Glamma is Letting Her Hair Down in Aspen with a Surprise for Jackpot Capital Gamers

Glamma is a granny that you can’t keep down. Even as a senior citizen of the world, she tools around on her trusty motorcycle. We don’t have any idea how many miles she has covered on that motorcycle. What we do know is that Glamma is a faithful follower of her favorite jackpot casino online.

That would be us! Jackpot Capital! Glamma tunes in, so to speak, many times in the evening after a “hard” day travelling and adventuring. We hope Glamma will be extra careful on her motorcycle this holiday season as she is spending the month of December in Aspen.

Glamma Brought Something Special with Her to Aspen

In addition to her social media pages, our favorite Granny brought her very own Wheel of Fortune with her to Aspen! Until December 28th, all gamers (members of the Jackpot Capital tribe) can spin Glamma’s Wheel of Fortune.

Aspen is a great place to seek fortune!

How Many Social Media Sites Does Glamma Have a Presence On?

Glamma is just old enough to have started out with Facebook decades before it became Meta. Check out Glamorous Glamma on Facebook. Glamma's daughter got her to join up to Instagram.

Glamma was not done with just Facebook and Instagram! No, not our Glamma! So, here she is on Pinterest.

Now surely Glamma could rest and enjoy the people passing by! Not so fast, Sonny! Glamma also likes to give her two cents on X (which used to be Twitter).

Which Aspen Do You Mean?

Now, Aspen is a popular place name. Maybe not as popular as Springfield! There are a lot of Springfields just in the continental United States. There are 16 places named Aspen in the world!

Ten of them are in Sweden. Four are in the United States. One is in Germany. We will let you guess where the sixteenth aspen is. Since we are sure you will never guess it, we will tell you the answer at the end of the article!

So, which Aspen is welcoming Glamma this holiday season? Why none other than Aspen, Colorado!

Is Glamma Going to Go Skiing?

Maybe, yes, and maybe, maybe. When it comes to Glamma, it is always best to never say never! So Glamma might go skiing. We hope that she doesn’t push it too hard as we love her so!

And there are a lot of great things to do in Aspen in December without slip sliding on a ski slope! Many of the high end and resort hotels have special Christmas season activities such as movie nights, cookie Decoration Day, art seminars and displays, and a lot more.

Snowmass Luminescence is an open tunnel of kaleidoscopic colors that people can walk through. It connects Snowmass mall with the base village.

The last twelve days of December are a special time in Aspen with all-night dancing, imbibing, making new friends, and so much more.

Glamma will attend at least one performance at the world-famous Wheeler Opera House. She will certainly catch a performance of the Nutcracker at the world-famous Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Glamma will skip the light fandango at the world-famous Belly Up, a local venue for live music.

When the Holiday Season is over, people will go home and say that they spent wonderful moments with the world-famous Glamma.

Will Glamma Make New Friends in Aspen?

The first thing we know is that Glamma will make new friends. If ever there was a Hail Fellow Well Met, it’s Glamma! She’ll sit around a lobby with a hot toddy in hand and strike up a conversation with anyone within earshot. She will go ice skating and make friends with kids and adults alike.

Aside from being the most motorcycle person we know, Glamma is also the most people person we know!

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How Did Aspen Come to be World Famous?

Glamma decided to go to Aspen because, as she put it, “It is truly amazing that a mountain village of fewer than 10,000 permanent residents should be so famous and have a seasonal population of the upper crust not only of Colorado, not only of the United States, but of all people who love snow, ski, skate, and after dark winter pleasures.”

Glamma can certainly turn a phrase!

Aspen started out as a mountain mining town about 140 years ago. In those days, it was silver that the miners were looking for. Gold was to be found in California and many other places further west. Silver was in great abundance in the Sawatch and Elk Mountains of Colorado.

The miners didn’t listen to the entreaties of the then Governor of Colorado, Frederick Pitkin, who was afraid that the presence of silver miners in them thar hills might precipitate a Ute uprising. Keep in mind that these were not like the yutes of My Cousin Vinny!

Aspen came to be known by that name because the mountains have such a massive number of….aspens, of course!

Glamma had never been to the skiing areas of Colorado so she has been looking forward to this trip for a very long time.

Aspen was a mining boom town until the banking panic of 1893 caused the price of silver to fall dramatically. That sent a lot of the miners packing! When Glamma learned that so many silver miners had turned tail and had gone whence they had come from she poopooed that notion.

“You don’t give up on something that is important to you just because a few revenooers have said that silver has lost value. Why, I fell off the motorcycle a few times before I got it to stay upright! Soon after that, I was going 60 mph on the open road!”

So there, you tail turners!

Aspen Experiences Hard Times

The population of Aspen fell to less than 1000 hardy mountain souls by 1930. That was the very beginning of the Great Depression. It was only in the 1950’s, during the general post-war boom that a few entrepreneurs saw the potential for skiing in the mountain that lurk above Aspen and is called….Aspen Mountain, of course.

After a couple of hot toddies, Glamma imagined what the conversation between investor and investee might have been about:

“I see people coming here in the winter and skiing.”

“I see people running away from these cold and snowy mountains in the winter.”

“No, the really rich will come here to ski, fall down, get all snowy and cold, and then sit by an open fireplace, lit of course, to warm up.”

“Why would any rich people come to frozen Aspen when they can go to sunny Florida?”

“You will have to see it to believe it. Invest a few million dollars and your Aspen Winter Wonderland dream will come true!”

“Well, when you put it that way, how many millions of dollars do you think you’ll need to turn Aspen into a winter wonderland?”

And Glamma said, “Who woulda thunk it?”

Jackpot Capital Salutes Glamma

We will be keeping track of Glamma’s adventures this year as she travels the world, turning phrases, making new friends, and generally having a great time for a woman of advanced years.

Never say never about Glamma!

And let us all remember to keep track of Jackpot Capital’s many promotions and new games month by month! As a happy Jackpot Capital gamer, you will be able to avail yourself of many great bonuses and other goodies from our casino.


P.S. The 16th Aspen in the world is in…Kenya!

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