing a progressive jackpot slot simply because it has too many paylines for your budget.

Be Strict about Time and Money Limits

We don’t mean that you have to stop playing a slot in the middle of the free spins bonus round!  We do mean that, generally speaking, you should stick as closely as possible to a strict time limit.

We also said above that you might at times make a subjective decision to bet more per spin than you normally do.  This is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with your sticking to your overall financial limit.

Understand the Free Spins Bonus Rounds

This bit of advice is also connected to sound money management.  The free spins bonus rounds in modern video slots are a great way to score big wins.  The basic bet per payline in these bonus rounds is the same as it was in the regular game.  The paylines you play in the regular game are also the paylines you will play in the bonus rounds.

As a result, some gamers make relatively high bets in the regular game hoping to quickly get to a bonus round where they can get a very big win.  An average player with an average bankroll has to understand that betting a bit higher in the regular game will shorten their gaming session unless they do quickly get to a bonus round and score a big win.

Understand Volatility

Some slots score many small wins and others score fewer, although relatively high wins.  Both types of slots might have the exact same expected return to player rate.  Low volatility means many wins with small payouts and high volatility means fewer wins and higher payouts. 

Slots play should be pleasant all the time so, you really need to know what your personality would prefer.  Many gamers prefer low volatility slots simply because they like to see a lot of wins even if they are somewhat small.  Others don’t mind getting fewer wins as long as the wins they do get are generally pretty big.

Have Fun

We speak about this often.  We have begun articles about slots by speaking about fun at the very outset.  In this article, we decided to talk about other aspects of slots in answer to the question about slots strategy.

The best strategy in slots is always to have fun! 

We at Jackpot Capital invite everyone to sample our broad collection of excellent slots from Real Time Gaming.  We hope that you will follow our pointers and have a great time playing our slots.

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