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What Makes Jackpot Capital a Top Online Casino?

We are very thankful that the coronavirus pandemic seems to be cresting.  That can only mean that life will soon return to normal even if soon will be measured in weeks rather than days.  Still, land based casinos remain closed and many gamers are discovering—some for the first time—the joys and benefits of online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital online casino.

Mobile Gaming at its Best

One of the many benefits we offer here at Jackpot Capital casino is quick, easy, and reliable mobile gaming.  Players who used to gamble only at land based casinos are especially noticing our mobile jackpot casino.  Mobile is so important in the world of gaming these days that we hear from new players at this time that they knew that some land based casinos offered mobile gaming but that they never took advantage of the offer.

After all, why go to a land based casino if only to play on their mobile gaming platform?

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Absolute Musts for Any Reliable Online Casino

We decided to write an entire article on the top qualities of top online casinos such as Jackpot Capital.  We trust that everyone gaming here will appreciate the details we will present especially new gamers who may be entirely unfamiliar with the online casino business.

How to Choose a Reliable Online Casino?

This is a very important question.  There are by now thousands of online casinos.  Most are good in their own way but there are some aspects of online gaming that you do need to know about and to take into consideration before choosing an online casino.

A Truly Reliable Online Casino Sees itself as an Entertainment Site

Many online casinos see themselves as gambling sites.  We at Jackpot Capital see ourselves as an entertainment site.  In a sense, our casino is like a gaming “theater” where you can go to have some fun.  This attitude plays out in several ways.

Responsible Gaming

In every article we write, at some point we point out in very clear term that we are in the “having fun” business.  We do, of course, accept bets on the outcomes of games but we never encourage gamers to bet more than they should.

Here are two examples of how we encourage fun over gambling.

Setting Time and Money Limits

First, we always tell gamers to set money and time budgets on their gaming at Jackpot Capital.  We readily acknowledge that our gamers are playing either from home or in the very small window of time during their busy workday.  Whether you play at home or on the go, you are still in your everyday milieu.  That means that you have many other responsibilities that you must attend to and many other activities you enjoy doing.

We encourage all gamers to put gaming in its proper perspective.  Any reliable online casino will do the same but sadly many don’t.

Land based casinos push gambling.  The entire land based gambling operation is organized around gambling for long hours and probably for a lot more money than people would gamble if they were playing for a half hour at home.

Play All of Our Games

We offer over 300 great games.  Land based casinos also offer many games but they can’t encourage players to sample every game.  You have to give up one seat to play another game.  At Jackpot Capital, we “give” you one “seat” and you can play every game from that seat!  For that reason, we can encourage players to sample every game over time and to see the fun each game provides.

We bring in new games every month.  Land based casinos might do the same but then they have to take a game out.  It’s also hard for a land based casino to encourage 500 players to try out the new game with 5 terminals.  We can encourage five hundred thousand gamers to try out the new game because one terminal is all we need to reach a million gamers!

Graphics are the Straw that Stirs the Online Gaming Drink

Land based casinos also rely on great graphics for slots and video poker but they have live action at the blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps tables.  We need great graphics for those games as well.  We are always in the forefront of bringing to our games the newest innovations in computer gaming graphics.

That’s the main reason that so many of our gamers tell us that our mobile gaming platform is the biggest reason they play at Jackpot capital.

At one time desktop gaming was the main way online gamers played but now they mostly play on their modern super-sophisticated mobile devices.  Online casino graphics have to keep pace with every innovation and we invest a lot of money in keeping up with the new things in mobile graphics.

Great Online Casinos Have Great Customer Service

At one time it was common for online casino customer service offices to close for the weekend.  We were one of the first online casinos to stay open around the clock including on weekends and holidays.  Now every online casino brags about 24/7 customer service.

Still, customer service is a lot more than opening hours.  You also need well-trained staff members that go out of their way to answer questions and find solutions.  We train our service staff thoroughly.  This actually takes a lot of investment on our part since as you might imagine there is quite a bit of turnover in the call center type of work.

We see this as a broad service we owe our gamer and we hear quite often that a gamer called and got great service!  We encourage everyone to call our customer service office to find out how good our service can be.

Easy, Safe, and Secure Banking

It is impossible to under-estimate the importance of easy and secure banking.  Jackpot Capital is, in effect, your bank when you send money to your account here.

We use the most powerful encryption software to keep your money safe.  The encryption software we use is the same as that used by big commercial banks and investment houses.

We also offer many different ways to deposit and withdraw money.  While credit cards are still the tried and true banking methods, many gamers prefer the greater anonymity afforded by ewallets.  We also accept deposits and allow withdrawals in bitcoin.

Come Join Jackpot Capital

These are really just the bare bones aspects of what makes Jackpot Capital one of the top online casinos.  Great games, great graphics, a pervasive atmosphere of fun, great safety: all of these add up to a wonderful gaming experience every time you open the casino!

We would like to wish those of our gamers who are celebrating their religious holidays a Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy Ramadan as all three major holidays fall in the month of April.

Stay safe and healthy!

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