Halloween at JC

Help Casper Find His Treasure

Casper has lost his treasure, hidden somewhere at Jackpot Capital! Can you help our Friendly Ghost find it? As you already know, Casper is very generous, which means he will give you lots of nice bonuses for offering him a helping hand. 

Casper the Friendly Ghost

According to the old Celtic legend, October 31st was the day on which the boundary separating the world of the living from the world of the dead disappeared. Both realms would then merge into one, for a brief period of time. It allowed spirits to freely roam around our world - and, as you can probably imagine, this also meant that ill-intentioned spirits had a free pass to do whatever they wanted.

Of course, not all spirits are evil, as there are plenty of good ones. That’s definitely the Friendly Ghost’s case. Casper has taken the opportunity to try making some new friends at Jackpot Capital. How about getting to know a bit more about him?

Casper was created in 1936 by writer Seymour Reit, and designed by illustrator Joe Oriolo. Although Casper was initially supposed to be the character of a children’s book, he actually made his debut as a cartoon character. Oriolo sold the rights to Paramount, releasing The Friendly Ghost in November 1945.

Not much was known about Casper’s previous life as a human until the 1995 Casper movie, which tried to shed some light on it. According to the movie’s story, the Friendly Ghost was a 12-year-old boy named Casper McFadden, who passed away from pneumonia after staying out in the cold playing with his new sled. In the afterlife, Casper’s main objective is to make friends. Unfortunately, him being a ghost naturally tends to drive people away instead.

Casper lives with his three uncles, the Ghostly Trio of Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso. Unlike Casper, however, the Ghostly Trio isn’t exactly friendly. On the contrary, their number one goal is to scare people. Stretch is the group’s leader and also the smartest of the three. Just as his name suggests, he can stretch his body and take different forms. Stinkie's most distinguishing feature is his bad breath. Fatso is the group’s dumb one and can be easily manipulated. They aren’t exactly evil though and act this way out of mischief. The three do care about their nephew as well.

Will Casper Find His Treasure?

When he was a kid, Casper also received a gift from his father, and that’s the one thing he continues to treasure even as a ghost. But he has unfortunately lost it somewhere around JC, and is now desperately searching for it.

Are you going to lend Casper a helping hand this time? If you do, then the generous Friendly Ghost will reward you with some nice prizes! This Halloween will bring something very special to you! Login to your JC account and join our spooky treasure hunt, help Casper out and grab your treats! Happy Halloween!

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