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What are the Best Strategies for Caribbean Poker?

Jackpot Capital online casino is s full range online casino.  That means that we feature a wide range of games and promotions. There are some games at our jackpot casino that many players never see at a land-based casino.

Cyberspace Is Boundless

One reason this is so is that we have unlimited space in cyberspace.  We can carry as many games as we want with all of the variety that entails.  Land-based casinos are limited by their actual, physical space and therefore may not not have “room” for as many casino games at there are.

This is especially true of games that players play at a physical table.  Tables take up a lot of space and land-based casinos always prefer having slots terminals instead of tables if they can.  Another drawback to playing some table games at land-based casinos is that they have had to take some tables out in the service of social distancing in the re-opening of land-based casinos after the second or third corona virus wave.

Finally, most local land-based casinos are actually quite small when compared to the giant casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.  But more and more gamers are wary of spending travelling money to get to these land-based casino hubs.  As more and more gamers go to local casinos, they will find that these casinos close at night and don’t have nearly the range of ages they can get online at Jackpot Capital!

Case in Point: Caribbean Poker

There are three variations of Caribbean Poker: stud, draw, and hold’em.  We feature all three.  In addition to the regular play of the hands, there is a shared progressive jackpot that lucky gamers can win if they make a side bet.

One of the features of the progressive jackpot is that a gamer can win a part of the jackpot with a good hand but not the Royal Flush that wins the entire jackpot.

There is one other aspect of all three Caribbean Poker variations that affects the best strategy in each: the dealer has to have a minimum hand to qualify to win.  If you as the player raise your ante bet and the dealer does not qualify, the raise part of the hand is a push while the player wins his or her ante bet..  That simple rule has a major effect on Caribbean Poker strategy.

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Caribbean Stud Poker is the Granddaddy of them All

Caribbean Poker is so called because it was developed in the Caribbean at one of the local casinos.  Caribbean Stud remains the most popular of the three and has its own unique strategy.

When you play Caribbean Stud Poker online, it is clear that you are playing against the house.  When some players sit down at the Caribbean table at a land-based casino, they sometimes forget that they are not playing against the other players at the table.

In this sense, Caribbean Poker is exactly like blackjack: there may be several players at then table but each player is playing as an individual against the dealer’s hand.

You Choose the Size of Your Ante Bet

Since bankroll management is a very important part of casino gaming, it is important to realize that the ante bet is just the start.  If you want to continue you will have to raise the ante bet so if you need to start small, do so by all means.  The game is just as much fun if you ante pennies or dollars!  The idea is to outsmart the deck!

The dealer gives you five cards up and she has four cards down and one card up.  Now you have to decide if you are going to raise and continue or fold.  While it is most common for the dealer to have nothing of value, there are still thousands of five card permutations that would give the dealer a winning hand.

If you raise and lose, you actually lose three times the ante since the raise is twice the ante.

You Cannot Improve Your Hand

Actually, neither you nor the dealer can improve their hand, but you see you hand and don’t see four of the five cards in the dealer’s hand.  Many gamers who play video poker fall into the trap of thinking that they can improve their hand!  This is probably the most common mistake new Caribbean Stud Poker players make!

What Does the Dealer Need to Qualify?

The dealer has to have at least an ace-king high hand to qualify.  A lowly pair of deuces also qualifies as do all other better hands.

How are Winning Hands Paid Out?

There is a chart that delineates the payouts or winning hands.  Remember, they only pay out at this level if the dealer qualifies.  It is common for the player to have a big hand and the dealer fails to qualify thus negating the extra payout for the great hand!

Here is the payout chart for Caribbean Stud Poker:

  1. High card or one pair: 1-1
  2. Two pair: 2-1
  3. Three of a Kind: 3-1
  4. Straight: 4-1
  5. Flush: 5-1
  6. Full House: 7-1
  7. Four of a Kind: 20-1
  8. Straight Flush: 50-1
  9. Royal Flush: 100-1

What is the Best Strategy For Caribbean Stud Poker?

The best statisticians have not yet come up with a statistically accurate best strategy for this great poker variation.  Most people say that the best strategy is to raise any pair and to fold any hand that doesn’t have a pair and doesn’t also match the dealer’s qualifying hand of ace-king.

However, a lot of players have won large sums of money betting on lesser hands with no pair.  That’s because every high card in their hand represents a card that the dealer cannot pair.  Also if you have one ace or one king but not the ace-king combination, it lowers the dealer’s chances to qualify.

Since you win the ante bet if the dealer doesn’t qualify, many sessions of Caribbean Stud are won by simply winning ante after ante with the dealer often having a better “hand” but not qualifying!

The Side Bet Qualifies Gamers for the Progressive Jackpot

All three Caribbean Poker variations hare the same progressive jackpot.  The progressive jackpot in Caribbean Poker usually grows to the low six figure range before one very lucky gamer wins it all with a Royal Flush.  There are five payouts all told in the jackpot.  That means that you can win some money with just a flush.

The five hands that take part in the progressive jackpot are:

  1. Flush
  2. Full House
  3. Four of a kind
  4. Straight Flush
  5. Royal Flush

Since the progressive jackpot is a side bet, you can win all or part of it even if the dealer hasn’t qualified.

Jackpot Capital Also Carries the Two Other Caribbean Poker Variations

We will have to devote another article to talk about the unique rules for Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Draw.

Until then, you might take a warm weather vacation to the Caribbean and, if you are not yet a member of our team, please JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO NOW!

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