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How to Get the Most out of Online Casino Bonuses

One of the biggest reasons that casino gaming at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital casino is that online casinos can give gamers many cash bonuses both for deposits and as no deposit bonuses.  The Jackpot Capital welcome bonus is just one of the many bonuses we offer on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Why are Online Casino Bonuses Better than Bonuses from Land Based Casinos?

The biggest reason is because online casinos offer bonuses while land based casinos usually do not offer such massive giveaways.  There is a very simple reason why land based casinos try to offer other freebies but not bonuses.  The reason is all about the wagering requirement for bonuses.

What is the Wagering Requirement?

When online casinos first appeared, a few of the originals offered large deposit bonuses without a wagering requirement.  These casinos soon learned that a small but significant number of gamers would take the bonus and then cash out.  Free money for gaming turned into free money period!

Thus the wagering requirement was created.  The wagering requirement states that before a player can withdraw winnings he or she has to wager a factor of the bonus.  At good online casinos, the factor is between 30x to 40x of the bonus.  Some have a much higher factor.

Why Can’t Land Based Casinos Offer Bonuses with a Wagering Requirement?

The fact is that land based casinos can offer these bonuses but usually do not offer them because they are not practical for most people who travel to a land based casino once or twice a year.

It normally takes at least a few days to a week or even longer to fulfill the wagering requirement for a deposit bonus.  Online gamers at Jackpot Capital online casino have the time it will take them to fulfill the wagering requirement they are “working on” and then they will then be able to take another deposit bonus and to begin the process once again.

Very few players at a land based casino can fulfill a wagering requirement even on a long weekend of gambling for many hours.  Even the few who do fulfill the wagering requirement for one bonus will not be able to take another deposit bonus because they are going home!  For the vast majority of gamblers at a land based casino, it is best to save their deposits for the online casino they like!

In this very important way, online casinos have a built-in advantage over land based casinos!

Do Land Based Casinos Give Deposit Bonuses to Any of their Players?

Yes, they do.  They give deposit bonuses—actually very sizable deposit bonuses—to high rollers who are universally referred to as VIPs.  So, at a land based casino, the privileged few are those players who come to the casino often and bet large sums, large enough for the casino to offer them a lot of bonuses and other lucrative extras..

At Jackpot Capital online casino, every garner is eligible for a deposit bonus!  We also have VIPs but in the realm of deposit bonuses, everyone is as if they were a VIP!

If Land Based Casino Don’t Offer the Average Player a Deposit Bonus, What Do they Offer?

Land-based casinos offer five basic freebies:

  1. Free whisky and other alcoholic drinks.
  2. Free meals at the buffet.
  3. Free hotel accommodations.
  4. Free travel.
  5. Free casino credit for redeeming comp points.

Let’s take a quick look at these land based casino offers and see how they compare to the similar offers at Jackpot Capital and other top of the line online casinos.

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Free Whisky and other Drinks with Alcohol

We do not offer free whisky!  In fact, we offer free advice about not drinking any alcoholic beverage, including beer, while gaming!  The temptation to drink alcohol is very strong at a land based casino where a player may stay on the casino floor for hours at a time.

When you play at home at Jackpot Capital, you know that the casino will be there for you around the clock every day forever.  So there is no reason for an online casino garner to play for hours on end!  As a result, most gamers find that they can easily play for 30-60 minutes and then go meet friends at the local pub.

Land based casinos offer free alcohol for two reasons.  The first is the obvious one that alcohol is much more adaptable to the land based casino experience.  The second is that almost all players will lose some of their gaming edge after even one drink.  In this way, the casino recoups the cost of the drink several to many times over!

Our advice is to paly online so you can control your gaming better and save your imbibing for after gaming!

Free Buffet Meals

If you were to pay the full price for a dinner at the buffet, how much would it cost?  Maybe around $15.  So, it costs the casino next to nothing to keep the customers satisfied with something free!  We would also like to offer free food at the buffet but the only buffet we have to offer you is the food you have at any given moment in your own kitchen!

Free buffet meals looks like a great deal but in the end it’s just food!

Free Hotel Accommodations

These offers are available to players who have caught the eye of the casino employees that they—the player—has spent a lot of time on the casino floor.  When you are offered free accommodations at the casino hotel, there is a strong tendency to see the savings as “found” money and to add the so-called savings to your gambling budget.

Just as the casino recoups the cost of the free alcohol easily it also recoups the cost of the room!  We offer you a good night’s sleep in the comfort of your home.  You can always simulate the comfort of a hotel room by changing the sheets and putting a mint chocolate candy on your pillow!

Free Air Travel

This is usually offered as a combination deal.  It usually requires that the player buy a minimum number of casino chips.   So, the travel is not free at all!  And it requires the distinct inconvenience of having to travel which involves packing, getting to the airport, going through all of airport hoops people are asked to go through these days, and sitting in cramped conditions for up to 5 or more hours!

We offer free “travel” from your kitchen to your living room sofa, coffee in hand with as close to a full guarantee of no turbulence along the way as possible!

Comp Points

This is the one offer that land based casinos make that is similar to the offer we at Jackpot Capital make.  We enroll every gamer in our comp points promotion.  You can redeem your comp points for casino credits when you have a large enough set of points.

Land based casino do offer a similar promotion.  You have to get a player’s card from the casino to have a way to register the accumulation of points.  You then have to remember to use the card whenever you play at that casino!  You have to remember to take your player’s card with you if you decide to have a land based casino trip a few months down the road.  In order to take the player’s card with you, you also have to remember where you put it a few months earlier!

All of this is done automatically at Jackpot Capita!

Join us at Jackpot Capital Casino

We offer free money through bonuses.  The wagering requirement can be fulfilled over as much time as you need!  We also offer the invaluable convenience of online gaming with no travel required.  We offer the comfort of gaming from your living room sofa on our excellent mobile gaming platform.

There is so much more in your favor when you play at Jackpot Capital than there is at any land based casino.  So, join Jackpot Capital NOW and discover the benefits of online casino gaming that so many gamers have already discovered!

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