Jackpot Capital Explains How Online Gaming Helps Gamers in Many Ways

Instant Play allows gamers to play, directly on their internet server, all of the online casino games we have on offer here at Jackpot Capital.

Most gamers these days avail themselves of this accommodation since Instant Play Casinos save a tremendous amount of hard drive space for the many other things people save to their computer.

What if the Internet Goes Down?

A virtual casino Instant Play needs the internet to be available.  The possibility that the internet might go down is often raised as a reason to download an online casino.  However, the internet does not go down often by itself.  It is as likely that the electrical power grid will shut down during bad weather and if that happens, your desktop computer will also be down.

But, if the electrical grid goes down, your cell phone service might not be impacted and you might be able to play on mobile.

So, the real idea behind not downloading an online casino, these days of ubiquitous mobile access, is that mobile has suddenly become the go-to way to play online casino games!

There are Many Benefits to Playing Casino Games Online

Instant Play is a great way to play online but it leads to the question: Why play online at all?  Online casinos are often referred to as Vegas online casinos.  That means that they have the same games as a Vegas casino but none of the thrill!

Online casinos are a lot more than a digital version of a Vegas casino! Gamers who have discovered the benefits of online casino gaming may choose to download Jackpot Capital or may choose to play on Instant Play.

Beyond that, we really need to explore the many benefits of online casino gaming for those gamers who are still not convinced.

Online Casinos Offer Comfort and Convenience

People may go to a land-based casino a couple or three times a year.  At a land-based casino, they will likely spend hours on the casino floor since that is the main reason they travelled to the casino in the first place!

The convenience aspect of online casino gaming is obviously that the casino is available to gamers on a 24/7/365 basis.  Gamers can and should use Jackpot Capital as a conduit for relaxation and calming down after another hectic day at work.

It is actually easier to budget for gaming time and money when you play online.  That is because the casino never goes away and gamers can play as often as they wish which leads to playing for less time and for less money!

Convenience Lies in Not Travelling

Travelling has become much more expensive in recent years.  We often suggest that gamers eschew the cost of traveling to a land-based casino and put that money toward a “real vacation”.

Gamers who expand the idea of a vacation from a land-based casino to “anything but a land-based casino” discover a wide world of travel opportunities that range from a long weekend to a week or two all the while not stepping foot into a land-based casino.

If you need a few spins or hands, you can play on our excellent mobile gaming platform.  In that sense, rather than GO to a casino on land, you can BRING the casino with you!

Mobile Casino Gaming Also Offers Comfort

In terms of gaming, there is nothing more comfortable than playing all curled up on the sofa or in bed.  Curled up brings up thoughts of romantic gaming with one’s significant other.

This way of using gaming to further romance is infinitely better than trying to do the same at a land-based casino!

There is a great deal of psychological comfort in knowing that you're at home (unless you are on vacation and gaming with our mobile platform).  We will discuss the psychological side of mobile gaming a bit later in the article.

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Jackpot Capital Offers Promotions Almost Every Day

Land-based casinos may run a promotion offering a package deal for a flight plus a hotel room.  Each casino has its own rules and regulations for these promotions.

The one promotion that online casinos do offer that land-based casinos cannot offer is bonuses.  A deposit bonus has what we call a wagering requirement attached to it.

What is a Wagering Requirement?

This is a factor of the bonus that gamers have to bet before they can take out their winnings.  The wagering requirement here at Jackpot Capital is usually 30 times the bonus which is generally considered to be very fair to both the gamers and the casino.

How Does the Wagering Requirement Affect Bonuses at Land-based Casinos?

It often takes a gamer here at Jackpot Capital a couple of weeks to complete the wagering requirement for one of the big bonuses we offer.  Very few people spend a couple of weeks at a land-based casino.

Therefore, the wagering requirement coupled with players’ desire for large deposit bonuses, effectively makes it impossible for a land-based casino to offer deposit bonuses.

Online Casino Gaming Has Psychological and Physical Benefits

Combine comfort, convenience, and promotions and you get the psychological and physical benefits of online casino gaming.

When we feel comfortable, we are not being hassled by petty inconveniences, and we feel that someone is trying to make us feel good (one of the purposes of bonuses), our bodies release dopamine.

Dopamine is a Chemical that Itself Has Many Benefits.

First, dopamine makes us feel good.  We release dopamine anytime we do anything that is designed to make us feel good from watching an Opening Day baseball game, to going to the theater, to perusing a great used book store, to eating freshly made fudge on the main street of a small town!

In addition, dopamine has many other benefits.  Dopamine helps our nerve cells communicate with each other.  The pleasurable feeling dopamine gives us helps us to think and plan for the long term.

Long-term thinking and planning require a large measure of calm.  It requires that we be determined to reach sound decisions without 100% of the knowledge we might think we need to make a decision for the long term.

To make critical decisions we need to really want to make the right decision.  We need to be able to focus on the issue at hand and we need to be interested in the subject.

Without dopamine, we might be bored all the time, unfocused, and unrelaxed.

This is What We Have Said Online Casino Gaming is All About!

We have said many times that we encourage gamers to see gaming as an entertainment.  Gaming should relieve stress and create a calming effect.

Slots serve a great purpose since they are a pure game of chance allowing gamers to focus on the creative side of the many slots we have on offer.

Video poker and blackjack, in contrast, are games of skill that require keen focus and attention to detail.  The positive benefits to gamers’ self-confidence after a good session playing video poker and blackjack cannot be overstated.

Land-based Casinos Possess a Hubris that Jackpot Capital Purposely Avoids!

We want gamers to play often in short sessions to derive the manifest benefits of relaxation, entertainment, and calm.

Gaming at Jackpot Capital affords gamers the benefits of comfort, convenience, and bonuses as we explained here.

The added dopamine a good gaming session provides is an extra benefit of online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital.


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