Halloween may only be celebrated on one official day, but we all know that it dominates the entire month of October, in all of its creepy madness! Such a big day means you have to spend the whole month planning the decorations for your home with the kids; choosing a ‘theme’, making sure you buy enough spider webs to deck the house, making a scarecrow, and, of course, picking the perfect pumpkin, making it into a glowing Jack-o-lantern! Enjoying the Halloween festivities is a great way to celebrate the changing season, and here at Jackpot Capital, we’re putting our own spin on the holiday, giving you the chance to scare yourself silly and collect some bonus prizes!

Run Fast for Cash, Resist the Mummies!


For the month of October, we’re dedicating our Headline Promotion to, of course, a creepy Halloween theme - but we don’t want to go in the same typical direction, with ghosts, goblins and all of the traditional Halloween characters. This year, we’re putting a spin on what really frightens, where you’ll transform yourself into a true ‘Bonus Explorer’ in the deserts of Egypt, searching for the one and only, Pharaoh’s Treasure!

Travelling through this eery land on a quest to find the $80,000 in bonus prizes, you have another task at hand - You must resist the Mummies! We all remember these cloth-wrapped bodies as a favorite costume pastime, and in the world of adulthood we can still have a creative imagination - we’ll just be collecting bonus money instead of candy, and of course, we’ll have to keep our speed at top notch!

For the 4 frightening weeks of this promotion, between October 10th - November 7th, you’ll stand that chance at some serious cash potential, so get that loot bag ready! There’s nothing more motivating to get you into the Halloween spirit, than a chance to have a more ‘adult’ adventure and pick up some very ‘mature’ cash prizes along the way. Think you have what it takes to resist the mummies and capture the Pharaoh’s treasure?!

Check out the Video Preview!

Play your Way to the Pharaoh’s Treasure!

It’s simple; the only way to surpass the mummies, resisting their deadly grasp, while you continue on through the mysterious land of the pyramids, is to play your favorite games, heighten your Scoreboard points, and ultimately, take some big cash prizes home with you! You’ll definitely want to start your journey with a big and empty loot bag, because once you’re on route, there will be bonus opportunities popping up left, right and center - But so will the mummies, so beware!

Check out the bonuses you’ll be running for:

  • Every Monday: Check the Pharaoh’s Treasure Scoreboard ranking for $15,000 in weekly prizes ($60,000 in total!)
  • Every Friday: Score $5,000 in weekly Friday Random Bonus Boosts ($20,000 total!)

The more you play, the higher your chance to get on the Scoreboard for a bonus every week! What’s more, if you keep playing through our headline promotion, you have a chance at our random bonuses every Friday, giving you even more goodies (but these bonus goodies aren’t for kids - just for you!).

To heighten the excitement of this spooky month, you can go ahead and play some of our thrilling Halloween slots, including our new game for October, Witch’s Brew! Don’t forget about our other player favorite, like Bubble Bubble, Eternal Love, Ghost Ship and Count Spectacular! All of these great slot games will keep you entertained in true Halloween fashion, and in the meantime, you’ll be playing your way to the Pharaoh’s Treasure!

This promotion has just begun, so get a head start and login to your account, make a deposit and start playing to win! We hope you enjoy getting into the spirit of Halloween with us, and may your loot bag be filled with bonus treats!


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