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The time has finally come. As we had already mentioned in our previous Halloween blog post, a certain character was seen lurking around Jackpot Capital - and he has now finally showed up!

Continuing with part 2 of our Halloween Countdown, you will now help us ward off the mysterious evil creature. In order to help out with this task, we will arm you with some powerful knowledge on vampires and how to drive them away for good. Help save the world and claim lots of casino bonuses along the way! How does that sound for a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween week?

Scary Halloween Tales: Let’s Talk About Vampires

Halloween’s origins can be traced back to old harvest festivals. As the cold arrived and the harvest season came to an end, the Celtic calendar entered its “darker half”. The evening of October 31 marked this transition, and the Gaelic people held a festival known as Samhain to celebrate the occasion.

During this transition, the border separating the world of the living and the realm of the dead disappeared. Spirits and other evil entities were free to run about making mischief before finally returning. Wearing costumes became a Samhain tradition - it actually worked as a disguise to protect oneself from these evildoers. Some people would also go around in disguise and collect offerings to help repel the spirits.

As you can imagine, this tradition became modern Halloween’s trick-or-treating. Costumes have also changed since then. And vampires are definitely among the favorites.

While myths about blood-draining entities have been around for quite some time, vampires are a relatively recent addition to folklore. The first reports date back to the 18th century from villages in Eastern Europe.

It all began with a “rural epidemic of vampirism”. These villages had a sudden surge in deaths caused by some mysterious disease. The ones affected by the plague demonstrated an unusual behaviour. They would wander around aimlessly, and some would go as far as attacking and biting other people.

Soon enough, the cause was traced back to the only possible explanation: reanimated corpses out to suck the vital energy from their victim. And sure enough, after exhuming a few bodies, the villagers confirmed their suspicions: much to their surprise, the dead looked plumpier and healthier than ever. But the decisive evidence was, without questions, the blood coming out of their mouth - indicating that the vampire had just feasted on a new victim. Their feared bite would also turn the victim into a new vampire, which explained why the disease had spread so quickly in a short amount of time.

Of course, it was all a series of coincidences. The “mysterious diseases” were most likely tuberculosis and rabies, which were fairly common in the countryside. Meanwhile, the plumpy corpses with blood coming out of their mouths were actually in the process of decomposition - which was unknown at the time. And finally, vampirism and rabies shared the exact same symptoms. Furious rabies patients do display a tendency to bite other people, infecting them with contaminated body fluids.

Fight Off Vampires and Collect Casino Bonuses

Are you ready to take on the mission? Then we will now arm you with a very important knowledge on how to take on vampires. It is a well-documented fact that garlic is particularly effective against them. The strong smell combined with its mystical properties help ward off these evil bloodsuckers.

We have selected Count Spectacular as the game for this promotion. Enter the vampire’s castle and go on a hunt for the Count’s treasure. This 25 paylines slot pays up to 200x your bet, and that’s not to mention the extra features. That’s right - Count Spectacular offers you a special pick-a-bonus feature: if the Count himself shows up, you get to choose between 12 free spins with a 3x multiplier or 4 respins with wilds locked in for reels 1 and 5!

Dare you enter Count Spectacular’s castle and walk away with the treasure? Then don’t miss out on the Halloween party at Jackpot Capital! Make sure to check your email, login to your account and claim the final bonus of our Countdown to Halloween casino promotion.

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