Halloween at JC

No Tricks, Only Treats at Jackpot Capital! 

It’s almost time for Halloween, and it can only mean one thing: there is another big promo coming up at Jackpot Capital! Have you already chosen your costume? In case you haven’t already, then we have some nice recommendations - although we will keep them a secret for now… Keep reading and you will find out why!

The Origins of Halloween Costumes

Why is dressing up as supernatural beings a Halloween tradition? Believe it or not, it actually goes back a long way. As you might already know, Halloween takes inspiration from the Celtic festival Samhain. The Celts believed that the end of October and the start of November marked the descent into the “darkest time of the year” It made sense: winter was rapidly approaching, the harvest season was already over and the days also became shorter.

On the night of the 31st, the boundary separating our realm from the spiritual world temporarily disappear, and the two realms then become one for a short time. During Samhain, the spirit of the departed, as well as evil creatures roamed freely among the living. In order to protect themselves from the evil spirits, the Celts would dress up as monsters themselves. Their Samhain costumes were usually made of animal skins and skulls.

The tradition of dressing up during Samhain carried over to Halloween. Dressing up for trick-or-treating is another old tradition, going back to the 19th century in Ireland and Scotland.

In the US, trick-or-treating on Halloween became popular during the 1920s, thanks to Scottish and Irish immigrants. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers in the US spend around $10.6 billion on Halloween festivities, at an average of $100.45 per person. Out of that total, around $3.6 billion are spent on costumes. And funnily enough, adults are responsible for the majority of it: $1.7 billion, compared to 1.2 billion on children's costumes and $700 million on pet costumes.

Choose Your Halloween Costume at Jackpot Capital

Speaking of which, what are you dressing up as for Halloween this time around? If you haven’t decided yet, then Jackpot Capital has some nice suggestions. Our granny will try on multiple Halloween costumes from characters of popular Halloween-themed slots. And here is where it gets interesting: you won’t know them until you check your emails! We will be offering bonuses on these games, with four in total.

And then, on the 31st, we will have another special offer. Along with a fifth email, JC will also have another promo you absolutely can’t miss out on! This Halloween is going to be full of treats from JC - but no trick, of course! Stay tuned and get ready for some spooky offers…

Keep an eye on your emails and the updates in the message center for the Halloween bonuses. Remember - there are four in total, plus a fifth one on the 31st. You won’t know which game it is until you open the email! After that, login to your JC account, deposit and claim your bonus.

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