Think Small to Get Big Vacation Returns

Looking Forward to Summer!

We all know that there are many activities to take part in besides gaming at Jackpot Capital Casino.  Gaming at Jackpot Capital is great for the promotions we run, the hundreds of games we offer, and the chance to hit the Big One!

We all like to go for the big casino jackpot but we also have to put our gaming activity into perspective.

Naturally, there are many perspectives into which we can place online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital.  In this article, we will talk about the perspective generated by the upcoming long summer vacation!

Let’s look forward to summer vacation from the standpoint of Jackpot Capital Casino and from the standpoint of our many gamers.

What Does Looking Forward to Something Mean?

There is anticipation, there is expectation, and there is looking forward to something.  This term means that we expect or anticipate something to happen and, when we do, it makes us feel good!

So let’s feel good about summer coming up and let’s see how we can have a great summer even within the limits the current political and economic circumstances impose.

What is the Role of Online Casino Gaming at Jackpot Capital?

Our role, to put it simply, is to provide excellent casino gaming in an online milieu so that you can postpone ever again travelling to a land-based casino for gaming!

When gamers postpone travelling to a land-based casino, they should realize that this single decision saves them a lot of money!  This is money that you can put towards having a great summer!

Going on Vacation this Summer will Entail Higher Costs

Air fares are higher, gas at the pump is much higher, there may be food shortages this summer such as the baby formula shortage the United States is experiencing at the moment.

We are far from a politically active site; we are simply pointing out some of the hurdles gamers will face this summer.  Our task is to work around these hurdles to help you set up a great vacation this summer!

This Year we Need to Calculate Costs Carefully

Take out that ol’ calculator and determine how far you can afford to travel given the price of gas.   The average miles per gallon are about 25 miles.  A 100 mile trip will take four gallons.  A 500 mile trip will take twenty gallons.

Now, the price of gas at the pump is expected to be about $6 per gallon (or more).   So, a twenty gallon trip will cost $120 in gas as opposed to $40 it cost when gas was only $2 a gallon.  The difference is $80.

If this seems like too much to spend on gas, the solution is to take a shorter trip!   The cost differential for a 100 mile trip is only $16.

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We Need to Take into Account the Cost of Motel Rooms

This is obvious.  There are a couple of catches.

First, inflation in general is getting very high.  That means that all motel and hotel operators have to cover many costs that are all affected by the present inflation.  Second, the long lockdowns due to the corona virus caused some motels and hotels to close permanently.  This has reduced the supply of motel and hotel rooms just as the demand will go up!

This will inevitably lead to higher prices for accommodations.

Third, the hotels and motels that have reopened have had to cover many ongoing costs with no revenue coming in so they now feel that they have to raise the price of a room in order to refill the larder, so to speak!

How Long Can We Travel for?

Here is where summer 2022 may very well become the summer of short trips and excursions.  If the price of travelling far from home becomes unacceptably high, we would naturally stay closer to homer.  This is quite obvious.

Staying closer to home also likely means going away for just a few days rather than the full two week vacations we have gotten used to.  A set of short trips would eliminate that trip to Disney World (as an example) that many people save up for over a few years!

Look at a Map and look at all Four Directions

If we plan to go away for a few days, it would make sense to do so over a weekend where we could be on vacation on Saturday and Sunday without it coming at the “cost” of a vacation day.

Now, think about one weekend going north, the next time out going south and so on!  You can check out all of the vacation attractions you might want in each direction and plan the vacation that way.

What Do People Like to Do on Vacation?

This is a rhetorical question, of course, since we all know what we as individuals want on a vacation.  Still, here is a good working short list:

  1. State or local parks with easy hiking, boating, bicycle paths (and bike rentals), picnic areas, and so on.
  2. Museums.  Here we have to accommodate everyone in our group.  Whereas one might love three hours in a museum of local history, others (especially kids) might be satisfied with five minutes.
  3. There are also many different kinds of museums.
  4. Speaking of kids, a local playground costs a lot less than Disney World!
  5. Famous landmarks that even the kids might enjoy.
  6. Local ice cream shops.  This list could also include family owned pizza restaurants and many other LOCALLY OWNED places to eat.  People who own their own store, shop, or eatery are always very happy to receive people from somewhere else and are often willing to talk about anything under the sun!
  7. Find a hotel or motel with free breakfast and a pool.  If you are travelling in the cooler or colder months, you will need an indoor pool.  A pool doesn’t have to be big to be a great addition to a day of vacation!

Call, Call, Call

You might find a lot of information online!  Our large compilation of articles such as this one demonstrates that even some online casinos can offer a world of helpful information in addition to the games and promotions that casino offers!

If you are planning a long weekend trip, call every place you have on your short list to go to.  In this way, you will find out how accurate the website is and many other things.  Just calling often opens doors that the website doesn’t open!

Call Jackpot Capital!

We invite all new and prospective gamers to call our customer service office!  We are always ready to answer every question!

After you call us and check us out carefully, we think that you will be ready to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO!

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