What is the Best Way to Make the Most of Jackpot Capital's Promotions?

How to Best Use Jackpot Capital Promotions

All online casinos offer a sign up bonus.  The Jackpot Capital casino sign up bonus is modest in dollar terms but it also gives gamers free spins.  Jackpot Capital casino is also happy to tell gamers that we see the sign up bonus as just one small bonus within the big set of ongoing promotions we run here at Jackpot Capital online casino.

Why Does Jackpot Capital Give Away Cash and Free Spins?

One of the great differences between online casinos and land-based casinos—and there are many—is that there are usually so many more people playing at a top level online casino such as Jackpot Capital than are playing at a land-based casino.

We can afford to give away bonus money and free spins while land-based casinos can afford usually to give away free alcohol!  Giving away free spins and free money is a great marketing tool for us and we are sure that land-based casinos wish that they could do the same thing!

Instead, land-based casinos often spend millions of dollars on totally artificial attractions such as volcanoes and the like!  We pass along massive sums of money to our gamers in the form of promotions starting with the sign up bonus!

Why are there More Gamers at Online Casinos?

First of all, many land-based casinos are standalone casinos that cater to a very narrow clientele, usually people who live about an hour’s drive or less from the casino.  In the United States, these casinos are often on Native American land.  Many of these standalone casinos close in the late evening.

Jackpot Capital Casino never closes.  Furthermore, Jackpot Capital has a wider reach than even the Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Mississippi Coast casinos have!  That’s because we are available all over the world!  Gamers from one hemisphere can be online while gamers from another hemisphere are asleep!

We have no walls since as far as we know cyberspace is infinite!  That means that we are not dependent on the best use of floor space as all land-based casinos are!  We can accommodate as many gamers as want to play here while land-based casinos may be overrun with players on special weekends!

Finally, we can have a million gamers playing the same game at the same time.  Try that at a land-based casino and see how far you get past perhaps ten!

Sign Up Now!

The Great 2020 Corona Virus Discovery

The discovery was not the virus itself but how much more convenient online casino gaming is over land-based casino gaming!   So many thousands of gamers took us up on the sign up bonus and all of our excellent promotions that now we have a much larger group of gamers on a daily basis.

Let’s take a close look at all of the promotions at Jackpot Capital.

The Sign up Bonus

This bonus is different than the sign up bonus at most online casinos for two reasons.  One, our sign up bonus also employs free spins in addition to bonus money and, two, we give away the bonus in small increments.  We feel that no gamer should commit herself or himself to a massive sign up bonus totaling many thousands of dollars even before the gamer is sure that they want to play at that casino for the long term!

Almost a Promotion Per Day

Our promotions also try to include a large number of gamers.  The Tuesday on the Go promotion gives away up to $100 for gamers who played minimally on mobile in the preceding few days.  It is very easy to qualify for this promotion since the vast majority of online casino gaming these days is dome on mobile!

We have two promotions every Wednesday!  One is the Wednesday Surprise Bonus and the other is called the Hump Day Bonus.  We call Wednesday Hump Day because we all get over the work week “hump” on Wednesday.  We tell all gamers to check their email account on Wednesday to see if they have qualified for a Hump Day bonus which employs both cash and free spins.

The Friday Bonus Draw is for all new gamers 30 days after they signed up to play at Jackpot Capital.

We run a special promotion every Saturday which is a four tiered promotion in which gamers can get from a small 50% bonus up to a 150% bonus worth $600.

The New Game Bonus

Every month Real Time Gaming brings us a new slot!  We run a special promotion for that slot.  At this writing, the new game is Big Santa and the promotion awards gamers a 177% bonus up to $177 plus 44 free spins.

How Should Gamers Best Use Jackpot Capital’s Many Promotions?

We have come full circle as far as the promotions that involve deposit bonuses and free spins go.  The best advice we can give for making the most of these promotions is to incorporate the moderate nature of the promos with equally moderate gaming activity.

In a single word, the best way to use our promotions is responsibly!  Jackpot Capital has many small promotions that can keep your bankroll in good shape if you play modestly and within your means!

Responsible gaming at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital means playing in frequent short sessions rather than travelling to a land-based casino for a veritable long weekend Bacchanalia of gambling!

We say that since Jackpot Capital Casino is around all the time, gamers should treat online casino gaming as one important form of entertainment mixed in with all the rest!  Entertainment is one of the most important elements in a healthy society.  We could segue into the political importance of entertainment but we prefer to stay with the social and societal significance of entertainment.

When online gaming is put into the huge mix of entertainments, we can see that the promotions Jackpot Capital runs serve the salutary purpose: of keeping the activity fun!

Comp Points and Entertainment

We purposely did not talk about our comp points promotion until we had spoken about gaming as entertainment.  Both online and land-based casinos offer comp points.  The difference is that the comp points you accumulate at Jackpot Capital as you play our games often and in moderation grow fast and can then be redeemed while the comp points a player might accrue while at a land-based casino might stay buried in their player’s card for months and even years!

The bottom line is that online casino promotions help to keep gaming in its proper perspective.  We at Jackpot Capital run many modest promotions that help our gamers keep gaming moderate and responsible.



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