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How Can I Get Free Spins and How Will They Increase the Fun of Gaming?

Of all the many good reasons why slots remain by far the most popular game at Jackpot Capital casino, getting to the free spins bonus round may be the most important.  Of course, winning the big jackpot in progressive jackpots slots is a powerful incentive to play slots as well.  Statistically, however, more gamers win more money with free spins so in this article we will talk about how free spins work and how you can use that information to cash in on the potential free spins bonanza!

Everyone who plays a slots game with a free spins bonus round gets to the bonus round fairly often and many gamers score very big wins in the bonus rounds!

So: How do free spins work?

Types of Free Spins

There are three types of free spins but the first type is more in the category of free games than in the category of free spins.  These are the free spins you take with a no deposit bonus. 

Many casinos give a no deposit bonus that newly signed up gamers can use on any game in the casino except, usually, in progressive jackpot games.  So, the free games gamers play with their no deposit bonus are, in effect, free spins when they play slots.

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Some casinos offer the no deposit bonus first, before they credit new players any matching deposit bonuses and sometimes they save the no deposit bonuses for the last gift to new players.  When they do that, they may have restrictive rules that new players have to follow in order to get the no deposit bonus.  So, it’s always a good idea to read the rules that apply to the casino’s no deposit bonus as the rules will naturally affect the free spins you take with the no deposit bonus.

The first part of our Welcome Package is a 100% match bonus up to $1000 PLUS 100 Free Spins on the slot game, Achilles.  Your Free Spins come with your deposit match bonus!

Free Spins with a Casino Promotion

The second type of free spins is spins you get with a casino promotion.  These promotions are usually for matching deposit bonuses with free spins added to the bonus.  These are free spins in every way although they may be defined as free spins for a specific slots game.

A perfect example of this point is the free spins you get when you play in our ongoing Christmas season promotion in which you literally “bake your own bonus”!  Every day, for the eleven days working up to Christmas, gamers deposita minimal amount and get free spins on the slot of the day.

Slots Bonus Round Free Spins

The third type of free spins is free spins you get in the bonus round of modern five reel and six reel slots.  These are very common for online slots games but they do vary in important ways.  Here are a few important things you can expect when you get free spins during a slots game.


The scatter symbol is the symbol that takes you to the free spins bonus rounds in slots.  The scatter is called that because it wins in any position in contrast to the other symbols that generally win from left to right starting with the first reel.

Some slots are volatile and others are not.  One of the factors that makes a slots game a high volatility slot or a low volatility slot is the frequency with which you get to the bonus round and the size of your potential wins with your free spins in the bonus round.

Low volatility means more winning spins with relatively lower payouts per win.  High volatility means fewer wins but higher relative payouts per win.  Sometimes, the volatility is found entirely in the free spins bonus rounds where you can win very big or more modestly.

If you like the excitement of free spins bonus rounds with the chance to win really big with these free spins, then high volatility slots may be best for you.  If you enjoy a lot of fun and excitement but with many smaller winning spins, then the low volatility slots are best for you.

How Do Bonus Rounds Increase Wins?

The bonus rounds are always super exciting.  Here are some of the more common ways gamers win more in the bonus rounds.

  • Some bonus rounds have enhanced multipliers.  In some slots, there is a small multiplier in the regular game and a substantially higher multiplier in the bonus round.  In some slots, the multiplier appears only in the bonus round.
  • In some free spins, there are more wild symbols and, as we all know, the more wild symbols there are in a slot the better your chances are of winning that particular spin.
  • Some free spins have expanding or stacked wilds.  Expanding wilds usually refers to wild symbols that grow fat, as it were, and expand outward into neighboring reels.  Stacked wilds means that the wild symbol expands vertically and covers the entire reel. 
  • Some slots games have sticky wilds where the wild stays in place on the reel it showed up on until the free spins are over.
  • In some games, you can re-trigger the free spins by getting three or more scatter symbols while you are playing your free spins - free spins on your free spins!
  • Some free spins rounds start off with a request for you to choose between more free spins along with a lower multiplier or fewer free spins alongside a higher multiplier.  This choice throws off many gamers.  It is important to consider the spread in the multiplier and the spread in the number of free spins you can get.

Free Spins and Auto-play

One question we get quite often is: How can I play the free spins when I am in auto-play and I’m away from my computer?  The simple answer is that auto-play is one of the biggest “miracles” of online casino computer technology.  Even on the many spins that don’t result in a free spins bonus round, the computer within the casino and within the individual game handles all wins and wagers perfectly.

Now, what if you get three or more scatter symbols?  Well, the game calls out to you!  No, it doesn’t yell out “Hey, you!”  It calls you with loud music or some other type of soothing yet attention-getting alarm.  Unless you are preparing the batter for a birthday cake for your kid’s happy occasion, you will hear the game call you.

Even if you’re like Uncle Joe and you’re "a-movin’ kinda slow" the game will wait for you patiently so you can take your free spins in person!

A Happy Dilemma

Let’s say that you have to fix dinner and clean the house a bit but you also want to spin a few reels.  If you play a game with frequent free spins bonus rounds, you may have a hard time getting the chores done.  However, playing all those free spins is a lot of fun!

Playing for a Penny per Payline

Some gamers like to play slots just for the fun and entertainment value and in order to simply relax.  Many such gamers will play for just a penny per payline.  In a real sense, for the vast and overwhelmingly large majority of gamers, playing for such small stakes is almost like having a full session of essentially “free spins”!

All in all, the free spins bonus rounds are a lot of what playing slots is all about.  Still, you can receive free spins in several ways and they always add a great deal of excitement and anticipation to your gaming fun.

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