Hitting the Jackpot in Life

What is a Jackpot?

When people play big jackpot games at online jackpot casinos, they know full well what a jackpot is.  People also know that a big progressive jackpot, in seven figures, is quite elusive.  We often tell our gamers that in order to qualify for the big jackpot, they have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.

This puts a lot of pressure on most gamers’ budgets for gaming.  We, therefore, encourage gamers to set a specific number of spins for these giant jackpots and to use the rest of their gaming budget for that session on other games.

There are Several Other Types of Jackpots in Online Casino Games

It is true that the million-dollar jackpots are by far the biggest in the casino by they are also by far not the only jackpots in the casino.  There are many slots with jackpots.

These slots usually have three jackpot levels called mini, minor, and major.  Some add a fourth jackpot to the mix.  The mini jackpot might be for only a few hundred dollars and the major might be for a few tens of thousands of dollars.  Still, a five-figure jackpot will make your day.

Some Great Jackpots Come at Random

Some of the lesser jackpots come when the gamer gets five of a certain symbol.  As often as not, the jackpots hit at random.  So, a gamer might have failed to connect on any of the winning paylines and still be awarded a nice jackpot!

Some Jackpots Come with a Side Bet

The three Caribbean Poker variations share a progressive jackpot that gamers can win with a very high hand if they have made the side bet to qualify for the jackpot.  One of the great things about these shared jackpots is that a gamer can win a part of the jackpot with a high hand That is still not high enough to win the entire jackpot.

A Royal Flush in Video Poker is a Kind of Jackpot

In order to qualify for the extra payout, a gamer has to bet the maximum on every hand.  The bonus for a Royal Flush on a qualifying hand is 4000 coins.  So, it qualifies as a sort of jackpot.

If a gamer is fortunate enough to get a Royal Flush while playing multi-hand video poker, the total payout will be very high indeed!

We Recognize Jackpots in Everyday Life

The term “hit the jackpot” refers to having very good fortune in everyday activities.  Let’s take a happy look at some ways people hit the jackpot aside from online casino gaming.


The search for a compatible spouse or partner is as much a matter of luck as it is a matter of a pre-set methodology.  Friends love to introduce other friends to each other.  This sort of setup normally does not end up with the two people involved becoming a couple.

So, when such an introductory arrangement does succeed in becoming a romantic attachment, people often say that the couple “hit the jackpot”!


Finding good investments is a trying experience for even the most determined investor.  Many, if not most investors, give the search for excellent investments over to professionals who also struggle to find investments that show a profit over time.

Most investments show either a small profit over time or a small loss, and eventually an investor would likely sell the less well-performing investment and start over with a new investment.

Without mentioning any names, we know that since the turn of the century several companies have been founded that turned out to be massively profitable for investors.  Any investor who bought stock in one of these companies can be said to have hit the jackpot in the investment field.

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House Search

Buying a house is a scary investment for most people.  In some countries, people move at least ten times in their lifetime.  Most of these moves are for rentals.  But most couples, and many individuals, eventually look to buy a house, apartment, condominium, and so forth.

So, let’s say that a couple is relocating.  They need to find a place to live fairly quickly and have several specific needs that “must” be met before they would even consider negotiating with the owner over price.

Here are a few such needs:

  1. Is the neighborhood safe?
  2. Are the prospective neighbors friendly?
  3. Are the local public schools good?
  4. Are there private schools nearby?
  5. Will there be a choice of playgrounds for the kids?
  6. Are city services good?
  7. Is the house in move-in condition?
  8. If there are any improvements the couple would want to do, how much will they cost and how quickly will they be done?
  9. Is there a house of worship in the couple’s preferred religion and denomination nearby?
  10. Will the family have a sizable backyard for play and entertaining?

If a family finds a house that meets all (or most) of these criteria and many others not listed here, one could say that they hit the jackpot in their home search!

Car Search

This is similar to a house search but it usually takes many years of low maintenance costs to determine that the card purchase hit the jackpot.  The same applies to refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and other appliances people hold for many years.

Job Search

This is also similar to a house search.  There is one big difference in that both the prospective employee and the employer are looking to mutually hit the jackpot.

Draft Pick

Professional team sports conduct a lottery in which teams choose the athletes they feel will help their team the most.  While there are parameters that go into these choices, such as size and foot speed, to a large extent the choice is a gamble of sorts as no one can know for sure how a player will adjust and develop in the highest professional league.

Possibly the best and most famous example is the case of Tom Brady, the American football quarterback now considered to be the best of all time.  He was drafted in the sixth round after six other quarterbacks with better physical attributes were drafted ahead of him.

None of the six quarterbacks drafted before Tom Brady had success in the National Football League and Tom Brady has won seven Super Bowls!

Book Publishing

This is our last example of hitting the jackpot in everyday life and it is one of the more fascinating examples.  There are many examples of authors trying to get a book published and experiencing many rejections.

Finally, the book is published and becomes a best-seller that benefits the publisher, the writer, and the reading public.

The two examples we are referencing here are Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

No one saw the potential in either of these books.  Robert Pirsig, the author of Zen, endured many rejections for his book which is both a novel and a philosophical treatise, until one publisher said that he “realized why he had gone into publishing”.

He published Zen in a very small first printing and the book literally took off requiring many more subsequent printings.

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