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Avoiding Gaming Errors = A Lot More Fun

We would like to talk about a few common mistakes gamers at Jackpot Capital Online Casino make.  There are also a few major errors players at land-based casinos make and we may try to cover a few of those as well!

Jackpot be Nimble Jackpot be Quick

One common error gamers make is to invest too much of their gaming budget in both time and money going after a casino jackpot. This applies especially to trying to win a progressive jackpot.  We always urge our gamers to play for a progressive jackpot modestly since it is quite difficult to win the entire jackpot.

To win a progressive jackpot of six or seven figures, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  This can get expensive.  So we encourage gamers to set aside a modest sum of money for bets on the larger progressive jackpots.  Fortunately, there are more modest progressive jackpots that can be fit into most budgets much more easily.

I Thought All Progressive Jackpots Were for Big Sums

One of these progressive jackpots is a side bet that is shared by all three of the Caribbean Poker variations.  It takes a good deal of luck to win the entire jackpot but gamers can win part of the jackpot with high ranking hands that are less strong than the Royal Flush.

There are also a few slots with small progressive jackpots.  The slots that have jackpots built into the game usually have three or four jackpots of varying size—all relatively modest—that are triggered at random on any given spin.  Here is the segue to the next common error that even experienced gamers sometimes make.  To wit, it is…

Underestimating the Importance of the Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator, or RNG, determines the outcome of every spin or every hand.  The RNG is designed to not know anything about previous hands or spins.  That means that the RNG makes every hand or spin a completely new entity, as if it were the first ever hand or the first ever spin for that game.

Naturally, at Jackpot Capital, with the huge family of gamers we are happy and very appreciative to have, there have been many millions of spins and many millions of hands.  Still, the RNG treats this hand or that spin as if they were the first ever!

The Gambler’s Fallacy states basically that sometimes a hand or a jackpot or a number in roulette is “due” to hit.  It may well be due to hit but the RNG does not know this!  Therefore, the gaming error we are talking about is betting as if a certain outcome was ready to hit.

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The RNG is Important for Other Reasons

Since the RNG does not know what has happened ever in a game, how does it determine outcomes?  Here is a very important aspect of casino gaming.  The RNG can be calibrated to return to gamers in games like slots a certain percentage of monies wagered.

That doesn’t mean that a progressive jackpot will hit soon.   The Gambler’s fallacy still applies.  The point here is that as an online casino, Jackpot Capital can ask SpinLogic, or game provider, to calibrate a return to player rate of say 97% in slots.

Land-based casinos have a lot more operating costs than Jackpot Capital or any other online casino has so they calibrate the RNG to have a return to player rate that is much lower than the rate Jackpot Capital can offer.

Does this Hold True in Card Games?

In a word, no!

That’s why the return to player rate in video poker and blackjack are almost 100% (actually about 99.5%).  It pays to play blackjack and video poker.  We have to point out that the high return to player rate applies only when the gamer uses the most accurate strategy on every hand.

The error a lot of gamers make is that they assume that they don’t have to study strategy to win at least 99.5% of the time in blackjack and video poker.  In fact, it pays immense benefits to gamers who do take the time to learn the best strategy for every possible hand in blackjack or video poker.

There are also a lot of gamers who feel that they can win in blackjack or video poker even if they are hungry or sleepy, slightly under the weather, or have had a couple of alcoholic drinks.  This is the next gamer error on our list!

Play when Sated and Alert

We should avoid gaming when we are hungry.  We also need to recognize that most people get a little bit tired after a meal.  So put off gaming if you are hungry or if you have just had a substantial meal.

Aside from holiday meals with family, where do people get meals that are so substantial that they should never play casino games afterward?  Yes, at land-based casinos which offer free meals knowing that, since the meal is at a buffet, the player will likely overeat and will come back to the casino floor just a bit tired.

This is a major gaming error!

Play when You are Feeling Chipper

If you feel even slightly under the weather, playing casino games for real money is a gaming error.  Fortunately for the people who are not feeling in tip top shape of a day, we at Jackpot Capital offer unlimited free play!

Land-based casinos do not offer free play and many gamers travel to a casino for a long weekend, develop a cold or the flu on the first day, and play anyway because otherwise the trip to the casino would have been a waste.

Play before You Have a Drink or Drink after You Play

Most people enjoy a little alcohol.  We urge to the utmost degree that gamers wait until after gaming to imbibe even a single beer.  The alcohol will reduce your ability to make good decisions in gaming.

Notice that we said “after gaming”.  At a land-based casino, there is functionally no time that is “after gaming” unless your long weekend at the casino is over and you are headed home!  Land-based casinos have cocktail waitresses who go around offering free alcohol.  Believe us when we say that the drinks are not free!

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