Online Casino Gamers Have More Time for Hobbies

Camaraderie and Casino Gaming

As gamers pursue gaming fun and entertainment, we are sometimes told that one of the top benefits of playing for a casino jackpot at a land-based casino is the chance to achieve some camaraderie with other players, especially at the craps and roulette tables.

Our position here at Jackpot Capital online casino is that the camaraderie one can achieve in a land-based casino is ephemeral at best and artificial.  We feel that people are truly social animals and therefore the best camaraderie we achieve is with people we have known for a long time, not people we meet by chance while spinning the roulette wheel!

Let’s take a look at this!

How Many Interests Does a Person Have?

We can divide our interests into two basic categories: “hot” interests and “mild” interests.  Anything that we consider a personal interest cannot be categorized as “cold” so hot and warm will suffice as categories.

What is a Hot Interest?

We have hobbies and work responsibilities.  A hobby is something you enjoy doing for its own sake.  There are literally hundreds of hobbies that people enjoy!  A hobby is something you will go out of your way to do.

We will give one example.  Bird watchers might drive a few hours ot of their way to see the birds at the Horicon Bird Sanctuary in central Wisconsin especially during migrating season!  For such people, bird watching, even on the ground, is a hot or passionate interest!

What are Warm Interests?

Many people also have warm interests that might not qualify as a passionate interest.  A lot of people like to cook or bake.  There are still people who like to read.  Many of the latter people will look for a used book store just to browse when they are traveling.  There are many used book stores in the United States, even in relatively small towns.

As we said, there are hundreds of hobbies.  For some, these activities are hot while for others they are warm!  Our contention here at Jackpot Capital is that they are a lot better for people than cheering the roulette wheel or the dice at the craps table!

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What Does This Have to Do with Camaraderie?

The word camaraderie has an interesting history.  It is a French word that was first used in the middle of the 19th century.  In French, it is spelled exactly as it is in English!  The word comrade was in use a few centuries before camaraderie and meant a friend who shared a mutual interest.

Camaraderie, in its modern use, means the feeling of closeness we have with people with whom we share common interests or a single overarching interest.  As such, there is a massive amount of literature about how to achieve camaraderie in the workplace.

These days, with so many people still working remotely, we find many articles about how to achieve camaraderie in teams that are working from home.

The Benefit of Online Casino Gaming in Terms of Camaraderie

Camaraderie has come to mean friendship taken to a higher level.  Friendships are vitally important to people who are almost all highly social animals.  The hermit is still considered somewhat odd although respected for his or her commitment to being alone.

There is no real camaraderie at land-based casinos!  The sense of friendship is far more artificial than genuine as people are really rooting for themselves.  Once the gaming is over, it is rare for people who have just met at the craps or roulette tables to go off somewhere together.

The feeling of closeness around the craps and roulette tables cannot come close to compare with the feeling of closeness we have for people we know well and like!

The bottom line is that by gaming online, we can have just enough gaming fun to assuage our desire to play casino games for real money.  We can also play in free play mode as long as we want since online casinos such as Jackpot Capital have no limits on free play whereas land-based casinos have no free play at all!

Set a Time Budget for Gaming and then Get Together with People

Online gaming has the singular benefit of being available every day.  That means that there is no real reason to spend many hours on any given day spinning slots reels or playing any of the 300 or so games Jackpot Capital offers!

We also realize that people don’t go out every night to eat with friends or to spend time at a pub.  We all have to budget for other entertainments such as sports events, theater shows, concerts, and high end restaurants.

By gaming at home, your gaming and social interaction will be far more realistic that any supposed friendships you might develop at a land-based casino.  As such, online gaming is a fun activity that allows you to set time for other fun activities while land-based casino playing is deeply rooted in the casino experience.

We feel that online gaming is much more well-rounded as it allows gamers to broaden their horizons in 360⁰.

What Kind of Trip Do Online Gamers Take?

We have found, especially in the last two years as former land-based casino players have come to Jackpot Capital, that people, who travel to gamble lose out on a lot of travelling pleasure.  We have long recommended that gamers take “real vacations”.  The only workable definition of a real vacation is one that takes you to a place or places you would like to experience and is in no way connected to gambling at a land-based casino.

Some people will go to the sea while others will venture into the mountains.  Some will stay in their native country while others will fly to a place where they have to struggle (but not too much) to communicate with the locals.  Some people like to hike or camp out.  Some like to sit by the pool and sleep in a real bed.

Everyone is different and that is the essence of true camaraderie! This is the sense of closeness, loyalty, and mutual respect people get for one another when they know each other well.  As social animals, we understand that true camaraderie is possible only between long-time friends, family, or colleagues.

It is not found in land-based casinos!   It can be found at an online casino if you curl up with your significant other on the sofa or in bed other for some friendly gaming.

Jackpot Capital Urges All Gamers to Channel their Inner Comrade

We don’t mean communist fellow traveler!  We mean comrade as a friend of long standing.  Online gaming releases time for such friendships to develop.


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