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How to Enjoy the Pursuit of a Casino Jackpot

Every gamer, whether at a land-based casino or at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital dreams about spinning the reels on a progressive slot and hitting the giant casino jackpot! Okay, maybe someone who is so rich that a million dollars is like pocket change to them won’t have these dreams.  Most online casino gamers will and do!

What is a Casino Jackpot?

There are several different types of casino jackpots.  We will start by explaining what a progressive jackpot is.

Some slots are designed to grow all the time until a very lucky gamer hits it.  These are called progressive jackpots.  Actually, there are also smaller progressive jackpots as we will explain later on.

How Can an Online Casino Pay out a Million Dollar Jackpot?

The short answer is that the casino doesn’t pay out these giant jackpots, the game developers do!  This brings us to a fascinating side of online casinos: as much as a good online casino will have worldwide reach, no one online casino can match the reach of a game provider big enough to run a million-dollar progressive jackpot.

A good online casino has gamers from all over the world but a good game developer has casinos all over the world.  A game developer running a million-dollar progressive jackpot will also have these games at many land-based casinos as well!

How Does a Progressive Jackpot Work?

Basically, the game provider shaves a penny or two from every bet and puts that money toward the progressive jackpot.  It is an indication of the immense popularity of these big jackpots that they can get into the seven-figure range from a penny or two from every bet.

It is also a testament to the power and reach of thousands of online casinos where literally millions of gamers might be playing any given jackpot slot at the same time.  In contrast, there simply are not enough terminals at all of the land-based casinos in the world put together to challenge the combined reach of online casinos!

Are There Any Drawbacks to Progressive Jackpots?

The only possible drawback is that they require a maximum bet on the winning payline to pay out the jackpot.  That makes progressive jackpot slots a bit out of the range of most gamers if they want to play them for a long time.

Sound money management might preclude making more than ten to twenty spins on a big jackpot game but those ten to twenty spins have the dramatic potential of making a lucky gamer rich!

What Other Jackpots are There?

A lot of slots have jackpots embedded in the game.  Often these jackpots appear randomly.  They are worth a lot less than a big progressive jackpot but gamers love seeing even a five-figure jackpot come up seemingly out of nowhere!

A slot with random jackpots usually has three such jackpots and some even have four.  Naturally, they all have their own names such as “mini”, “midi”, “major” and so on.

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There isn’t Any Scientific Strategy for Slots.  Why is That?

All online casinos, and all games at land-based casinos that are played at a terminal, are controlled by the Random Number Generator aka the RNG.  This is software that determines the outcome ONLY of the present spin or hand.

That means that the RNG has no memory at all!  It cannot be gamed, to use a very modern term that means to figure out how to get an advantage in any situation.  Businesspeople are always trying to game their business niche, to get a hand up on the competition, and to attract more customers.

Gaming is a Type of Gaming!

In the example we gave earlier, a progressive jackpot slots game is a form of gaming the system since, for many gamers, the cost of going after the big jackpot overrides the cost of doing so.

Trying to game the system in business is what a lot of people do at work all day every day and is one of the reasons so many people open Jackpot Capital and play a few games online!  Gaming the system can be so exhausting that people need games to unwind!

How to Get More Wins in Slots

Since we have already said that there is no scientific strategy in slots because of the Random Number Generator, we have to look outside of science for a strategy of sorts for slots.

There are ways to protect your bankroll so that you have money to play again tomorrow or the next day, whoever you feel the desire to do so.

Respect the Volatility of Slots

High volatility means that there will be fewer winning spins and each spin will pay out relatively high amounts.  Low volatility means smaller and more frequent wins.  There could be two slots with the exact same return to player rate and the one with high volatility will divide the winnings among fewer gamers and the slot with low volatility will return the money to more players.

One Size Does Not Fit All

In this context, the size of a jackpot might not fit all gaming budgets given the volatility of the slot and the long odds against winning the big jackpot.  Someone always wins the jackpot eventually!  We now need to add the  Gambler’s Fallacy to this discussion.

What is the Gambler’s Fallacy?

Simply stated, it means that a winning outcome is “due”.  Statistically speaking a winning outcome may be due but the RNG doesn’t know that!  To the RNG every spin or hand is a unique event.  Gamers who succumb to the Gambler’s Fallacy usually lose a lot of money which is why we are warning gamers not to fall into that trap.

Playing for Smaller Jackpots

A lot depends on the size of a gamer’s bankroll and how much they can afford to put toward winning a big jackpot.  For many gamers, better money management directs them to play slots with smaller, internal jackpots over the slots with big progressive jackpots.

That does not mean that a gamer can never play for a progressive jackpot.  It means that a gamer should budget strictly how many spins he or she will take on a progressive jackpot slot and then they will move on to slots with smaller jackpots and lower volatility.

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