Get ready for a good ol’ hoedown… Henhouse has come to town - er, or should we say, the farm! There’s a whole lotta bonus eggs to be hatched over here, which is why we’ve made the Henhouse slot our Game of the Month for November! You better dig out them cowboy boots and get ready for a bonus showdown, because all month you’ll be able to double your Comp Points when you play this country-themed slot with us! Don’t “chicken” out with this great opportunity to reap even more bonuses from the Jackpot Capital barn, because once this month is over, all of the eggs are hatched and in their rightful position - In your wallet!

Henhouse Double Comp Points

You’ll be a Country Guy or Gal in No Time!

Perhaps you always considered yourself a “city slicker”, not making many ventures out into the suburbs, where the air is fresh and the grass is green. Or maybe, you’re a thoroughbred “country folk” at heart, loving the simple life of no noise, no fuss, just a few beers on the front porch. Either way, you’ll be convinced of the “country grammar”, or feel right at home with Henhouse, a thrilling slot from our provider, RealTime Gaming. The moment you click through our Lobby and start spinning your way to the golden egg, the fun-loving sound of the fiddle and banjo make one thing clear: You’re not in Kansas anymore! Dorothy may have been on an adventure, but the Henhouse slot takes it to a whole new level!

This game gives an obvious “good time” vibe, as the goal is simple: Take a trip to the country, enjoy some great music, and of course, make a few wins. The symbols in this game live up to the expectation of being cute, fun and reminiscent of what you’d imagine life on the farm to be. Chickens, of course, haystacks, pigs, seed bags and the evil Fox are all symbols you’ll find in this slot, with the fox obviously being the one to cause a scene in the quiet countryside. Don’t be scared, though, the fox is no match for the fact that you will double your CompPoints when you play this slot with us for the whole of November. Either way, you’re a winner!

Henhouse Features:

Paylines: 25
Reels: 5
Scatter Symbol: Egg
Wild Symbol: Chicken
Platforms: Download, Instant, Mobile

Put “Bonus Eggs” in Your Basket!

Living life on the farm isn’t just about relaxing when you play Henhouse - there’s a whole lot of action that comes with it (which should appease the “city slickers”!). While this slot is a fun and simple game, the existing bonus potential gives you a reason to enjoy the “fresh air” and take a few spins around the barn, tractor included!

Like any good farmer or farmhand, you must know what rewards can be sought when you put a seed in the ground - and we’ll certainly give you the breakdown! As you may assume, the white Hen is the Wild symbol, which can be grouped with the other cute and lovable hens on the reels. Your lucky Hen Wild will complete any winning combination, unless paired with the Scattered Egg; that seems a bit ironic, but it’s something to be aware of! You’ll be happy to know there’s both a minor and major progressive jackpot that are rewarded randomly. If you stick around the farm long enough, one of them may be yours!

Don’t go forgetting about that Scattered Egg - It plays an important role, even if he or she hasn’t hatched into a chick, soon to be a hen or rooster! If you match 3 or more of the Scattered Eggs, you’ll activate the exciting Pick Me bonus feature, where you’ll be cracking open bonus wins in no time! Once activated, you’ll then see 9 adorable Mother Hens hiding their precious bonus eggs. If you pick a “normal” egg, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a free spins bonus, adding to your bankroll stock.

Choose a Golden Egg, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you’re rewarded with 5 free spins and will move to Round 2, where your prizes will be doubled with an added multiplier, no questions asked from the watchful farmhand! If you’re lucky enough to make it to Round 3, you can expect to reveal a bonus, where you can then get an additional substitute symbol for the free spins round. There’s one Egg to look out for, however - it’s the Rotten Egg, and if you happen to choose this in any of the rounds, you will be out of the barn and back to the regular game. No harm done, you’re still doubling your Comp Points while you play with us!

Henhouse sure does make you want to pack up and move to the suburbs, but hey, why leave the life you live when you can come on down to the Jackpot Capital barn and play with us?! Just bring your flannel shirt and denim jeans, and you’re good to go!


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