Jackpot Capital Online Casino is Well-Protected by Powerful Encryption Software

Why Does Jackpot Capital Require a Casino Login?

Whenever a gamer wishes to play the 300 and more games here at Jackpot Capital Online Casino, we ask them to put in their jackpot casino login.  Some gamers see the casino login as a kind of nuisance but in reality the login has two extremely important purposes.

The Login Helps Jackpot Capital Keep Track of Gamers

This is the first of the two important reasons we require gamers to use a login.  We have tens of thousands of gamers playing our many games at any given time.  Imagine the computer software and massive powerful computers we need to keep track of all of the gaming!

Once a gamer has entered his or her login, the gamer goes to what may be viewed as their private area: a section of the computer with all of the data connected to that login.  The data we keep there include the gamer’s account, of course.  It also includes the results of every game that gamer has played up to that point at Jackpot Capital Casino.

The data connected to that specific login has all of the bonus and other promotional information for that gamer.  The gamer’s identification information is also stored there under the login.  You can certainly see how sensitive all of that information is!

That leads us to the second reason we use logins to differentiate between gamers.

The Jackpot Capital Casino Login Protects Gamers

At this point, internet commerce is a proven fact of life.  Even people who would never buy a pair of shoes, a dress, or a fruit basket online will buy airline tickets online!  We pay for all kinds of tickets online.

How does the seller keep our information private yet can access our credit card or ewallet information to get the money they need to provide those tickets?

Encryption Stirs the Internet Commerce Drink

This is not an alcoholic drink!  In fact, we always tell gamers to wait until after aiming to have even the least alcoholic alcoholic drink!  That’s one of the reasons we say that online gaming, over all, is far superior to land-based casino gaming!  All of which is a subject for another article!

The drink here is a metaphorical construct meaning all of the business people do online.  Without high level encryption there would be exactly zero online commerce!  Encryption protects the buyer whenever he or she makes a purchase online.

The Login Performs the Same Function

Now we arrive at the great need for and use of encryption at any online casino.  You send money to the casino.   You play games at the casino with the money you send.  You win some and you lose some.  All the while, the powerful computer network at Jackpot Capital is keeping track of every aspect of your money at our casino.

Without encryption, we would never be able to offer online casino gaming.  We are not alone.  All of the big and small companies that compete for your business online have to have state of the art encryption to stray in business!

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How Does Encryption Work?

There is an explanation for laypeople and there is an explanation for cyber-security professionals.  Let us give you the layperson’s understanding of encryption.

Encryption is a kind of software that takes a perfectly readable text and makes it next to impossible to read.  Some people talk about encryption as a scrambler of text.

Now, we should realize after the codes that were thought to be unbreakable were broken in World War II that no encryption system can claim to ne 100% unbreakable.  However, the people trying to hack online data are not like the people who broke the codes in World War II.  That means that for all intents and purposes, if the encryption is sophisticated enough it will be functionally unbreakable.

Every bank, airline, utility company, and so on that does billions of dollars a year in business online has to be able to rely on top level encryption in order to retain the public’s trust in the safety of their online commerce.

Is There Any Way I Can Help Prevent Someone from Hacking My account?

The single most important way to prevent identity theft or information theft is to have strong and varied passwords.  There are way too many people who use the same password for everything.  They are sitting ducks for hackers who succeed in discovering their password.

Since you will have a wide range of passwords, you should have a special passwords book that you keep in a very safe place at home.  This has to be a place that a home intruder won’t have time to look at.

Another very important way to avoid having your sensitive information hacked is to refuse to answer any question posed by a telemarketer unless you are 100% sure that they represent a legitimate company.

In person telemarketing theft is not so common.  A lot more common is when a person opens an email and puts in information.  Never offer information to an email from a source you cannot verify independently.

Is Protection from Identity Theft the Only Function of the Casino Login?

Of course, not!

Protection from hackers is one reason we have logins for every gamer.  But another excellent reason you need a safe and secure login is to be able to play our online casino games with full confidence that your money will be safe and that Jackpot Capital will keep perfect track of every outcome of every game.

We also keep track of the wagering requirement all gamers have to complete when they accept a deposit bonus.  We also keep track in real time of your comp points.

Your Jackpot Capital casino login is the one indispensable tool we have that keeps track of your gaming from A to Z and that protects your assets as well!

Jackpot Capital Offers Hundreds of Great Games

All of this talk about logins and online safety may have clouded our vision of the great world of fun online gaming available here at Jackpot Capital!  We have about 300 games.  We add a new slot every month from the geniuses at SpinLogic our exclusive game provider.

We run many promotions that increase the size of your bankroll.  We have a wide range of blackjack and video poker variations.  We do this because even through slots are still the most popular game at Jackpot Capital, the return to player rates in blackjack and video poker are very close to 100%!

We have a well-trained customer service team.  The customer service office never closes!  We also run these articles that gamers find to be very informative.

All in all, we believe that it is timer for you to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO!

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