Jackpot Capital Urges Everyone to Discover the Excitement of Real Vacations

What are the Main Casino Trends in the Post-corona Era?

There are actually two main trends as they affect casino gaming.  The second trend is a corollary of the first.  The first trend we see is that more and more people will play at Jackpot Capital online casino and other top level online casinos.

New gamers will be able to use our Jackpot Capital casino signup bonus to travel throughout the Jackpot Capital casino site accessing hundreds of excellent games and having a standout gaming experience.

The second trend is that more and more people will exchange a trip to a land based casino for a “trip” through Jackpot Capital and then a real trip to a destination near home or far from home.

We promised an article on “real vacations” and here we will talk about travel close to home.

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Why Close to Home?

The main reason is that people are still leery of flying.  The restrictions can become daunting in the snap of one’s fingers.  In addition, governments, from state and local governments to the central government, which in the United States means Washington D.C., can impose draconian measures that make travel even more difficult.

A three hour flight involves getting tested for the corona anti-bodies or the virus itself and the time travelers have to arrive at the airport before the flight.  So a three hour flight will actually involve about seven hours altogether.

There is a wealth of excellent vacation options within seven hours of even the Boston to Washington megalopolis!

Travel in the United States

We obviously can’t cover the world in one 1000 word article!  Even Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, or any of the other excellent travel sites can’t cover the world in even 1000 pages!

So, in this article, we will speak only about the United States and we will also talk in general terms since every state is different.

National Parks and a Lot More!

Most states are host to at least one National Park but every state has a huge selection of travel options in addition to the big and immensely popular National Parks.

Here is a short list of travel options.  We will expand on these as space permits:

  1. A coast
  2. Mountains
  3. State parks
  4. State forests
  5. Wildlife refuges
  6. Farm tours
  7. Breweries
  8. Distilleries
  9. Wineries
  10. Small towns
  11. Local museums
  12. Restorations
  13. Historic Districts
  14. College campuses


A coast can be an ocean or a lake.  The United States has thousands of miles of oceanfront with many parks and hundreds of thousands of miles of lakefront with many parks as well.

Coasts are especially good for people who live at higher elevations and want to venture down into the valleys.


Obviously, mountains are great for valley dwellers.  Just as the coasts don’t have to be oceanfront land, mountains don’t have to be the Rockies or the Great Smoky Mountains.  Lower mountain ranges will give travelers a great high country experience with clear air and great hiking.

State Parks

Every state has from 5 to 100 state parks.  Some are fairly small and some are quite big.  They offer hiking, bicycle paths, boating, fishing, camping, bird watching, and much more!

State Forests

These offer great hiking especially in leaf watching season.  State forests have fewer facilities than do the state parks but they are great for hikers.  There are many sites online that detail the difficulty of every trail in a state.  Research of this kind is literally at your fingertips.

Wildlife Refuges

These are places with limited access to cars and hikers.  But where they do have outlooks and trails, they are excellent for weekend excursions.  One of the favorite wildlife refuges is Horicon in central Wisconsin which is home: to tens of thousands of migrating birds in season.

Farm Tours

There are still some family farms that give tours.  These are great for families since they also often have a petting zoo where the kids can feed the small animals.   Farm tours can include a gift shop with locally produced handicrafts, local honey, pottery, and much more.

Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries

These are less applicable to families.  It is also tricky to find a producer with a worthwhile tour and good products.  You can also research any alcohol producing business to find out if their tour and their products are worth the stop.  There are many local, small businesses of these types that produce excellent beer, wine, and whisky.

Of course, you should allow time to return to normal before driving after imbibing some alcoholic beverages.

The Grand Allure of Small Towns

All of the last five items on the list are connected.  Even in the 21st century, small towns have an appeal that to some degree transcends big cities.  Chicago, which until the end of the last century was the second largest city in the US, was known as a “city of neighborhoods” which was a way of saying that the big city Chicago was really a conglomeration of small towns!

Small towns are home to many colleges and universities.  Just walking around a college campus that was built over a hundred years ago is a fascinating experience.

Many small towns have small museums that harken back to 19th century times.  There are dozens of “Depot Museums” in the US and they are all in small towns.

Many period homes in small towns have been restored to reflect 19th or even 18th century family life.  Boston is far from being a small town but many visitors to Boston say that the highlight of their walk on the Freedom Trail was the visit to Paul Revere’s House from the 18th century, tucked in between two modern buildings!

Small towns often have historic districts with many restored buildings.  Some of these are a bluff, to be sure; they are designed to attract tourists.  But many are genuinely historical districts that talk about the one or two century’s old history of the place even as the visitor might find him or herself eating in a fast food restaurant later on in the day!

Jackpot Capital Encourages Travel to Broaden One’s Horizons

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