Why Can Online Casinos Offer so Mnay Deposit Bonuses?

How Can Online Casinos Help Gamers Get the Most Gaming for the Buck?

We wish to talk about some of the big differences between online casino gaming and gambling at a land based casino.  We can start with the Jackpot Capital welcome bonus.  In fact, every top online casino has some sort of Welcome Package.  The Welcome Package may have a massive series of bonuses or a more moderate set of bonuses.

Why Don’t Land Based Casinos Offer Cash Bonuses?

Land based casinos cannot easily offer cash deposit bonuses because of the wagering requirement that we will explain shortly.  So, land based casinos push free spins and all of the hoopla that is part of the land based casino gambling experience.

Why Do Land Based Casinos Push the Hoopla?

The main reason for this is that land based casinos have a difficult product to sell in the computer, digital, and mobile age.  There was a time, before the memory of millennials, when there were no computers, no mobile devices, and no digital communication of any kind!  Really, the Dark Ages of the 20th century!

Then, gambling was allowed only in Nevada with Las Vegas at the forefront.  Most gamblers who wanted a short Las Vegas casino vacation had to fly in and stay in the hotel for two or three nights.  So Las Vegas casinos pushed travel packages that included air fare, hotel accommodations, possibly a ticket to a show, and a voucher for a meal in the buffet.

The catch was that people using these offers had to buy a specific dollar amount of chips that they weren’t able to cash in at the end of the trip!

How Have Computers and Mobile Tech Changed Casino Gaming?

In the computer age, many gamers are saying to themselves that they can stay home, play for 30 to 60 minutes at Jackpot Capital casino every day or whenever they would like to, and have plenty of free time for other pursuits, interests, and hobbies.

What is the Land Based Casino Hoopla All About?

We use terms like “bells and whistles” to describe the general atmosphere at a land based casino.  These casinos try to sell camaraderie with fellow gamblers but actual camaraderie is much less present.  For example, at the roulette or craps table, people might be yelling together for a specific outcome.  However, friendships do not generally develop in these gambling venues.

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In fact, at the blackjack table, you might more likely meet up with a player or players who blame you for their losses especially if you are playing according to the statistically proven best strategy.

At the slots, you might be upset that a single player is hogging the terminal you want to play at.

Online casino gaming, especially at a solid mobile gaming platform such as the one we have at Jackpot Capital Casino, can produce real camaraderie among friends and lovers.  The photo that accompanies this article shows a happy couple playing at an online casino.  The only thing “missing” from the picture is the sofa they might be curled up on as they play on a modern mobile device!

Also, the hoopla at a land based casino is a major distraction!

What’s Wrong with Some Innocent Distractions?

There is nothing inherently wrong with some innocent distractions as long as a player is not so distracted that they start to make poor decisions.  The bells and whistles are designed to be so distracting that even solid players start to make poor decisions.

Also, it might be the alcohol or it might be the overall atmosphere at land based casinos, but women do tend to dress more provocatively at a casino than they do when they are picking the kids up from soccer practice.

In the modern world, being distracted by such a distraction can be problematic.

What is the Wagering Requirement?

Yes, we said that we would explain that later on!

The wagering requirement is a factor of a deposit bonus that gamers have to bet before they can withdraw winnings.  The factor can vary depending on the casino and the bonus offer.  At Jackpot Capital, the wagering requirement is usually about 30x whereas at some casinos the wagering requirement might be as high as 60x.

The wagering requirement was instituted way back when online casinos discovered that some gamers were taking a bonus and quickly cashing out their account!

How Does the Wagering Requirement Affect Online and Land Based Casino Gaming?

The wagering requirement makes it possible for online casinos to offer large deposit bonuses.  Land based casinos have a hard time offering these big bonuses since very few players at land based casinos can stay around long enough to fulfill the requirement.

Even if you live a short drive from a casino, how often will you go back to the casino just to fulfill the wagering requirement?

At online casinos such as Jackpot Capital gamers can fulfill the wagering requirement over time and at their leisure.  Online casino gamers don’t feel the pressure to continue playing for long periods of time like players at land based casinos feel.  In fact, we encourage gamers to play for short sessions and to leave time for many other interests!

The hoopla at land based casinos gives players the impression that the casino is their only interest!

Isn’t Free Alcohol a Great Perk?

Unfortunately, the answer here is no!  We’re sorry to have to say it but no!

The cost of free alcohol to land based casinos is negligible when it is compared to the money gamers spend at the slots and tables under the influence and unable to make good decisions.  Even blackjack and video poker players who normally play according to the best strategy will often start to make extreme decisions when they are under the influence.

The best way to combine casino gaming and alcohol is the follow this simple formula:  Play first and drink later!

The same thinking applies to a lesser degree to free buffet meals.  We feel that snacking while gaming online is fine.  We recommend fruit or raw veggies rather than greasy meats.  But easting won’t impair your decisions unless you eat too much and get drowsy.  At land based casinos, people think that a free buffet meal is a great perk but, really, how much can a single person eat?

Why Do Gamers Like Playing at Jackpot Capital?

We provide a wonderful casino gaming experience from the comfort of your home or, if you play on our superior mobile platform, from wherever you are!

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